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Found 11 results

  1. Hello I have a Problem with the AeroGlass Program. I have install it and after a few secounds come these error. I have askt google but I can´t find anything about it. can anyone help me with my Problem ? System: Win10 1803 CPU: i5 6400 GPU: Nvidea GTX 1050Ti Ram: 8gb I hope someone can help me. Laufiii
  2. Hi, I wanted to donate, I had chosen all settings and went to Paypal website when prompted. Paypal's site was in Danish which I understand, but seems strange when jumping from english site). I pressed 'Log på' and got redirected to non-existing website (see screenshot). TLS's 'lock' seemed to be OK according to my humble knowledge, uBlock origin was disabled for that case. Alternatively, there was an option to pay with credit/debet card on Paypal's site, but under such circumstances I'd like to wait with payment until the issue gets explained.
  3. I need a change script to change some registry entries for M$ Excel program (solely 2010, 2013 and 2016), to make it work along with Sandboxie. I can't do a fixed reg file since it has some variables that changes and become unique on every installation on every different scenario. Requirements: 1. The script needs to make a backup (reg file) of the following entries as a first function (here don't matter Office version or achitecture): HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Excel.Sheet.12\shell\Open HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Excel.Sheet.8\shell\Open HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Excel.SheetMacroEnabled.12\shell\Open 2. Then, the script must be able to make the following changes depicted in the image: The image shows only Excel.Sheet.8 entry yet the script must consider Excel.Sheet.12 and Excel.SheetMacroEnabled.12 as well. To all the scriptmasters in here, thanks in advance for you help.
  4. Yesterday, midway through a skype call, skype suddenly stopped working, so I tried to reopen it. My computer screen then went black to be followed by a blue screen with SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION at the top. I have read numerous posts about this with no set solution, so here is a link to the dump file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8IfJMTnm6ShcmtjUGJ5SDJIbDQ/edit?usp=sharing I uninstalled Skype, and I tried to reinstall it. The blue screen came up mid-way the install. This happens every time I try to install it. If anyone has a solution, it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello forum, after days of trial 'n error with nlite, I am close to just give up. I am trying to integrate all Hotfixes into XP-SP2 before microsoft removes them on april 2014. However, everytime I test my new DVD, the XP-textsetup tells me: "Please insert Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2-CD into drive A:" (really, it reads drive A:) this happens before the file-copy-process, directly after the F6-screen (press F6 to apply SCSI or Raid-drivers). I tried shrinking the DVD I removed some unneccesary txt-drivers (there a still several left though) I deactivated windows file protection I tried integrating hotfixes in a different order Still, the text-setup just won't recognize the DVD. I'm close to give up. Somebody please help. I'm using nlite 1.9.3. For testing I use virtualbox 4.1.26 r84997. The ini-file is attached. In nlite IE7-integration didn't work - as well as 5 or 6 other hotfixes. I think it's msxml4 and msxml6 not getting included. XP-SP2-Silent.ini
  6. Hello everyone, I have Toshiba laptop with preinstalled Windows 7 on it, and was recently trying to install XP S3 on it instead. I don't know how many hour I have spent on this installation since I always seem to run into new error/problem just after I get rid of previous one. I've managed to add all needed drivers to istallation using nLite and finally everything was running smoothely untill i was asked to format partition so XP can be installed on it, but my problem is that it don't matter if i choose NTFS or NTFS (fast) formatting, it gets stuck right after start with following information: I've tried using advanced option in nLite, Minimal memory requiment, but it didn't change anything. Also adding: into [Data] section in WINNT.sif file doesn' work either. Does anyone know possible solution for this situation? Thanks for your time.
  7. Okay, it's been nearly two days since I did a clean installation of Windows Vista Ultimate (x64 version), I installed most of the updates from the Windows Update applet. But, I ran into problems trying to install the remaining 15 updates listed below: I get a error code 80070490: Windows Update encountered an unknown error. However, this eventually means that the CBS Manifest file that is needed to install updates is corrupt. I've noticed that some users even receive the 80070490 error code when trying to reinstall/repair Windows or perform a factory reset. As I may have to manually download the files listed above and determine if it will work correctly on this machine or not, iIs there a way to get around this error? Update: To get around this, I had to manually download each of the files individually to get around the 80070490 error. The error may re-appear when Microsoft issues the next round of updates on Patch Tuesday in more than a week from today.
