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  1. I currently own an Asrock 4coredual-sata2. For the record, everything works perfectly with Win98 on it (with the exception of the audio chipset - no win9x drivers AFAIK). It works fine with 2 graphic cards. Right now, Win98 uses a GeForce 6200 AGP and XP/7 a 460 GTX (for those interested, this gives surprisingly good performance in recent games, assuming the screen and thus, the resolution is not too big). Here's my problem : I tried to replace the 460 GTX with a 760 GTX. Unfortunatly, It freezes on startup (I get no POST display). It seems the 7xx serie is not compatable with the 4coredual-sata2... which means that 6xx serie is probably not either since they are based on the same chip. I'm thinking about buying a (used) Asrock 4core1333-GLAN or 4core1600-GLAN. They have P31/G31 + ICH7 chipsets and a Realtek RTL8111B/RTL8111C LAN. Does anyone have an experience with Win98 on this card ? Will it support my 760 GTX and a 5200 PCI card for Win9x ?
  2. If you don't want to go though the trouble of installing a boot manager like Grub (not that hard if you follow Dencorso's instructions), just know that your MOBO allows you to choose which disk you want to boot from. All you have to do is press F11 during startup. So, if your main system will be 98, you can just set the Boot priority to IDE in your BIOS. If you ever need to switch to Linux, all you have to do is press F11 at startup and select the SATA drive. This way, your disks would be fully independent and, if for some reason, one of them fails, you'll still be able to boot the other one.
  3. You can still find PCI ATI Radeon 9200 if you look carefully... The problem is, it should already work with your 6200, so you might face the same problem with a different card. You say it's a dos program ? Well, you might want to check if other DOS programs work from within Windows with the 6200 first. It could also be related to the fact you have 2 graphic cards. You could try to disable the integrated graphic card in BIOS (if possible) or at least in Windows, and see how it goes...
  4. I think I read your post correctly. Do mouse cursors not change? I am not sure if it is relevant to (what I perceive to be) your problem, but I found information from this site. I think he's just asking if one can display 32bits cursors (24bits truecolor + alpha channel) on Win9x. When he tries, alpha channel is missing. Foxbat answered the question : the Revolution Pack helps displaying 32bits colors icons but it does not provides cursors enhencements.
  5. To restore the boot splash, check the matching line in TweakUI, or just copy back "Logo.sys" and "Msdos.sys" from you windows CD to c:\. I'm a bit confused about the rest. What exactly do you mean by "I try to reinstall windows from the CD". ? Do you mean you reinstalled OVER your existing Windows install ?
  6. Merry Christmas everyone ! Joyeux Noël à tous !
  7. The list on this thread is just a list of 'tested' CPU but yours should work fine. AFAIK, no one has ever found a modern CPU not working with Win98 SE / Me. Just remember that win9x will only use one core from your Phenom.
  8. DVDFab Passkey is supposed to be able to remove this kind of thing. It won't work on 9x tough.
  9. Nice board. I have one too and it works just fine with my Q6600. You'll need drivers for the Aureal sound card tough. They're not easy to find if you lost the CD but look what I found here. You shoud not have any problems if you disable the motherboard integrated sound card in the BIOS and follow Dencorso's link about using 2gb of RAM.
  10. Wow, nice list you got there. B) Used this one for a while to sync files : simple, light, and free.
  11. Very nice! Default sorting has always been so awkward... By the way, I'm on it for the french translation.
  12. I'm not so sure about what you mean? Can you be clearer please? ...if you don't have those key/folder key, you should add them manually. Well actually, pasting the code in a .reg file should do the trick but if it doesn't, then add it.
  13. I too failed to install flash 10 with the instructions given on the KernelEx topic. It seems like using the registry modifications provided is not enough anymore. Actually, Adobe changed their OS checking process, which now looks at the service pack ID...). I used the following code to install it: REGEDIT4 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion] "CurrentVersion"="5.1" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows] "CSDVersion"=dword:00000200 And tada! Flash installs smoothly without the annoying "Unsupported OS" message. (Note : this was tested on KernelEx 4.0 Final 2 with Flash 10 for "other than IE browsers" but should work with 4.5 beta. I don't know about IE Flash 10)
  14. Xnview might be what your looking for. It's small, fast and deals perfectly with *.png. You can even display the transparency mask by itself.
  15. Interesting point. However, if you're worried, choose the paranoid mode. I should neutralize any virtual vulnerability.Thanks again Xeno86! Will upgrade as soon as I can.
  16. All I can say is that version 4.2 worked fine on my Win98 SE until I installed KernelEx... so I confirm what you noticed : the KernelEx compatibility tab is seen as XP compatibility mode by Connectix Virtual PC. I wrote a post on the KernelEx thread about this issue a few days ago... I'll try to run version 5.1 trial on a Win9x from which I'll uninstall KernelEx to see if it works fine. KernelEx is great, it's a shame if we have to stop using it to use Virtual PC...
  17. Hi glocK_94,FWIW last version of ZA working with Win 98Se is 6.1.744.001 (even without KernelEx). I'm using version (working without and with KernelEx), because I've found it has more features than the above, and because it is a 'non-phoning home' version . Yes, I know, but I have the Pro version of v2.6. My bad, I didn't mention it...Merci pour l'info sur la version 6. I didn't know it was calling home...
