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  1. The good news is, there should be a solution for Flash. Seems Adobe is still updating it for the China market. The bad news is, Adobe cripples the Chinese version to only run in China. Plus it has all the government-mandated spyware.... But the other good news is, there's a GitHub project called Clean Flash that removes the region restrictions and spyware! It's all discussed in this thread (at the XP forum, but it applies to newer Windows versions too; I'm running Flash under Win 7): Runs just fine in IE 11, as well as Chrome & Firefox (prior to the most recent few versions; see post for details). Edge appears to be hopeless though.
  2. As @VistaLover noted, Basilisk 55 (aka Moebius) was forked from an alpha version of FF 53. My understanding is that the "55" came from the fact that some changes were back-ported from FF 54 and FF 55 before MCP gave up on Moebius and re-forked Basilisk from FF 52.6. (Sort of like what ArcticFox and @roytam1 have been doing with NM 27 lately ) Anyway, as an (albeit early) FF 53 fork, Serpent 55 is probably the best XP platform for e10s multi-process mode, although memory usage does get pretty large pretty quickly! (The second-best XP platform for e10s would likely be "stock" FF 52.9.) I've been using e10s with St55 for a couple of years now, without noticeable ill effects (other than memory usage), although I keep a "single-process mode" profile available, in case I need to use those incompatible browser extensions (notably Classic Add-Ons Archive). I can't speak for @XPerceniol, but speaking for myself, one advantage of multi-process mode in the FF platform is the ability to limit the number of processes to something reasonable. In "straight" FF, you get one process, period. That obviously isn't enough for many modern sites. But in Chrome, AIUI, you get a separate process for each tab of each window - overkill IMO. E10s lets you choose a reasonable "middle ground" based on how you use your browser and how much RAM your system has.
  3. That may be it. My version of Office 2010 (which came as an unexpected bonus CD when I bought a copy of Office XP on eBay) is different: Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010. Looks like several users on the linked thread have that version as well. From linked thread: No problem for XP users, of course, but it looks like Win 10 users unlucky enough to have this nag will still get nagged monthly after each update.
  4. Sorry to hear that. Is a CPU upgrade possible? I guess not or you would've done that too. IIRC the Pentium III was sold on a separate user-replaceable card, but I don't know if the max. clock speed is set by the CPU card itself or by the motherboard. About the only remaining improvement possible would be an SSD. I think it would help, especially with such limited RAM, but it's up to you. @roytam1 is your best bet on how to recompile FF browsers. You don't need a decompiler - source code is on the Web - but it looks overwhelming to me! It also takes a substantial PC to do it; I doubt you can do it on the Asus, but just maybe another PC can create a build that will run on it. I was actually surprised he was able to build Serpent (based on FF 52) so that it works on pre-SSE2 machines. IIRC, starting with FF 49, the Javascript engine uses a just-in-time compiler that can output SSE2 code, so I thought a build avoiding SSE2 instructions would be useless, since any Web page using Javascript (all but the simplest pages these days) would still need it. Yet somehow he pulled it off, so what he did should work for FF 49-51 too.
  5. There may not have been any hassle in 2010. There certainly was at the end of 2019 though. Spam wouldn't necessarily come from them. That said, they may have impeccable privacy practices, but it doesn't matter - I've long since lost interest.
  6. I'm back! Had a pretty bad year and a half; check my profile for details.... Well, this thread didn't age well, did it? Sure, you can go to the M$ Update Catalog and download Win 7 POSReady updates, but it looks like they're the same updates as for plain ol' Win 7, so they won't install unless you pony up.... Nor will the Windows Server 2008 R2 updates; same story. Apparently each update has a time-bomb in it, with different detonation dates depending on the exact version. (Not that it matters, but I'd guess they put the time-bomb code in the SHA-2 updates, without which Windows Update won't work at all, so there's no getting around it....) But it's not so bad, right? Just pony up and M$ will sell you a key that pushes the detonation date out a year. And the first year, at least, is reasonable. The second year is more, but still not too bad. But here's the kicker: that's only for business "enterprise" versions! I can buy a key for my Win 7 Pro machine at work, but not for my Win 7 Home Premium machine at home! Heck, at this point I'd settle for a hack that makes my system look like Win 7 Pro, just so M$ would sell me a key.... Meanwhile @Jody Thornton is laughing his @$$ off at all of us, because he can just keep installing Windows Server 2012 updates on Win 8 until 2023. M$ didn't time-bomb Win 8, evidently.
