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  1. If by "unportable" you are meaning that if a portable exe is on a computer, if it is copied to a different location or onto another drive or computer then it won't function... then yes. There are multiple ways to approach it, one would involve modifying the portable program itself, which may not be allowed under license. Another option is to write a wrapper. This wrapper would do the following: 1. Check against some data on the local system (look for a file, contents of a file, WMI/DMI, etc) before execution. 2. If pass, then extract the portable exe into memory. 3. Execute exe from memory. In this scenario, the wrapper contains the portable exe within itself and the original program does not exist separately. There would have to be some work to determine how to get the exe into memory and/or whether or not to make use of temp files as installers do. NOTE: this is a theory post. I have not made a wrapper like this before, and this is just one example of how it could be accomplished.
  2. It is possible. Recently, gfycat had announced it was deleting large portions of posts and the Archive team took to the task of backing up the site. Whatever their methods, it ended up causing bandwidth issues for them and they got their lawyers involved. https://twitter.com/textfiles/status/1192518085997137920
  3. Discord is the de-facto chat replacement of the modern age. Other similar programs still exist, such as Arrow Chat, but they are usually used as site-specific chat rooms.
  4. It is just an emergency check-in thread. We could look into getting a thread at Reboot or in the AutoIT forum (two I can think of with some existing membership crossover).
  5. I'd say that I am rather attached to noscript (as well as not updating) so, after finding out that current versions of Palemoon do not work with noscript, it means eventually I will be finding a new browser at home. I had tried to use palemoon on my rebuilt work computer, and found out the plugin incompatibility, so I am using regular old Firefox.
  6. That is just a video, why not post a link to the site? https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2 Any computer with a properly configured firewall can pass this test. I don't see why the OS matters.
  7. In my experience, it was the low level courses you could use the calculator but not the high level ones. Its a bit backwards in my opinion. Then again most yuthhhs aren't taking Technical Physics anyways.
  8. In my collegiate and professional experience, the math that is taught is not necessarily required. It highly depends on what job you'll end up taking up after getting out of college. However, the school has no control over where a person may end up. I believe that the emphasis that is put upon math, at least in the way that it is taught, does not line up with the real world even when I had gone. There is no reason why a student should need to have to memorize formulas, or have to take a test without a calculator, penalize people for ditching fractions and/or using a brand of calculator other than Texas Instruments. Then again, you have to also remember that the math courses you are taking in college are not specific to your major. They are general purposes courses that people from multiple majors can take. Those who end up in math heavy professions will gain more from those classes than those who do not. I can only speak for the college that I had gone to, but their CS courses did not include the digital logic courses and labs that were part of the electronics majors. While I ended up going to college for something I ended up not doing professionally, those digital logic courses helped me way more in my programming life than any of the math courses.
  9. It may be XP Embedded Enterprise.
  10. Just a fun topic, if anyone wants to see what kind of life their old hard disks have. After my recent panic of experiencing a disk failure that contained critical data at the office, I had realised that I had never had done a backup at home. So I had gone out and bought an external hard disk with some backup software. Before doing so, I decided to check out the Power On Hours of three of the four HDDs in the system, to see how long I had really gone dodging a data loss bullet. These disks are all in my "daily driver" Windows 7 32bit PC which I had posted about in the Windows 7 Uptime thread. First up is a SATA disk Western Digital 80 GB WD800AAJS-00B4A0 with Power On Hours of 90701 (3779 days, 10.3 years) But then there is this IDE data drive, Maxtor 80 GB 6L080L4 with Power On Hours of 139645 (5818 days, 15.9 years) And this other IDE HDD, Maxtor 20 GB 6L020J1 with Power On Hours of 139783 (5824 days, 15.9 years) The two IDE HDDs were from my Windows XP computer. I even remember buying that 20 GB disk at CompUSA for $100.
  11. You mean using a calc.exe from another OS?
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