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  1. Alright, from the above suggestions, this one made a little more sense. Good news is, that I do have 2.5" to 3.5" IDE adapter so technically, I can use the laptop hard drive with one of my XP loaded desktops. Second, I do have a PCMCIA network card, but I am not sure on drivers or anything. So, I can do one of two things: 1. Try using thing the PCMCIA network card + some software to transfer win95 files over for install..... (still not sure how this works) 2. Install win95 from a newer desktop machine using the 2.5" to 3.5" IDE adapter and then sticking the laptop hard drive back in the old laptop. (not sure this concept works due to different hardware - desktop vs laptop)
  2. Hi guys, so I have this old pentium laptop (12 yrs old) laying around with no use. It has a 1.3GB drive in it, and no OS. I want to load a small flavor or linux or win95 barebones on it and rip it apart as my 2nd homemade digital picture frame. But the only problem is that the only thing this thing has is 1 pcmcia slot and 1 floppy drive. That means no CD ROM options. I was thinking to buy a 2port USB 2.0 PCMCIA card and install something from a usb stick, but before I make the purchase, I want to know if thats even possible? Will the BIOS detect the usb stick from the pcmcia card? Any clue? Suggestions.....
  3. every application has its own unique flaws, so doing your research on each product like nmX.Memnoch did, will only benefit you.
  4. Whatever... lol. I mentioned Google Desktop. And it is instant results, since it indexes when you have nothing really running in the background. I would also mention Copernic Desktop search: http://www.copernic.com/en/products/deskto...arch/index.html Its also free. I have a friend who is bad at organization and he liked both, but I haven't used either since I have very strict file structure on all my hard drives even with almost 2 terabytes of space.
  5. Google Desktop. It indexes every file on your computer when its not in use, so get fast results when actually searching for files.
  6. Autopatcher seems like where I can just grab all the updates in one, but it is also very outdated. WUD seems to be a better choice, and probably the one I might go with, but I cant figure out how to use it. WTF is a ULZ file? How do I use it?
  7. So I need to format and reload our copy of XP sp2 on like 5 of the machines, and usually after install I go to M$ and get all the updates via downloading them and or letting windows update run on all my machines. Well all that take way too much time and its really annoying, so I was wondering if there is any way to get all the new updates from a image someone has. I know M$ used to do update disc's, but they ended that long time ago. I just want to get all the updates once, and then just install them all at once. Go suggestions?
  8. yo yo, time to learn and so let the page turn
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