  18. First of all, thanks a lot to Xeno86 for this so stable version ! It's nice to be able to enjoy the last version of VLC and MPlayer Classic... Just two small notes : - I couldn't find anything about it in the whole thread so, I'm sorry if this has been stated before : Zone Alarm 2.6 Pro doesn't work with KernelEx extensions activated. That's probably normal since it's tightly linked to Windows Core. -> Disabling the extensions for that program solves the problem. - Connectix Virtual PC doesn't work anymore, even with extensions unchecked in compatibility tab (KernelEx is in paranoid mode - disabled by default). It complains it can't work in 'compatibility mode' so I guess it mistakes KernelEx for Windows XP compatibility mode. I tried bypassing this check but the executable is protected so I can't use it for now. Keep up the good work !
  19. From what I understand, Herbalist wants to keep 2 partitions, with both OS on the 1st one (-> no E drive). More complicated. If it is possible by mastering Grub4dos (?), he has to be carefull with duplicate files and folder names. I see. So Herbalist, let me understand : you want to install 98 on the actual XP partition ? - If that's the case then it's possible but I don't advise you to do that. You'd have to change (at the least) the "Windows" directory and the "program files" directory so that they don't overlap. Still, you could be subject to odd behaviors. A few programs use harcoded paths even if they shouldn't and anyway Windows is not made to share a partition whith another OS. Besides, if you don't want an E: drive letter that much, then Grub4Dos is capable of hiding one system to another and you'll be left with C: and D:. - If it's not what you wanna do (and just want your data to stay on D:), then you just need Letter Assigner. True but don't forget that Herbalist doesn't have an XP CD. Yet, many of the methods explained in the site you linked involve reinstalling / repairing XP.
  20. Good idea. But you might as well save the MBR from your partitions just so you don't have to reinstall everything in case the boot sector are erased when you install 98... You can use "MBR Save and restore" or Super Fdisk for that purpose. As far as I remember, Grub4Dos lets Windows think he's booting from the first primary partition (C:) so 98 and XP should both be standing on C:.Windows should then assign D: to the second primary partition (XP or 98), and E: to your logical partitions (your data, assuming it's on a logical partition...). So, by default, your data partition will not be left as D:. On XP, you'll have to use the "manage computer" menu to swap the drive letters and on 98, you'll need "Letter Assigner" to do the same job.
  21. Nope. Never heard about Willypad! (handy tool by the way)... when I use Resolnow from the same author...
  22. Brilliant ! I would never have figured it myself. I got confused about Custom and Manual since Microsoft technet states that (about Win95 install process) "Notice that for Custom Setup, the options selected by default are the same as for a Typical installation". That led me to believe that custom and manual were the same when actually, this just means that everytime they selected a component for Typical setup (2), they actualy also added the Custom flag (8). That's why you never find any "InstallType = 2" or "= 6". Well, thanks a lot for the info ShadeTreeLee. Here's a little spreadsheet listing all InstallType variables:
  23. I'm trying to make a more modular 98SE install CD. My goal is to increase the number of options avaible in the custom install menu. So far, I've used successfully the 98Lite scripts to make components become options. I also modded a few *.inf files myself to turn other components into optional (such as taskmonitor). The problem is I'd like to customize the default, compact and portable installs to get rid of uneeded components. In every *.inf files which contains the install scripts of optional components, you can find code similar to this : [Optional Components] WSH [WSH] OptionDesc = %DESC_WSH% Tip = %TIPS_WSH% Parent = AccessTop Copyfiles = WSH.Copy.CScript, WSH.Copy.WScript, WSH.Copy.OCX, WSH.Copy.Samples, WSH.Copy.Help, WSH.Copy.OCX2 AddReg = WSH.AddReg.WSH, WSH.AddReg.Installed, WSH.AddReg.OCX2 InstallType = 14;Typical, Portable, Custom IconIndex = 4 UnInstall = WSH.Uninstall I'm interested by the InstallType variable. It determines in which type of install the component is installed (typical, minimal, laptop, custom). Problem is, the comments sometimes contained in the *.inf files (as above) are often contradictory. Besides, I've only been able to find the InstallType references for Windows XP/2K on the net. So far, here are the codes I came across : 0 (custom only) 4 (laptop only) 10 (typical only ?) 12 (?) 14 (typical, laptop and custom ?) 15 (all cases) Other ones might do exist. Oh, and by the way, the options selected by default for a custom install are the same as for a typical setup (Edit : in the Windows default Inf, but that's not mandatory). If anyone has a full list of InstallType codes, please share ! Edit : View post n°3 for a spreadsheet of all InstallTypes.
  24. The full version of 98Lite let's you uninstall MDAC simply but you probably know that already. Have a look at Mindows setuppp.inf. All references to mdacinst.inf are removed so unless some MDAC files are copied inside some other inf, MDAC is totally removed and that seems to work. Maybe you can find the list of files that can be deleted safely by comparing the traditional installation scripts and Mindows scripts.
  25. I've been using version 2 for a while now and it works pretty well. You can copy/read files perfectly. You can even empty the recycle bin, no error yet.Unlike version 1.x, it accepts XP files as dependancies. However, I've only been able to run the included checkdisk with NT files.

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