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  1. Thx for explanation with IDs change. I give not much chance that someone will make a working plugin. With One Core API would be a way. How is it possible to install One Core API beside instead replacing system files? I didn't test last version yet but older one had setup that just installed and replaced system files. I would prefer some opt-in like possible in kernelex to enable API extension only for explicitly configured apps instead for all.
  2. I followed the suggestion mentioned before to disable multiprocess: about:config > browser.tabs.remote.autostart > false. Since then I don't have BSOD yet, I just managed to crash Mypal silently after I opened ~16 tabs ar refreshed all of them one by while fast switching between them. Mypal.exe (only one instance was there then) reached max. consumed RAM ~1,2GB. So if it will no more BSOD I can live with it... It seems some race condition type of bug may occur when multiproc. enabled, maybe some call is not reentrant as expected should be on newer windows? For those getting BSOD, can you post what VGA do you have? If there is some coincidence? I have nVidia GTX 670 while a friend who doesn't get BSODs has ATI.
  3. I just tried MyPal 68.12.5b and also have problem with BSOD in Win32k.sys. It usually happen after visiting some pages with streamed video, just few tabs, can shoot it down within few minutes. My system: intel core i7-2600K, 8GB DDR3, P67 chipset, nvidia GTX 670, WinXP-32b with POS ready updates 2k9. I think it's not too old machine to be caused by unsupported SSE instruction. I never seen this crash when using MyPal 29.3 or Chrome 360 Extreme Explorer. Even I wonder how it's possible to shoot down XP from user space, I would expect such problem in a driver but do MyPal call some drivers directly?
  4. Hi, please is there some unofficial build of Telegram client newer that 1.8.15? I use this version on XP but recently it stopped working adding new users and cannot chat with them. Existing users still works. I have newer client installed on other PC where I added a new user. On XP PC this new user is seen as "Unsupported user" and I can see chat history that was done in newer telegram but I cannot reply back. With older contacts I can chat normally. So the compatability is broken but not fully and maybe fixed? I don't need full featured Telegram client, all I need is to send and receive text messages, no need for calls, embedded videos and other fancy stuff. Or is there some working plugin for Miranda NG or Pidgin? I know there was some attempts but outdated...
  5. Sad to hear 360EE is already gone on XP/32b at all. So I got a year or few more until they will come with some newer stupid incompatible JS that breaks it again BTW any progress on OneCoreAPI (or is it dead too?) that could help running some newer apps on XP? BTW2 also not happy about smartphones, I had to stop using my SGS3 due to 3G network shutdown here in last year. I spent many hours with migration all data, settings and searching for newer apps that that works on newer Android (using LineageOS) and there still left some irritating behavior of more paranoid newer Android I didn't tuned yet. BTW3 you cannot get any new car without embedded "spyware" in EU, there is control unit with connectivity, no more offline... I cannot agree, I have very different experiences with ReactOS. I watch this project since it started. It's improving but still mostly a toy for VM rather for a real HW where it often fails to install. I compared with WinXP on Pentium Pro machine with 192MB RAM and WinXP are significantly more responsive and do less CPU load than ReactOS...
  6. Thanks for pointing there. I got ArcticFoxie ungoogled version and tested the e-banking and it seems to work fine. So we could hope that chinese will keep upgrading it for recent chromium and foxie will clean it up. Even better would be if someone learns how to compile it from the scratch - as chinese can do it somebody else should too, to have more trused version. BTW is is possible to change windows title bar style? I use W2k look on my XP and this forces XP style - not homogenous, but it's just a cosmetic detail...
  7. Well, so the problem of RB is they use too new JS syntax that is not supported by old browsers. How Polyfill Addon can help with it? It doesn't work with Seamonkey but can be installed in MyPal. Or could be helpful Grasemonkey plugin to inject/patch some code? Is there any chance to implement newer JS interpretter into some XP browser? Someone mentioned Chrome v13 works - is it for XP? Do you mean that Chinese stuff with maybe some spyware included?
  8. Hi, please could you try the website https://www.rb.cz and click VSTUP NA UCET (sign in account) on the top right? In my case nothing happens now. Some weeks ago it stopped working on my WinXP browsers and even it doesn't work under latest Mozilla Seamonkey x64 under Win10-x64 but it works under MS Edge. Anybody has a succes with some of WinXP browsers there? What the hell they coded inside?
  9. Daniel B. (for whom I made this mod) finally had a luck to buy 7800GT AGP with G70 chip and 512MB VRAM. He tested my patched w9x driver 77.72 and played some games on it without any problem 😀 Sorry guys, I'm still a lot bussy and didn't visited MSFN for a long time, you should mailed me for the driver. Permanent patched file location is now here: http://windows98.xf.cz/index.htm#NV7722PATCHED
  10. Thanks, so at least we can see the patch doesn't break the functionality but I still need to prove if it helps running 512MB cards. So someone else please test it.
  11. Hi, more info please. What memory size is on your 7800GTX? Did you tried to replace original 77.72 NVCORE.VXD with my patched one? Did the unpatched driver work too or made a BSOD?
  12. I got report that current patched driver now works with 256MB VRAM card so anyone interested to try with 512MB?
  13. xrayer


    Hi, I know this is an old thread and Xompie was probably abandoned but I found it quite recently and finally had time to play with it because I see some advantages in patching individual apps instead messing whole system. So I installed Xompie (the last version from Github) on my up to date XP SP3 + Posready updates with fresh install of MSVC++ 2013 & 2015 redist. Problem is that any program I patched didn't work then (those supposed to work like Adobe DNG converter that was mentioned by author). LDD finds all dependent DLLs after patching in my windows\system32 but the patched program just terminate with message window: application was terminated due to press CTRL+C. I tried install back all xompie alpha versions from 0.6 to 0.2 (on windows from backup without previous xompie) that I found in the thread. I read it all througly but nobody reported such problem here. Any idea what can go wrong? I even tried to patch a small w32 console Hello World program compiled by mingw that normally runs on XP but after patching it didn't work too (again CTRL+C message), strange... Could be problem that I use localized (CZ) Windows? I also tried Dibya Extended Kernel digged somewhere in outer space, I was able to run Adobe DNG converter 9.6 but it caused crashing of all my browsers - Seamonkey, Palemoon, IceAPE. Then I finally found One-Core-API - I wonder it's not discused much more here, I just found one 2-page thread where someone asks how to install. It seems this is far more recent and largest kernel extension project. I installed it and happily found that it really can run some newer apps but I have the same problem with crashing browsers. The bad thing is that the API extension is enable by default for all apps or I don't know how to disable it by defult. There's not much docs. I like that in W98 I can set KernelEx disabled by default and I enable it only for indiviadual apps. Then I discovered that the problem is caused by WineD3D component. If I uninstall it then browsers run fine. Probably they are trying utilize DX10/11 that they detects but it's not well implemented yet. When I just rename d3d11.dll to something elese, Palemoon will start and run but Seamonkey start with blank window content that doesn't redraw. The various compatability setting of the exe that I tried had any effect on it, again this is so bad to have such features enabled by default. I have to say that I'm running One-Core-API-Binaries-1.1 release that was the only I found compiled and it's from 2018 but sources on github seems to be more recent - anybody rebuild it or have a link on newer binaries?
  14. The previous version of patched driver caused crash (memory protection BSOD). This was probably due to Dword at 144h that I left untouched but it seems it may be code size so I had to adjust it. Now it should go a bit step further, file reuploaded: http://rayer.g6.cz/1tmp/7772mod.vxd
  15. No, 77.72 will not work with 7900/7600, AFAIK only 7800 works (G70 core, others are G71/73 - too new).

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