  7. It was in a post by @VistaLover. Apparently it's been causing some issues with more recent NM 27 updates:
  8. DVD quality (at least in the US but probably most places) is 720x480p. I've sometimes heard that referred to as "ED" ("Enhanced" Definition) as opposed to 704x480i, or SD (Standard Definition). 720p (actually 1280x720) is noticeably sharper, but it is pretty much the lower bound of what folks would consider HD.
  9. The problems with older browsers are probably due to the DeviantArt web site using new JavaScript features that weren't supported in those old browsers. It probably isn't practical to backport a JavaScript engine from, say, FF 45 to NM 27, so for full functionality you probably need to stick with a newer browser and try to speed things up somehow. I've heard the "new" NM 27 will be based on FF 41 instead of 38. Maybe that will be enough to get it working; if not, FF 45 is probably your best bet. To speed things up, do consider more RAM or a faster CPU if at all possible. You might also consider replacing the HDD with a SSD; that will really speed up paging! But also consider a content blocker like uBlock Origin version If you can block enough bloat from loading, your browser will probably run faster and it won't be as painful to use.
  10. HD inflation! Officially, 720 lines is "HD," 1080 lines is "FHD" ("Full" HD), 1440 lines is "QHD" ("Quad" HD), and 2160 lines is "UHD" ("Ultra" HD). The latter is often referred to as "4K" due to 3840 pixels/line. (True 4K is 4096 pixels/line, but I guess the marketers decided it's OK to "round up" a bit ). But with everyone wanting (or at least thinking that they want) UHD resolution, and some even clamoring for 8K , I guess Google decided calling 720p "HD," with only 1/9th the number of pixels of UHD, just didn't seem right. It's like soft drink sizes at American fast food restaurants. I'm of an age where a "small" drink was 12 oz. (355 ml), a "medium" was 16 oz., and a "large" was 20 oz. But it wasn't long before the 12 oz. became "child size," 16 became "small," 20 became "medium," and a new 32 oz. "large" size was introduced. And some have even moved on to 16 oz. being "value size," 20 oz. being "small," etc.!
  11. Strangely, WinUpdatesList doesn't show me the Office 2010 updates, but WinUpdatesView does.... Also, WinUpdatesView only shows me the updates installed via Microsoft Update or Automatic Updates, so it ends Sept. 2020. Add/Remove Programs (in Control Panel) shows all updates, even the ones I downloaded from the catalog and installed manually. Unfortunately Add/Remove Programs seems to list the updates in no particular order, and cannot be searched or sorted.
  12. Excellent work everyone! I already had Office 2010 updated through Sept. 2020 via Microsoft Update; with your help I think I'm now completely updated! There is one small annoyance left though. Anyone know of a way to kill this?
  13. Seems the WSUS proxy has "sort of" been fixed. In that they added a 30-second timeout to each Windows Update request. Now when you run it, one of the requests times out. I take it that's the request for Office updates: [Sun Jul 18 12:51:38 2021] [200]: /?/ClientWebService/client.asmx [Sun Jul 18 12:53:45 2021] PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 second s exceeded in C:\Program Files\WSUS\src\index.php on line 188 [Sun Jul 18 12:53:45 2021] [200]: /?/ClientWebService/client.asmx - Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\Program Files\WSUS\src\in dex.php on line 188 [Sun Jul 18 12:53:45 2021] Invalid request (An existing connectio n was forcibly closed by the remote host. ) [Sun Jul 18 12:53:46 2021] [200]: /?/ClientWebService/client.asmx [Sun Jul 18 12:53:46 2021] [200]: /?/ClientWebService/client.asmx You old-timers may recall that we used to have this kind of problem with Windows Update when a "cumulative" update had been superseded many times (about 30 IIRC). Windows update would sometimes run for DAYS! My suspicion is that something similar happened with Office 2010 SP2. Oh, well; we can still download the final updates via the catalog.
  14. I'm back! Sorry I've been out of sight for so long. See my profile for more info. Anyway, the Clean Flash Installer is up to The latest version should always be at the top of this page: https://github.com/CleanFlash/installer/releases. I have it working in IE (who cares) and Basilisk on both XP and 7. Although Flash works in Chrome up to version 87, I assume there's no hope for Chromium-based Edge on Win 7? Edge versions as far back as 77 just display a brief "not supported after December 2020" bar at the top. Doesn't even stay onscreen long enough to read! Apparently Edge has its own time-bomb independent of the ones in Flash 32. The batch file version of Clean Flash is more recent than the installer version: It's near the top of this page (scroll down to the Windows version): https://github.com/darktohka/clean-flash-builds/releases
  15. I certainly can't claim credit. Many of us were using "Moebius" as an informal name for what eventually became Serpent 55 long before either Matt or I suggested it as a formal brand name. The first use "Moebius" I can find on this forum was in the link to MCP's original UXP platform: So technically, I guess credit for the name should go to Moonchild (M.C. Straver)! Minor language note: The true spelling is Möbius, with an umlaut over the o. But the umlaut isn't used in English and some other languages (English has a "dieresis" which looks just like an umlaut; it's used in words like coöperate, but it's so rare my spell checker balks on that word). Thus the ö is often rewritten as oe for the benefit of those of us with no easy way to type ö.
