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  1. wimb


    Update System_Info-55 Download: System_Info from GitHub - File is Encrypted with password = bootwimb - Added Regshot - Take Snapshots to get Registry changes related to System changes - Added Foxit PDF Reader - small PDF utility - Added ProcMon - Process Monitor - shows real-time file system, Registry and process/thread activity - Added PowerRun - to launch Apps as Trusted Installer e.g. Explorer++ and regedit.exe PowerRun is used to Install Context Menu items for PC Icon, Command and PowerShell - Thanks to alacran More Info on CTMenu_Commands and for 10XPE here
  2. Update Manual - VHD_WIMBOOT PDF Test with Win11_English_x64v1.iso gives Mini-11x64_US.vhd with UsedSize = 1.9 GB Booting in UEFI mode from RAMDISK using SVBus driver - PowerShell and Advanced Firewall Settings are working OK
  3. Download: from wimb GitHub - Win_Debloat-28 and Win_Reduce_Trusted-52 - Download File E = Encrypted PassWord = bootwimb Manual: VHD_WIMBOOT.pdf - Download: Win10_21H2 x64 ISO and Win11 ISO from Microsoft Preferred is to use Win10x64 as Normal Operating System with Defender and AV Software Disabled - Allows Easy Mount / UnMount of VHD and Prevents Attacks on SVBus Driver - Otherwise use Win10XPE as Norwal working OS so that there is no problem with Defender attacking SVBus driver 1. WinNTSetup do Fresh Install of Win10x64 in VHD for Local Account - Take care that Internet Cable is Disconnected - Page 1-2 of Manual and Settings 2. Boot with VHD and Run Win_Debloat_x64.exe - Debloat Online Windows and Install SVBus Driver 3. Reboot VHD first as FILEDISK from Boot Manager Menu - to make Install of SVBus driver effective in Windows Boot Manager Menu Requires F8 Disable driver signature enforcement needed for SVBus Driver 4. Boot other Win10x64 OS - Mount VHD by Double Click - Run Win_Reduce_Trusted.cmd - Reduce Offline Windows 5. UnMount VHD by Eject - use R-Mouse on VHD Drive in Windows Explorer 6. Use VHD_WIMBOOT_Trusted.cmd for Capture and Apply of WIM file in New Mini-10x64.vhd Size 2.5 GB 7. Boot Mini-10x64 VHD from RAMDISK - Connect first time to Internet using Potable FireFox - All changes in OS are volatile Booting from RAMDISK - Use Steps 6-10 on page 1 of Manual VHD_WIMBOOT PDF Thanks to: - W4RH4WK Debloat PowerShell scripts - Windows Update Blocker from Sordum - PowerRun from Sordum - schtrom for making SVBus Virtual SCSI Host Adapter for GRUB4DOS - Best Answer - Several times Press Enter key (First Click on OneDrive Remove Window) to let the Program Win_Debloat_x64 Continue - it allows to view intermediate results and give instructions on How to Install Manually SVBus driver Windows Update Blocked and Defender Disabled, 51 Tasks and 67 Services are Disabled, WindowsApps Removed with Clean Start Menu OneDrive Removed, Telemetry Blocked, SVBus Driver Installed for booting from RAMDISK, UsedSize Reduced to below 2 GB for Mini-10x64 OS in VHD
  4. wimb


    It must be a False Positive. Thank you for giving Info about Detection by Malwarebytes. It will be very nice if you can tell Malwarebytes to ignore it. Tokener is a well-known fellow of reboot.pro forum and I trust his .NET Framework Enumerator VirusTotal Malwarebytes and MS Defender have no problem with System_Info-53.zip
  5. Update Win_Reduce_Trusted-50 Download: from wimb GitHub - Win_Reduce_Trusted-50 Download File E = Encrypted PassWord = bootwimb Manual: VHD_WIMBOOT.pdf - Download: Win10_21H2 x64 ISO and Win11 ISO from Microsoft - Added Windows Update Blocker - Wub folder in \Add_Folders_Files\Port_Apps folder of Win_reduce - Shortcut on Desktop to launch Wub_x64.exe added in \Add_to_UserPath\Desktop folder - Shortcut on Desktop to launch Network - ncpa.cpl - Easy Switch On / Off Network Adapter - PS.exe is running now as Admin so that all apps in PStart Menu are Running as Admin - Added Run_System_Info_x64.exe in \Add_to_UserPath\Desktop folder Run_System_Info_x64.exe will Find and Run \System_Info\System_Info_x64.exe on Any Drive For this purpose your System_Info-53 folder must be in Root of Any Drive and must be Renamed as System_Info First time you need to boot Mini-10x64.vhd as FILEDISK and be sure there is No Network Connection possible. Then you need on Desktop launch Wub_x64.exe to Disable Windows Update and Protect this Setting. It is now safe to connect to Network using Enable WhiteList Off setting in Firewall App Blocker. Boot Mini-10x64.vhd as FILEDISK or from RAMDISK and Connect to Internet and FireFox pages appear OK without an increase of the Mini-10x64 UsedSize
  6. wimb


