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  1. Muy interesante! It seems complicated to set up, though. Is there a way to get direct links to the update .exe files from archive.org? I tried downloading some earlier this year, but the archived Microsoft website isn't very functional (missing some backend content), so I wasn't able to download them from the wayback machine.
  2. Ok, never mind. The build system is HORRENDOUSLY complex, with hundreds of thousands of lines of python, and autogenerates code in places. I'm not going to attempt building it with MinGW.
  3. The Linux and OS X builds are compiled with gcc, so I'd think the vast majority of the code except for the Windows-specific platform code should be compatible with it. The major roadblock is getting the build system to work with it. I'm currently trying to build Pale Moon with MinGW.
  4. Is it not possible to compile it with MinGW? I can compile C++14 programs with gcc and have them run on Windows 95.
  5. Back on the topic of browsers, has anyone tried running Wine Internet Explorer on Win9x? It uses the Gecko engine like Firefox, Pale Moon, and K-Meleon, and it's pretty lightweight. I'll try it when I get a chance.
  6. I got it to work! I dug deeper into PowerStrip's settings and found a feature that lets me add a custom resolution. I added the 1440x900, rebooted, and was able to select it in the display properties. I'm curious as to what PowerStrip did to the registry to add the resolution, because I tried everything I could think of. Is the fact that I'm using a TV relevant? As far as I know, it functions just like any ordinary LCD monitor, just that it also has TV inputs. My VGA cable does support EDID, if that's what you mean.
  7. Still no dice. sigh... I installed PowerStrip and generated a .inf file from my monitor and installed it. I've attached the file if anyone wants to look at it. Then I completely removed all ATI driver software from my computer (Well, except for the setup files at C:\ATI\SUPPORT\6-2_wme_dd_cp_30314 which also has the modified C9_30314.inf). After rebooting, I installed the ATI driver, but I still can't get 1440x900. The resolutions I have available are 640x480, 800x600, 848x480, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x768, 1280x960, 1280x1024. Just like before, when I set a resolution over 1024x768, it pans with a 1024x768 window. Where in the registry can I find what resolutions the monitor and graphics card support? @Goodmaneuver My computer shows that message if I hold a bunch of keys down while the BIOS is loading. It's always done that, and it's not really an issue, but I find the error amusing. ps_mon.inf
  8. Completely uninstalling and reinstalling the driver software added the registry keys, but I am STILL unable to choose 1440x900 as my screen resolution. I don't know what determines the list of resolutions that shows up in the display properties. Going to try hacking an .inf file and try to force it into 1440x900.
  9. By "Reinstall it", do you mean going into Device Manager, removing the device, and then installing it again with the modified .inf? I tried modifying that .inf file, and reinstalling it several times, but it still doesn't add those registry entries for the other resolutions. I'm not sure why. I could maybe create a .reg file to add them manually. What does HKR refer to in that file? I don't really know the structure of .inf files very well.
  10. WMP11 is really slow on XP. I normally just use VLC or Media Player Classic instead of WMP anyway, since they actually have codecs to play most files.
  11. I'm currently using a D-Link AirPlus XtremeG PCI card that supports WPA2 on Windows 98 SE. I posted about it before. I also have a Realtek RTL8185, but I wouldn't recommend it because the client software is garbage and crashes frequently.
  12. Has anyone found a solution for this yet? I have a Radeon 9550 in my machine, and can't seem to get out of 1024x768 mode, despite my monitor having a resolution of 1440x900. If I set a higher resolution than 1024x768, it does that stupid panning, even though my monitor has more than enough space to display the whole thing. 1440x900 shows up in the slider on Windows XP, but not on Windows 98.
  13. I'd like to see someone compile the latest K-Meleon for Win9x. I like K-Meleon because it's lightweight and uses native Win32 controls instead of that Mozilla XUL nonsense. Not sure how up to date and compatible it is with all of the latest HTML5 and JavaScript standards.
  14. I seem to remember a piece of software I found a while back that allowed you to just send a document to another computer on the network and have it automatically print from that machine. I wonder if it's possible to set up a printer on a Raspberry Pi or something and use that remotely. I actually had a Canon i850 printer that was in regular use in my house from 2002-2015. It finally stopped working after 13 years, and the ink was getting a bit hard to find. Of course, it was compatible with Windows 98.
  15. I've had trouble in the past when using both the Sysinternals NTFS driver and KernelEx at the same time. The system would randomly freeze or BSOD at unexpected moments, but disabling one or the other worked fine.
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