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  1. ARM-based laptops with Windows, again!

    The first attempt at ARM PCs, which ran on Windows RT, was an unmitigated disaster, and it left many users skeptical of the idea. But Microsoft hasn’t given up, especially as 5G starts to become a reality and cellular connectivity in PCs becomes essential. Microsoft announced that next year PCs will be available with Qualcomm’s ARM-based Snapdragon 835, which is primarily for smartphones. Super-thin laptops will get integrated modems and a long battery life with the chip. The ARM-based PCs will run Win32 applications that run on regular x86 PCs via emulation.

    For now, no PC maker has announced ARM-based Windows PCs—manufacturers  may be cautious in light of the Windows RT fiasco. There are also many challenges. Snapdragon isn’t as fast as high-end x86 Intel or AMD chips, and won’t support 64-bit applications initially. Also, emulation may limit the ability to exploit hardware acceleration.

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    2. Dibya


      oops Such thing will not happen in dreams

    3. ABM


      Even if all the members pluck all their hairs in developing this thing I am assume the systems won't be stable and will be another crap when combined with Windows 10.

    4. IceFairyAmy
  2. Reply me as I may buy anyone of them.
  3. Can I say that still Windows XP the best OS ever?

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    2. ABM


      "If you want to really get technical, even the latest versions of Windows are still based off of the original NT core which was released several decades ago. So maybe Windows 10 is still outdated because it's using an old core"- Its a vital point to be noted. Windows 10 can be termed as a "HELL OS" as there can't be a OS so odd looking and non-user-friendly. I like Windows XP as it is fast, secure (as it was the OS which was less affected or better to to say not affected by WannaCry),good looks (again if it is customised then the looks are fabulous) and so on.

    3. AnX


      It all depends on your workload. Some folks say that "anything older than Windows 10 is outdated", but in reality, that's far from the truth. Here I am happily using Windows 7 on this 2017-tier hardware (Ryzen 5 1600), and I can run all of my daily-use apps on it without any issues. The term "outdated" is too general of a term to be applied on a large-enough scale. Perhaps you could say that Windows XP is outdated in X, but for Y, XP is still just fine.

    4. Kescarte_DeJudica



      Windows XP is still updated by Microsoft with security updates (that is, the POS version is) and will continue to be updated until sometime in 2019.

      The consumer version of the OS can receive the same updates with a little registry tweak, and they aren't in any way incompatible.

      Perhaps that's not what you had in mind when you said "outdated", but it is still an excellent point from a security pov.

  4. Blue screen on dual boot

    You may ask it to Dibya as he knows better than I do.
  5. Blue screen on dual boot

    At last I got a sensible person like me.
  6. Blue screen on dual boot

    How can I take a screenshot when the os has not started at all and my DSLR is in a service centre but even I could have captured it with my phone but the pics are poor and can't be read. And I have already sent a pic similar to mine and accurate.
  7. Blue screen on dual boot

    That question was asked to me so after all it was my duty to reply that. Dibya replied for which I am thankful to him but the question was for me so I dutifully replied so as you are (jacklaz) saying more than requirement I am very disappointed to say that you are losing the respect that I had for you. So, sorry. And thnx to Dibya, perfecthog05 and Tripredacus to come front for help. But Jaclaz I am sorry though I thought you came to help me and not to utter foolish. Sorry.
  8. Blue screen on dual boot

    What do you mean to say by "It is such a rare occasion to have these conversations between[1] deaf people .... ".
  9. Blue screen on dual boot

    I am dual booting two XP OSes
  10. Blue screen on dual boot

    I have installed windows XP on my pc using dual boot system but one of my XP is working properly but the another that I recently installed is showing a blue screen just after completing the installation that is ä problem has been detected......." and it gets resterted. How to solve this?
  11. Hi Dibya I am here to support you and windows XP

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    2. ABM


      This is how the screen looks.

    3. ABM


      I got this pic from INTERNET as it went out quickly but I am 101% sure this one I have seen.

    4. ABM


      If you say I may disable the auto restart and take a pic of my pc and send it again.