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  1. By the way, what about cloud technologies and opensource clients as NextCloud/Opencloud? Have you tried with XP or ReactOS? Another cloud technology?
  2. Helpful info @IntMD , After testing the Roytam's build firefox-45.9.21-20200229-ia32 , I can confirm that it runs well in ReactOS. Having a browser compatible and based FF> v 8 allows to use some XUL extensions that require Australis interface and therefore are not compatible with Palemoon.
  3. I am asking here, as there is not an specific forum fro ReactOS and it is claims compatibility with windows2000. Currently I have a palemoon fork Mypal 27.9.4 and a Kmeleon working fine. Seeing the mount of versions of forks of FF, Palemoon and Basilisk depending compiled/configured for different technologies, such as processor instructions..., I would like to have some guidance before to start trying blindly all of the versions delivered in next thread.
  4. As most of you, I have multiple computers and even different OSes on these computers (winXP included) Sometimes I want to have several versions of the same browser for the sake of testing. It can be done with portables but they have their own profile folder and keeping aligned would be a pain. To deal with this, I have created a batch menu to access to browsers and profile folders (previously organized). So I can copy browser/profiles folders from a computer to another and be sure that they will work (as far as they are compatible with target platform) I hope this batch script menu can be useful for you too.(*1) For example I have some browsers/profiles that I am used to "share" between WinXP and ReactOS. https://github.com/dapgo/Menu4multiple_Webrowsers/releases (*1) (Do always a backup of your profile before opening with a different browser on the same computer, Better safer than sorry ) With the exception of Palemoon, the other browser are XP compatible (eve ReactOS) Just copying folders from time to time I can keep almost align the different computers (power users can figure out about solutions based "real" time sync)
  5. IMHO the Centaury (fork from basilisk) is unfairly unknown whereas its "brother" Mypal is much more well know. Although Centaury receives less updates than roytam's Serpent, but it looks very professional and it runs stable.
  6. is 360Extreme Explorer the chinnesse chupacabra ? Yo prefiero los derivados de firefox, para poder seguir usando algunos de los maravillosos xul addons. Gracias!!
  7. What are the main differences between basilisk/palemoon forks * from feodor2/roytam1? * (Newmoon vs Mypal, Serpent vs Centaury) As a user, after a short test I was not able to figure which of them fits better to me. feodor forks have icon/logos and nice installer, but I would like to know the technical differences.
  8. Is anyone using Syncthing v1.0.1? It seems a great solution and it works on XP. However I have some problems with automatic updates so several times i had to replace to automatically upgraded app by the v1.0.1 I
  9. I tried Easeus free pc-trans and it works on windowsXP but the free is scam as the offer 500mb max for the free version but in the practise the app ask for paying when transfering couple megas. At the moment, as I prefer not using a very oudated server on Windows XP, I am using filezilla client (any client should be a good option) on Windows XP and a recent Filezilla Server on other Windows. Logged at WindowsXP, I can move files between machines. Syncthing v1.0.1 and disabling autopupgrade seems a good solution for autosync, note that it is not running on WIndowsXP since v1.1
  10. Occasionally i need to move files between Windows xp computer and other pc in the same intranet. In the past i used shared folders, but lately i had problems connecting and maybe it is no not the safest method. What other services are safe and are still available and windowsXP? any SecureFTP server? other software? what about easeus pc-trans?
  11. What about adding (taking back) the Firefox sync feature to your Basilisk fork? @roytam1 I am aware of the reason for removing FF sync from Moonchild Basilisk but at the moment Firefox is still allowing 3rd parties and it enables the "integration" among modern Firefox Quantum and our XUL browsers. This feature is was available on Basilisk201812 and it is on Waterfox. Is there more people interested in the FF sync? On the other hand Feodor2 also will consider to deploy on its Centaury if there is enough interest. https://github.com/Feodor2/Centaury/issues/1

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