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  1. 98SE as main OS and XP Pro for latest games. I use this dualboot config for all my rigs.
  2. Thanks for the info erpdude8. On latest version, saving still fails. I'll try on XP to see if it does the same. Despite this, it reads *.docx fine so that's not too bad... Can't get it to work actually.
  3. HyperSnap is nice too. But of course, it's simpler to just use dedicated keys when they exist.
  4. Try to disable shadows and see what happens. Although, if you can, try on another OS. From what I've seen, Vista doesn't show outstanding games performances...
  5. It should work using unofficial drivers. Check those threads for more information : Zak's drivers and 82.96 drivers.
  6. Hi. I couldn't answer sooner since my connection was broken but here, I'm back with a slooooww 56k. I'm not sure I understand what you want... Reverse tray? Do you mean the icons are on the left side of the clock and you want it on the right side? Or you want the tray on the other side? Please explain more.
  7. I'm not sure but I believe it's already included in MDGx's SE2ME.
  8. Yeah, I get that as well. However, that's not this specific driver's fault since I had the same problem with 81.93 before. It's present in all latest 9x drivers.
  9. Cool! Let's just hope it will be closer to Deus Ex than to Invisible war.
  10. Wow. You've got work to catch up. Well, you could start with the newer versions from the games you play (Civ3/4, Sim City 3000/4, Warcraft 3...) and what spazmire11 listed. Then if you like FPS...the list is like 2 pages long. But try at least Far Cry, Fear and Half-life 2. Might advice GTA's serie too. I'm sure you can find lots of those really good games at low price.
  11. Thanks. Glad it works fine. Actually, to patch the Saudi Arabian explorer.exe you posted, I modified octet 0x6BE1: and changed the value 01 -> 11. I'll send a message to Dr.Hoiby so he can add it to his site if you want.
  12. Here's a quote from Dependancy walker FAQ (here): So that's not where the problem comes from.And about Usernv.dll... never heard of it. On the net you can find info about UserEREnv.dll only...
  13. Did you (by any chance) uninstall Fruity Loops recently? If you didn't, just ignore that. This sounds like missing system files. Did you do a full unistall + reboot /reinstall of Reason? The Service Pack for 98 is totally unofficial. M$ never released a service pack for this OS. So here's my question: what kind of SP2 did you try?
  14. Personnaly, I think it gives a "flat" impression. On the other hand, it looks closed and clean... So I'll just add them if people request borders. You get one point! I tried to change that to 9x but my profile won't change if I don't enter a birthdate...Anyway, glad you like the avatar.
  15. Here. Tries this out: http://rapidshare.com/files/35444307/Explorer_arabe.zip.html. I'm not religious so I'll be glad with just a thank you if that helped!
  16. According to a list Petr (where are you?) made some time ago, the latest version working on 9x is the one contained in Win2k SP4.
  17. It's inspired from the font "Visitor". It's widely used for userbars. Remember what I was saying about the size limits on some forums? Just teasing. Here's a 60x60 avatar: EDIT: I prefer not to do special 98/95/Me version to keep the Windows9x community united (at least here on MSFN)-> we're different but we're all the same !
  18. Hi pkmusic ! Have you checked for msvcirt.dll in your windows system folder / in the application folder? If it is version 7.0.2600.2534 then it's likely to be the problem. However, I don't see how you could have this XP file installed in 98. Edit: what version of VC++ did you install?
  19. And just for the fun, here's the "supercharged windows 9x" you were talking about herbalist.
  20. Here's an improved version. Don't hesitate to give me your opinion!
  21. What do you think about that? That's the kind of avatar you'd use? It's a beta and still needs a few improvements but still. Edit: Wow, it took me time! it's 01h55 here! *going to bed...*
  22. The last version of your drivers repack worked ! It even started in DVI with the help of driver cleaner! Unfortunatly, the scale function does not work for me whatever I try. Well... it does reduce lower resolutions but still uses a 16/10 ratio... It finally crashed anyway while testing dos games... So that's a no go. My 6200 probably has a fake DVI port! I think I'll just plug back my good old CRT (which I hope still works ) through a DVI adapter and use it for older 4/3 games. The flat screen will stay on VGA... Anyway, that's just my computer giving me troubles. It has nothing to do with your drivers. -> In fact, your repack of 82.69 now work 100%. Thanks MDGx!
  23. Zonealarm is a nice one but indeed, recent versions are getting more bloated and don't support Win9x. However, if anyone's interested, you can download older ones at oldversion.com. They're still efficient.
  24. I had a s***ty day and overeacted...(not better today, I'm afraid). Anyway, sorry about that. : Thanks for the new drivers. However, I keep having problems with my flatscreen in DVI. Everything is fine in VGA but I can't use the 4/3 scaling option from Nvidia pannel when I use it. It's only avaible throught DVI. But using DVI makes windows refuse to boot (windows protection error... WTF, for a screen?) ! Unfortunatly, no drivers seems to help and my XP second boot just got f**** ** by SP2 so it won't boot anymore... Ok. Your 2nd version of 82.69 failed to install with the following error: (setup was unable to write the following registry value: ;\ The installation will be terminatedOnce unpacked and modded, it installed even while displaying the error. Your last (well not anymore) drivers refused to install, telling me my PID was not a supported device (what the hell? I got a 6200. It IS in the *.inf)... I even went back to the older 81.98, adding my resolution (1440x900) manually in the registry, which makes it work in VGA but not in DVI... I tested my 16/10 screen with my other rig, (got 98 too) on a fx5600 and it works in DVI... So I'm thinking: - maybe I should restore Windows from before the new screen and try directly on DVI - maybe my 6200 has a crappy DVI port since my x800gt and my fx5600 both display fine in DVI - maybe find a way to maintain the correct ratio for 4/3 games while using VGA (but I haven't found any...) Any ideas? EDIT : I'll try your new pack right now.

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