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  1. I wanted to rewrite my post from yesterday to a shorter version. Things have become critical in my situation with banking and a few other sites. When I first posted this topic asking for some browser ideas for the new (old) Windows 7 computer that I had bought ... everything was working just fine with my Window XP computer. I was still able to do banking and only a few sites had problems ... but the browsers were still working ... New Moon 28 and Basilisk Serpent, also had Opera portable last Win XP version for a backup. Early in Nov everything started to change with several sites. The main problem and important for me was banking. I no longer could get into my credit union early in the month. I left a week go by thinking they were having problems or whatever. Finally I called and got the bad news that only the most 'up to date' newer browsers were to be used. Not one of my XP browsers would get me past 'sign-in' ... just a message of 'no response from the server' ... tried a few newer Firefox user agents ... nothing. At the login they have posted only Chrome, Firefox, Edge and a few other 'newer versions' will work and no IE browsers will work at all. So I had been working on getting Windows 7 set up to my liking and then getting a 'factory back up' burned to DVDs. So to get to the point ... for now I have installed the last version of Firefox to work with Windows 7 ... Firefox v115 ESR which will still have support into Sept 2024. So for now 'the can has been kicked down the road' till next September. I will check out out some other portable browsers during this time ... I live about 90 miles from my credit union so banking over the internet is important ... much easier than driving through the mountains and country roads. It all just happened so fast ... my hospital plan web site also has been changing for the 'bad'. Sometimes I might have trouble logging in and when I do finally get in ... some parts of the site no longer work for me ... there will be some messages waiting to be read and I can no longer read them. The web site is still mostly operational for me but the signs are there for the future. The newer Firefox hopefully will solve that issue for now. Here's the Firefox information on Windows 7 in case others like myself didn't know or are having problems. "Firefox users on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 moving to Extended Support Release Firefox version 115 ESR will be the last supported release for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Mozilla is providing critical security updates through the Firefox ESR channel up until the end of ESR version 115, September 2024. After this, no security updates are provided and you are strongly encouraged to move to a supported version of Microsoft Windows." Firefox ESR, Portable Edition 115.4.0 https://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox-portable-esr I just extract Firefox out of that download. So my Win XP computers are still good to go but Windows 7 will be needed for logging into some web sites ... if not most web sites. Will follow ideas posted here about other browsers but my problem 'popped up overnight' so to say and for now Firefox portable has fixed it. This post is still kinda long. thanks ...
  2. Cixert ... thanks for all that information. My problem was not being able to get IE 11 to work so I could go online to the MS update page. I was able to do it once and thought I had a good backup of everything but I did not. The program I had works great for a Windows XP image backup and it is supposed to work with Windows 7 x64. It did a great backup but would not restore anything. So I did a couple more restores with the T520 recovery disks ... found a good backup program on the internet using my Win XP computer ... but I could not get IE 11 installed until I got two downloads that were needed. So again yesterday I started early in the morning with the T520 recovery disks ... put the 'SP2' update on after and the few extra downloads needed and went right for the Windows update site. Everything worked 100% ... had 73 security updates and 13 non -security updates. All updates downloaded after several passes ... no failures. After the security updates were installed I made a complete backup of the HD ... not going to have to spend all that time again installing recovery disks and updates. Then after the backup was finished, I went back to Windows update and downloaded the 13 non-security updates. All was good, no failures ... so I got off the internet and made another back up with everything on the disks. I wanted two separate backups in case something in the 'non-security' backups messed up the computer. I would not have to go back to 'square 1' ... it took all day ... actually three backups, one set of 5 dvds and then I used two 32GB flash drives. I wanted to be covered ... I am satisfied the backups are good but when it's time to do a restore one day ... then I will know for sure if everything is 100% good. So the backups are my new 'Factory Restore' disks ... hopefully I'm done with the older T520 recovery disks and all the Windows 7 updates into Jan 2020. I don't know if I will look into the updates after Jan 2020 ... just happy to have everything done going into Jan 2020. I appreciate your time involved with your post ... like I said, I didn't have success till yesterday and I could have saved you some work. thanks ...