    Half of what atmzzrSystemCheck is doing, is available already in System_Info. e.g. .NET Framework Info, System Info and DirectX are giving similar info. A problem is that atmzzrSystemCheck is in conflict with Security Software, e.g. SmartScreen.
  7. wimb


    Update System_Info-53 Download: System_Info from GitHub - File is Encrypted with password = bootwimb - Added Double Driver - can be used in PE Environment - requires that PE has file \SysWOW64\imagehlp.dll Mini 10/11 x64 contains file \SysWOW64\imagehlp.dll - Thanks to alacran for checking this - Added WinContig - File Defragmentation Tool - Added PStart Button to Run PS_x64.exe - Find and Run \PStart\PStart.exe on Any Drive gives PStart Menu for Portable Apps - Apps lauched by System_Info and from the Launched PStart Menu are Auto Running as Administrator - Save Drivers + Info using pnputil.exe will ask to Select Drive for Saving Drivers in Drivers_Info folder In case of Cancel then Drivers_Info folder inside System_Info folder is used Space Check is added - WARNING - Free Space Below 1500 MB - Message is presented ==
  8. Update Win_Reduce_Trusted-48 Download: from wimb GitHub - Win_Reduce_Trusted-48 Download File E = Encrypted PassWord = bootwimb Manual: VHD_WIMBOOT.pdf - Download: Win10_21H2 x64 ISO and Win11 ISO from Microsoft - Edge is removed - Portable FireFox or MaxthonPortable can be used as VHD External Portable Internet Browser To Enable Edge you need to adjust remove_sub_Prog_x86.txt and remove_sub_Users.txt - make leading ; to disable removal - WindowsApps ScreenSketch is enabled to make Editable ScreenShots Mini-10x64 version 21H2 VHD has Compact LZX UsedSize 1.46 GB (running OS = 1.63 GB) with LZX WIM Size = 1.15 GB My old Mini-10x64 of january 2021 has 24276 files and LZX UsedSize = 1.97 GB and LZX WIM = 1.62 GB Download File_List - Mini_10x64_21H2.zip Mini_10x64_21H2 has 18.806 Files and 3.031 Folders Full 10x64 21H2 has 115.304 Files and 32.333 Folders
  9. wimb


    Update System_Info-50 Download: System_Info from GitHub File is is Encrypted with password = bootwimb - Added Hardware Info App nwinfo made by a1ive - https://github.com/a1ive/nwinfo/releases - Added NTFSLinksView App made by NirSoft - https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/ntfs_links_view.html
  10. wimb


    Update System_Info-49 Download: System_Info from GitHub File is is Encrypted with password = bootwimb - Hard_Link_List organisation improved with subfolder for Selected Drive_Folder - FileList of multiple HardLinks is given e.g. Hard_Link_Drive_Folder_Date.txt The Maximum number of 36 HardLinks for data is found in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps This HardLink List can serve to find Files that must be removed by Win_Reduce-45 to make minimal Windows 10/11 with UsedSize = 2 GB Removal of C:\Windows\assembly only saves space when the files connected by Hardlinks to the same data are also removed.
  11. wimb


    If you have forgotten the password, then you can with 7-zip installed double-click on the archive and can peek inside the archive and read the password that is needed to unlock the Encrypted part. So that makes it very handy and at the same time it is protected against download failure due to false-positive warning of AntiVirus and Defender Software
  12. wimb


    Update System_Info-48 Download: System_Info from GitHub File is is Encrypted with password = bootwimb - Hard Link List button is working now and allows spaces in FileName and FilePath e.g. files in C:\Progam Files
  13. wimb


    Update System_Info-46 Download: System_Info from GitHub File is is Encrypted with password = bootwimb - "Sys Info" and "Drive Info List" - Errors removed that would occur in case of space in Program Path - Added code to Run Explorer++ x86 version in case of x86 program version - System_Info List files are created in folder sys_info - Hard Link List option Disabled (needs more time to improve the code) - Added HP System Diagnostics App
  14. wimb


    Thanks for your detailed reply. Ok that sounds convincing to me. I will Add HP System Diagnostics again to next version.
  15. wimb


    I think the Info given by HP System Diagnostics is well covered by Save System Info, Drive Info List, Device Manager and DirectX Diagnostics. Or do you think that HP System Diagnostics is giving Info that is missing now ?

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