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  1. Since you have the option to Load an ini file, it is expected that all settings are adjusted accordingly. The Settings for the Apply of a Captured WIM file will be quite different as compared to the Settings for install.wim from Microsoft. So it makes sence to have different ini files available. It has nothing to do with setup 2 systems in 1 run. I just want to use another ini file instead of the default loaded WinNTSetup.ini file ....
  2. In WinNTSetup.ini I have three lines for Drivers and UnattendedFile and ApplyMode that switch on Add Drivers and Unattend and Mode Checkbox. A loaded WinNTSetup_X.ini that does not contain such lines, does not remove the Settings as given by WinNTSetup.ini In other words for Add Drivers and Unattend and Mode the loaded WinNTSetup_X.ini is not properly taken into account to switch off these settings. I am using WinNTSetup_X.ini in case of Apply of a Captured WIM file, where I don't need to use most of these settings anymore.
  3. Thanks, Crash Fix of WinNTSetup4 Beta 4 is working OK
  4. Wrong type of wim file like boot.wim gives now when pressing Setup - Warning Windows Source invalid So the crash is gone and this solution is OK. There is another problem present in 4.0 Beta3 and Beta4 In case wimlib is used and Mode Wimboot Selected then After pressing Setup the program crashes. Using WimGAPI (all cases) Or wimlib with Mode Wimboot Unchecked Or other Mode are working OK. In version 4.0 Beta1 and Beta2 this problem did not yet occur.
  5. Selecting a wrong type of wim file should be refused by the program. Now boot.wim can be selected as installation file and then pressing Setup results in program crash.
  6. For Install of XP in VHD Download VHD_XP_Setup with Support Topic VHD_XP_Setup
  7. I found a bug in WinNTSetup4 Beta 2 After launching WinNTSetup, then I can Load a previously Saved .ini file with Settings to overrule the default WinNTSetup.ini It turns out that the Tweaks from that previously other saved .ini file are not taken into account to switch off tweaks, allthough the switch offs are present correctly in that saved .ini file. Also the program WinNTSetup crashes when a wrong type of wim file like boot.wim is selected. May be for the unexperienced user it is good to give WARNING - This WIM file is Not Valid as Installation file
  8. You might consider to Add in the Download of WinNTSetup4 some useful Tools, so that they are ready to be used by the program: - wimlib files libwim-15.dll - BOOTICE v1.3.3.2 - some sample unattend.xml files for Unattended Install of Windows 10 - the slightly modified WimBootCompress.ini file as used in VHD_WIMBOOT - some extra DiskPart scripts as given in VHD_WIMBOOT to make UEFI/MBR based portable SSD
  9. Perfect - WinNTSetup4 is a very Powerful Program
  10. What do you use in WinNTSetup4 that allows to capture wim file from running Windows ?
  11. Sure, I know, and I said that I might change that behaviour of the program. Then I will change VHD_WIMBOOT so that the wim files captured with WinNTSetup4 can be used. So it is not a good idea to use wimlib's --snapshot ...... Thanks for the Warning But, what is then the best way to make and use VSS snapshot .... May be then best is to rely on WinNTSetup4 for Capture of wim file from running System
  12. The Captured wim file without the wimboot compatible mark is not (yet) accepted by my program VHD_WIMBOOT. But I might change that behaviour. The advantage of your Program is that VSS Snapshot is used so that Capture of a running Windows system is possible. I don't know (yet) how to add VSS to my AutoIt VHD_WIMBOOT Program. EDIT: Actually I see it is not that difficult to use VSS, since wimlib has build-in parameter --snapshot for VSS support Anyway I would like also to use in VHD_WIMBOOT the wim file Captured with your WinNTSetup program. wimboot capture can be combinesd with XPRESS and LZX https://wimlib.net/man1/wimcapture.html In wimlib-imagex.exe capture the --wimboot parameter automatically involves XPRESS 4K compression and for LZX I have used as parameters --wimboot --compress=LZX --chunk-size=32K So wimboot option is not a weak compression ....
  13. Thanks for Adding WIM Capture and Driver Export Option, which are both very useful to me. In WIM Capture the wim file is not marked to be wimboot compatible, allthough the file can be applied for wimboot mode. Can you add a checkbox to select Capture in wimboot mode, so that the wim file is marked as wimboot compatible ? In the Boot code dialogue can you Add option to choose for BootMenuPolicy Legacy Or Standard ? BootMenuPolicy Legacy is often preferred since it allows in Multiboot to boot straight with the selected option, without the reboot that otherwise occurs. In the Boot code dialogue in case of EFI Boot Drive, the preferred setting should be UEFI instead of ALL, since BIOS cannot be used in this case. It would be nice if these settings can be saved in the WinNTSetup.ini file by using Save Ini Option. In Create VHD the preset filename is still Windows7.vhd, which nowadays should be Windows10.vhd The Menu Item for the new options is now named Offline Windows, whereas these new options can be used also with Online Windows. May be a better name would be Windows System The Driver Export function is also quite useful to collect the drivers that can be used with the Add Drivers option for a much faster clean install of Windows 10. I have used WinNTSetup4 also in Win10XPE environment. The Hotfix Uninstall Option is then available. There were no Hotfixes available for selection, allthough Windows 10 1903 Installation was Updated with 6 Updates. Is the Hotfix Unistall Option not suitable for these Updates ? The preferred WIMAPI wimlib Setting is Not saved in the WinNTSetup.ini file by using Save Ini Option. It would be nice if also this setting can be saved in the ini file. Anyway the new options are a good improvement of the already very good WinNTSetup Program
  14. For support of 32-bits version System_Info_x86.au3 Disable Windows Defender - Realtime-Security Please Download and Install AutoIt https://www.autoitscript.com/site/autoit/downloads/ You can Run the au3 Script Or Compile Script to .exe (x86) to get executable Program System_Info_x86.exe Defender will remove System_Info_x86.exe as Trojan horse, which is however a false positive action
  15. wimb


    Thanks for using System_Info and for your approval
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