  16. I think we both hit on it independently. Moebius was the code name for the post-FF 52, pre-Quantum rendering engine, or something like that, it's been used informally for Serpent 55, and it sounded like a cool name with lots of cool artwork opportunities. But I tend to agree with the suggestion that we just have one name for Serpent and append 52 or 55 as appropriate, in which case Moebius would have to go. Let's not make things more complicated than necessary. BTW, after I'd voted in several of the polls, I realized you can vote for more than one name. I think that's a cool option, especially for the browsers with many suggested names on the ballot. Oh, and slightly OT: does anyone know if you can put an animated .gif in the "About <browser>" dialog box, the about:newtab page, or any other relevant place in these browsers? Might be a cool branding trick.
  17. I discovered (too late for most polls) that these polls are set up to let you choose more than one name! So if you like two or more names, go ahead and vote for all the ones you like. (Name with most votes still wins, of course.) Now, if only we Americans could have done that on Super Tuesday....
  18. I don't think @roytam1 was too crazy about RFox either. He objected to RoyFox, and RFox isn't that different.... RFox aside, I'd like to close this and just go with @TechnoRelic's last suggestions. It's past time to come to some sort of consensus and get to work!
  19. Couldn't confirm. EasyList shows up-to-date on mine. A few other filters I use showed errors from the last update attempt, but a manual update fixed them all. Not sure how often updates run, but IIRC most filters are considered "out of date" after a couple of days. So I'd guess it starts an update when the browser starts, as well as daily if you leave the browser open for extended periods.
  20. If you don't want to install Classic Theme Restorer, you can still suppress those warnings by following @VistaLover's instructions here:
  21. Aside from the WebRTC blocking feature I mentioned (which may not be an issue for you; it probably matters only to users behind, e.g., corporate firewalls), the only major change was Convert new shorthands back to legacy syntax when fetching filter lists using firefox-legacy (pull request by JustOff). Basically the syntax for filter lists was updated recently, so older uBO versions like 1.17.4 won't understand filters with the new syntax.
  22. What are you folks trying to accomplish here? Support for TLS 1.2 was added to XP (actually, POSReady '09) long ago by the above mentioned KB, and to IE8 specifically by KB4316682 (later cumulative IE8 updates should work too): TLS 1.2 support is limited though, because native support for ECC (certificates and ciphers) was never added to XP. If it's TLS 1.3 you want (without using ProxHTTPSProxyMII) on IE/Chrome, I'd bet you're going to have to perform some pretty major surgery. Might be better off just migrating to ReactOS, or just using a browser with native TLS 1.3 support like EE 360 or @roytam1's Serpent.
  23. And, done. Also: removed the SSUAO for YouTube to v.42, since it will stop working soon put in a general.useragent.override to version 60.9. Newer versions of MCP's UXP-based browsers (PM/NM 28, Basilisk/Serpent 52) are now reporting 68.9, but that causes more problems than it solves IMO. Updated version is here: As always, feel free to modify the myuseragents.js file (or override in about:config) as desired to fit your own browser and the Web sites you visit.
  24. Apologies if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you're not familiar with the User-agent: header. All browsers identify themselves to Web servers with a user-agent string that identifies the browser, version, and platform (OS). Unfortunately Web sites (such as bbc.co.uk) often just look at that string, rather than checking whether the browser actually has the capabilities the site needs. And they may not even be consistent from one page to the next at the same site! Thus, it's sometimes necessary to override the user-agent string (sometimes called "spoofing") to report a different version, or even a different browser entirely, in order to get particular web sites to work. And it often takes quite a bit of trial and error to find a user agent that will make a particular Web site work. You can find more info at this thread: Of course, the user agent isn't the only possible reason that a video might not play. For example, it could be using a new codec (such as av1) that Adobe Primetime doesn't understand. If that's the case, overriding the user agent won't help - but it's usually a good place to start.

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