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  1. That was a fast reply ... yes, when I would be at the library or McDonalds I was never too comfortable when on the WiFi but I live in a country type area and not around a large area where people might be looking and searching for information. Again, thanks for your help and to the other members who also had information to share. When I do try those two other firewalls I will post my thoughts on them over ZoneAlarm. ...
  2. Yes, I just got the file downloaded ... I may have had the dot included before as RainyShadow suggested. I didn't have any problems this time. I will work with the Comodo Firewall and see how it works. I want to also try PC Tools Firewall Plus as I mentioned earlier. I haven't done anything yet however as I have been working with the Zone Alarm version that I have had on my computer for years. This version ... ZA v4.5.594.000 seems to be just fine working with the VPN I now have. I have almost had the VPN service for a month now and ZA and the VPN seem to be working OK
  3. Thanks for the Comodo Firewall version information. I will check it out ... for now I didn't have success with the links, I was in a hurry and will look into everything with more detail. I probably messed up the link. 404. That’s an error. The requested URL / was not found on this server. That’s all we know. ... and Sorry. This snapshot cannot be displayed due to an internal error. ...
  4. Tangy ... thanks for posting about PC Tools Firewall Plus v7.0.0.123. I had never heard of this firewall and it looks very interesting. I have downloaded it and also searched around for more information on it. You really have to be careful with some of these sites that offer downloads. I downloaded PC Tools Firewall Plus v7.0.0.123 from one site but when I checked the download it was not the correct version. This site does have the correct version if anyone is interested. They also list many other firewalls that can be downloaded to try. Many I have never heard of. Malavida / Firewal
  5. Yes, that is strange with two identical XP setups ... one with the errors and one installs OK. I also have two identical ThinkPad T42 XP setups and a few programs install slightly different on each T42. I have been looking into some 'older clean' Comodo Firewall downloads and keep running into the '404 Not Found' message. However, I stated earlier that I am using an older version of ZoneAlarm that seems to be just fine for my XP setup. Years ago there was much discussion about ZA v4.5.594.000 being a very good version for Win XP. As newer ZA versions were released ... many people decided
  6. siria ... I just noticed your link, I also found that download earlier and after downloading it and checking the version ...it is different ... it says it is version I was looking for a 'clean' version with just a firewall ... that version doesn't seem to exist in 2020. ...
  7. Well I was at that website and saw the message about 'bundled software' and decided to pass. I was hoping to find the version that Comodo might have had available in 2019. Maybe all their free software has ads bundled in also. I'm a little confused on that ... the download size seems to be OK. I have downloaded it to check out. There was some mention at another website that the Comodo firewall free software was bloated. I found some of those comments ... "theres really no reason for anyone to install the bloated mess that Comodo became." "Stopped using this some time ago now...b
  8. I am looking for this version of the Comodo Firewall v12.0.0.6870 ... it is listed as the last version to be supported with XP and Vista. I have not been able to locate a download location yet. Dead links or no links so far, nothing that I can find at the Comodo website for older versions or File Hippo ... also a few other sites have come up empty. From the Comodo website about this version: Comodo Firewall v12.0.0.6870 09 July 2019 This version will no longer be updated on Windows XP and Windows Vista essentially making it the last supported version for those OSes. This is
  9. just became aware of Windscribe VPN in the last 10 days from reading this thread. It works very nice with my Windows XP setup. The 'free' 10 GB plan is awesome and I could live with that but they have a Christmas special going on now at a nice price reduction over the regular yearly price. I decided for myself to get the Pro setup at the discounted price. Then you have more servers available and unlimited use plus some other benefits. I was not aware of the special deal till Dec 24th ... I just mention this here since Windscribe was mentioned and if you like the service, you might be int
  10. I have a User Agent utility added to New Moon 28. You can add a few user agents to use instead of the Default. However, when you close down NM and reopen NM 28, the user agent is always back to the default user agent. Is there somewhere in New Moon a setting or someway for the user agent to always remain on the the user agent I have checked till I change it myself? ...
  11. Found this after posting the earlier post. Since there was no obituary and all I have is the birthday November 16th. This site lists a Gregory Braun who was born on 11/16/1953 and is 66 years old. That is close to the age listed in slot car racing forum article which was 65 ... so he probably has passed away with the same name and the age so close. https://www.mylife.com/gregory-braun/e70654690332 ...
  12. It's very hard to confirm this but I think he has passed away. I have used several of his software programs for many years going back to Windows 98SE. I mention this for anyone interested in his software programs. I usually go to his web site a few times a year to check for any new programs added ... most all programs were free to anyone. A few were not. The web site is down or 'has been suspended'. I did some time in a lot of searching and came up with another site where there was an announcement that 'Greg Braun' had passed away. It seems he was also into slot car racing ... s
  13. Thanks VistaLover ... I searched around for version since all this flash information was first posted and found nothing. I wasn't sure if I really would need it in the future but it can't hurt to have a copy saved. A big download for the three files I needed but it didn't take long to download. Wayback Machine comes through again ... I have to spend more time there. ...
  14. Regele ... I just like using the older version for checking files ... it was simple and did the job. ------------ Well I tried several Ghost backups and Malwarebytes no longer works in any of them, although it surely did at the time of each backup. Just get the message ... "You have the latest database version." ... doesn't matter what the date is. I am just going to work with the last date I have, being July 30th and I can still use that for a file download check. I don't really use the program that often anyway and usually updated it just a few times a month. ...
  15. docR ... thanks for the update information from your end. Vistapocalypse ... yes, my date and time are correct. I have two ThinkPad T42 computers that I did a backup on each on 30 July 2020. I always put my last backup on (April 12th) then update that backup to the current date (in this case July 30th). I had no problem that morning (July 30th) updating Malwarebytes from the April 12th backup. So last night I got the second ThinkPad out to see if Malwarebytes would update on it. I also get the same message on my other computer ... "You have the latest database version." , which is al
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