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  1. Did you try using the default windows NDIS2 driver? I've seen someone claiming it works fine on his eee701. Besides, I've never seen a network card that wouldn't work with it.
  2. Funny, on many eeepc forums, people report regular slowdown caused by the ssd on winXP on Linux. However it could be a chipset problem linked to missing win98 drivers.
  3. I'm not fan of the taskbar orb but the rest is really nice! Very 98.
  4. I'm actually thinking about buying one. But there are several issues with win98. Here's what I found about the eeepc 701 (but 9xx hardware is quite similar). Drivers: Chipset + GPU : Intel 910 GML -> no win98 drivers !!! That's the main problem Bearwindows VESA drivers / SNAP graphics Lan : Atheros L2 Fast Ethernet -> no drivers but generic NDIS drivers should do the trick Audio : Realtek High definition -> no drivers avaible Wifi : Atheros AR 5007EG -> drivers avaible but what about the connection program? Touchpad : Synaptics Touchpad -> avaible Another issue is the resolution (1024/600). It's 16/10. That's not a problem in windows but it is if (like me), you plain to play old dos/windows games that run in 4/3. I don't want to play with stretched resolutions... That's why I thought about waiting for a via based notebook (like the everest MAX) but they won't be for sale until 2009... EDIT : post corrected
  5. You're right, PCI-e is not a problem. And modded drivers are supposed to support series 8. However this has never been tested yet. The best would be to find a shop where you can return the product if you're not satisfied. This way, you could test the card. Oh, and remember to avoid cards with more than 256mb of video RAM or you won't be able to use it on win9x !!! That's why my 8800GT won't work on 98. I know what you mean by "hard to buy". I was looking for a serie 7 card recently. Well... it's almost impossible to find one and even harder at a reasonnable price.
  6. Well, we might have the same ones then but mine come from the original CD, they're the official original 24bits drivers but also work with Audigy LS (if I remember correctly). Oh, and I also run ASIO on top of them.
  7. I'm sure you could just pack the required files in a *.rar, keeping the directory structure if needed, and then upload it. However, if you really wanna use an iso, here's a way to make one using Nero. By the way, would anyone be interested with SB Live ! 24 bits (SB041) win98 drivers? I realised they were impossible to find online.
  8. You can check this little chart out. However, if you don't wanna play at all, just buy a cheap 5200 / 6200 with dedicated memory (avoid Turbo cache), less than 512mb of VRAM and passive cooling.
  9. I just uploaded the updated French Nusb 2.4 on win9x4ever. I removed explorer.exe. Especially since it was outdated in this version. Didn't have time to test it but it should work without problem.
  10. Well, we won't know for sure until we try!
  11. No record here. It takes 58 seconds to boot (BIOS takes 10 seconds, SMART check activated) and 15 to shutdown the computer (this is linked to the buggy nvidia drivers). It's a three years old win98SE with lots of devices plugged and all TSR enabled.
  12. Why port Wine when we have windows? From last time I recall, Steam fully supported win9x. They only introduce a system check to prevent us from using it artificialy! You'd have to disable that check by hacking the *.exe but Steam probably verifies it's own files... Besides, maybe now there are unresolved dependencies. Anyway, I guess you'd have to check in this direction...
  13. Nope but let's try! Get the pci_id of your card (using "System info" or any other similar tool). We'll then tell you how to add your card to the *.inf file.
  14. Nope, I guess they were only talking about virtual machines. CPU is only used when needed.
  15. You can remove the Palit x800 GTO AGP from the list (r420 - vendor:1002 id:4a49). No way to make it work with Catalyst 5.9 or 6.2. It's listed in the *.inf and installs correctly but the driver never starts correctly. galahs, your list says x800 Pro (r420) is supported and works fine. I don't know if this is just the Palit or every similar x800 but it sure doesn't work!
  16. I didn't believe so many people would leave their home computers running days and nights! Well, for me it'll be about 2 days (basically when I fall asleep with the PC on ).
  17. Weird, I'm using MS Virtual PC on XP and 98 + 2k are officilaly (and totally) supported.
  18. Connectix Virtual PC v4.3.2 works fine. Check here.
  19. Wow, I can't believe how I managed to miss this topic for so long! Thanks a lot RetroOs! :
  20. Don't worry, you can enjoy widescreen resolutions in Win9x. It just takes a little tweaking. There are several solutions actually. 1) You can mod the *.inf file from your drivers to add the custom resolution with the refresh rate that matches your screen (probably 60hz). 2) You can also try to add the resolution to your registry and reboot. Let me see if I can remember how I did... I think you should go to : [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Class\Display\XXXX\MODES\Y]and add this key [1440,900] "(Default)"="60,70" "ModeRefreshRateList"="60,70,72,75,85,100,120,140,144,150,170,200"Basically, replace the XXXX with the number of your card (usually 0000 on a fresh install). Add this for 8, 16 and 32, which the Y stands for. If you did it right and installed your screen drivers correctly, when you reboot, you should have the 1440x900 resolution avaible. Tell me if it didn't work.
  21. If you wanna use default win98 thumbnails (read Miko's post), give a look at the Revolution Pack thread. Tihiy just released an improved version using GDI+.
  22. I'd really like to find a solution without downgrading the card. Anyway, I would still do it if I only had the 8800. However, I still have the 6200 on my AGP port for 98 to use. Besides, 512mb are useful nowadays (well, Call of Duty 4 seems to like it ). I might do it a bit later just to try though.Thanks for the link and good luck with the 7900! Keep us informed.
  23. I just got my 8800 GT PCI-e today! Unfortunatly, I can only confirm xrayer and StarRiver's statement about 512mb cards (thanks guys!). I modded the custom drivers to add the card's ID to the *.inf file. The card was detected and installed correctly. (by the way, I'll post the modded inf if anyone wants it) Everything was fine until I restarted windows : "Windows Protection Error". 512mb of VRAM is more than Windows can handle. It's not a surprise but I had to try... So until we find a way to limit the Video RAM, I'm stuck with my 6200 AGP on win98. The 8800 PCI-e will be for XP only. I can't find anything serious about "PCI address space" mapping under win9x...which seems to be the problem.
  24. I can only tell about versions I personally use. FL Studio up to version 6 works on 98se. I should be able to test v8 soon. Sound Forge 6 works on 98se. Lots of Native instrument programs run fine. Cubase 5.1 and SX work. Newer versions are unsupported and need testing. Finally, I don't know about Reason since I don't have it. You should test your programs using a virtual machine. If everything is ok, then you can migrate.

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