  3. Thanks for the list. I want to make a complete image backup of everything that was released up to the end date for Windows 7. Then I will always have that complete and will not have to worry about anything 'missing' from January 14, 2020 and before. I am going with this information from M$ ... "Windows 7 support ended on January 14, 2020. The specific end of support day for Windows 7 was January 14, 2020. Technical assistance and software updates from Windows Update that help protect your PC are no longer available for the product." I am not sure about any later updates after Jan 2020. Once I get the image backup made then I will check on updates listed after Jan 2020 and if they will install on my computer. ...
  4. Help with the 'Final Windows 7' updates ... Glad to read about these final Windows 7 updates. Just bought a Windows 7 Pro ThinkPad notebook last month. I want to have all the Win 7 updates on hand before Windows 7 updating goes away. In case for some reason I might need any of them later. So this is my list of updates that I have currently downloaded. I downloaded the SP1 update anyway ... really don't need it since Windows 7 Pro SP1 is on the Recovery Disks. 01 Install KB3020369 for x64 Systems 02 Install KB3125574 Convenience Rollup Update - (SP2) for Windows 7 x64 At the MS forum there was mention about a 'Windows Update Loop Fix' to be able to download Windows 7 updates ... did that. There were many updates to download after 'SP2' but all except for 4 or 5 (I think) downloaded. Now to the downloads mentioned in this topic or post. I got everything this morning from the Windows Update catalog. Windows Update Agent v7.6 downloaded earlier. 01 KB4474419 x64 02 KB4490628 x64 03 KB4534310 x64 04 KB4539601 x64 05 KB4539602 x64 (01-2020) I had KB4534314 x64 (01-2020) downloaded to install but in the above post from ED_Sln ... he states: "KB4539601 replaces KB4534314. And also it can only be downloaded from the Update Catalog, it's not offered through WU." So does this list look like I have all the 'final' Win 7 updates into Jan 2020 and a little after. Just to add, I also downloaded the MS download of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 only as stated by M Soft. "Internet Explorer 11 (64-bit) for Windows 7 ONLY" . ... Thanks ...
  5. Dixel ... thanks for the additional information. I got the downloads and it's more clear now with what you posted. All good ... thanks again.
  6. Ok ... I found UnGoogled Chromium v109.0.5414.120-1 at GitHub Actions ... and also came across this version of: UnGoogled Chromium v117.0.5938.92-1 at Softpedia. Is v117 a newer version? I downloaded Pale Moon v32.4.1 x64 but can't do anything with it till I get the T520 W7 x 64 notebook. So then if I understand correctly ... I put the UnGoogled Chromium v109.0.5414.120-1 into the Palemoon bin folder after I delete everything in the bin folder. Just reading your last post: "I prefer to avoid cmd files for this and use the Official Pale Moon Portable loader and file structure and replace the "bin" filder with the extracted fork files." Just to make clear ... I downloaded the Palemoon-Portable-32.4.1.win64 version. thanks ...
  7. I'm sure there are many more out there somewhere. Just had to throw in the towel with these web pages not working or my Win XP computer just trying to open a page and just getting so 'hot'. Lately, I am having that problem with Amazon. I didn't seem to have any serious problems with Amazon until the last six months. You would think the computer is going to burst into flames or maybe just melt down. I hope this Windows 7 notebook and a better browser will take care of all that. ...
  8. Yes, that is what I mean in this case for 'portable'. ...
  9. Ok ... reading the replies ... the last post by TSNH could be one browser. I forgot that now having a Win 7 computer ... or soon to have one, will get it next week ... anyway, I could use Pale Moon again. I now use New Moon and a few others for Win XP but I can get a few better working browsers now for Win 7. Here is the web page that I can never open to read a story.from. Of course I could just move on but there is interesting news there sometimes. There are a few other sites also. First dinosaur found in Yellowstone. ... but I can't even get the link to post here. https://cowboystatedaily.com/ This is what I always see ... Unfortunately, your browser is out of date Update your current browser to the latest version or download one of these browsers: https://cowboystatedaily.com/unsupported-browser.html I am hoping with the newer notebook and a better browser, I won't run into this problem again or for awhile till Win 7 gets older. ...
  10. Well I have decided to finally move up the ladder a rung or two. I bought a Windows 7 ThinkPad notebook. It's used of course and labeled to be in 'mint' condition. Late to the Win 7 party for sure but I was late for the Win XP party also ... didn't start using Win XP till 2012. I have been having more problems over the last 2 years with web pages not opening or looking right or now being 'refused' entry to a web page being told my browser is 'too old' ... just clicking on a link to read a news story but I can't get there. Changing the user agent can only do so much and usually nothing at all. I still intend to mostly use my ThinkPad T42 XP notebook since all the software programs I need and use are on that computer. I can still do banking and most everything else also. The newer ThinkPad will be a T520: T520 (4204-4AU) 15" 1366x768 screen Windows 7 x64 i5-2520m (2C/4T 2.5-3.2 GHz) 8GB RAM 250 GB SSD Webcam, DisplayPort, VGA, DVD±RW, dual-band wifi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB 2.0, ExpressCard, FireWire, eSATA 6C or 9C batteries $120 for "mint" condition unit (1 available, 256GB SSD) - SOLD $60 for "good" condition unit (2 available) I could have had a 6C or 9C battery but I like the smaller battery and I will not need a lot of battery power anyway and the 'good condition' wouid have been OK but I went for the 'mint' T520. Once I get it all set up and secure to my liking I will probably do banking and other critical things on the T520. I don't intend to load it up with many software programs ... as I mentioned earlier, all the programs I currently use are on the Win XP computer. Sometimes I do run into a program that won't run on Win XP so I will put those on the Win 7 ThinkPad. I just wanted to get some help / advice as to what portable browser or two portable browsers would be the best to use on this computer. I am thinking that using this newer notebook with a better browser will let me use or see web pages that I'm currently having trouble with. I didn't want to install a browser just use a portable one. thanks ...
  11. Well good news or bad news ... over at the Malwarebytes forum dealing with v1.75.0.1300 ... someone is reporting about all this here at MSFN and v1.75.0.1300 able to get updates again. Nothing has been posted there for three years until 4 hours ago. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/262745-definition-updates-failing-v17501300/ I wonder where all this will be going. The poster uses the term 'A couple of Windows XP diehards at the MSFN forum (their last stronghold)' ... doesn't sound too friendly. I hope doors won't be kicked in as these 'last Windows XP diehards' are hunted down and their computers are destroyed with sledge hammers. We shall see and I hope they won't stop future updates for v1.75.0.1300. Go to the last post.
  12. AstroSkipper - Nice presentation of the three versions of Malwarebytes v1.75.0.1300 ... really great images also. Kind of interested to try the Pro version again, might like having it on the computer. Glad this all worked out and you figured out the updating problem. Nice to have this older version come back to life and being used again. Thanks for the 'off topic' information earlier. Monroe ...
  13. I remember Malwarebytes updating to a newer version when I didn't want a newer version. Messed up a couple of times till I got everything figured out back then. I never liked version 2.0 anyway ... too complicated as I remember. Version was small and simple to use. Thanks for posting the v1.75.0.1300 link information.
  14. I also have the Pro version since it was reasonable to get and Malwarebytes said at the time that 'def updates' would still be available as newer versions were released. I decided I didn't care for 'the real time protection' running all the time. I went back to the free version since I really just wanted to scan downloaded files.
  15. Yes I have to apologize for those images I posted earlier. I have not posted any images for years and I completely forgot how to do so ... so I went online to search how to create images to post. I have the programs PrintKey and IrfanView on my computer but again I have not used them for years and it was going to take too long to figure everything out and I think PrintKey makes images way too big in MBs for uploading ... that's what I remember. So doing the search I found an article: ScreenShot or Screen Capture in Windows XP https://www.groovypost.com/howto/howto/take-a-screenshot-or-screen-capture-in-windows-xp/ It was using the PrtSc on the computer with the ALT key. Took a few minutes but the images were there and very small in size to upload. However, I did not realize the images are only visible when a person is logged in to the site. When I logged out the images were not visible and I wondered what had happened. So I immediately logged back in and I saw the images were still there. So ... not doing much image posting ... that's why those images are there or 'not there'. I should get a better Win XP program for any future images. AstroSkipper, what program did you use to post your images of Malwarebytes v1.75.0.1300 or any quick easy to use product to make an image that anyone might be using for Win XP. Sorry for taking this slightly of topic. I see that your images are still visible whether a person is logged in or not.

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