  8. Starting with a brand new ISO: Windows Server 2012 R2 RTM Datacenter/Standard ISO My default ISO tool is 7Zip, easy, simple, my standard default app. But it doesn't read UTF. I see the following when I open it: [bOOT] - Folder README.TXT - File The readme says: "This disc contains a "UDF" file system and requires an operating system that supports the ISO-13346 "UDF" file system specification." So we tried a native 2012 install to mount the ISO. But that could see the files, but not copy them all. Then I tried Virtual CloneDrive. This way I can mount the ISO under Win7. Here is where I get different errors based on the tools used. 'E:' drive is the ISO mounted through Virtual CloneDrive 'D:' drive is a NTFS partition First command to test directory creation. xcopy E:\* D:\DVD\* /E /V /F /G /H /Y /T creates all 871 directories (correct amount) Second command to copy the files. xcopy E:\* D:\DVD\* /E /V /F /G /H /Y Gets down to this file: E:\efi\microsoft\boot\resources\bootres.dll Error: The target volume does not support symbolic links Add the option /B - "Copies the Symbolic Link itself versus the target of the link." xcopy E:\* D:\DVD\* /E /V /F /G /H /Y /B Gets down to this file: E:\efi\microsoft\boot\resources\bootres.dll Error: The target volume does not support symbolic links Add the option /J - "Copies using unbuffered I/O. Recommended for very large files." xcopy E:\* D:\DVD\* /E /V /F /G /H /Y /J Gets down to this file: E:\efi\microsoft\boot\resources\bootres.dll Error: The target volume does not support symbolic links Next tool to test was TeraCopy Running a copy of everything in the ISO, minus the 'sources' folder, yields 145 files and 18 folders copied to D:\DVD\, and the mounted ISO has 160 files and 18 folders. Tracking down these files gives this list: 1 - e:\efi\microsoft\boot\resources\bootres.dll 2 - e:\support\adfs\en-us\migrate-federationconfiguration.psd1 3 - e:\support\adprep\en-us\adprep.dll.mui 4 - e:\support\adprep\en-us\csvde.dll.mui 5 - e:\support\adprep\en-us\ldifde.dll.mui 6 - e:\support\logging\en-us\actionqueueetw.dll.mui 7 - e:\support\logging\en-us\auditetw.dll.mui 8 - e:\support\logging\en-us\cmisetupetw.dll.mui 9 - e:\support\logging\en-us\oobeldretw.dll.mui 10 - e:\support\logging\en-us\setupcletw.dll.mui 11 - e:\support\logging\en-us\setupetw.dll.mui 12 - e:\support\logging\en-us\setupugcetw.dll.mui 13 - e:\support\logging\en-us\sysprepetw.dll.mui 14 - e:\support\logging\en-us\windeployetw.dll.mui 15 - e:\support\logging\en-us\winsetupetw.dll.mui xcopy E:\Sources\* D:\DVD\Sources\* /E /V /F /G /H /Y Gets down to this file: E:\Sources\dlmanifests\microsoft-windows-storagemigration\en-us\stormigplugin.dll.mui Error: The target volume does not support symbolic links Then tried using TeraCopy and got lots of errors on multiple .mui and .dll files Error: Read Error: Incorrect function. Does anyone have any other ideas for extracting these files cleanly?
  9. Windows 98 wont recognize my hard-drive, but BIOS does. Any suggestions.
  10. Hello everybody, I hope that this post is in the correct section. I kindly ask you some support on a XP setup that I have created from an XP SP2 Corporate ENU installation CD. I've gone through the following steps (in square brackets the tool I've used): - [nLite] SP3 slipstreaming - [nLite] Intel AHCI driver integration from some "F6 driver pack" downloaded from intel website (I'm quite sure I've not integrated two versions of the same southbridge chip) - [nLite] removal of not needed components (applications, languages/keyboard, folders on CD) - [RVM] integration of OnePiece PostSP3 v7.0 ENU - [RVM] addition of AddonRemove for .NET 1.1, .NET 3.0, WinSearch and BrowserChoice Then I've started Windows setup but I've encountered two (non-blocking) problems - setup warns me tha Netfx11.inf and Netfx30.inf file are missing, giving me the option to "continue anyway". I think it's normal that those files are not present as I've removed the corresponding .NET Frameworks, but is it normal to have such warnings? Or are they present because I've made some mistakes? - after first reboot during setup process, I get an error message regarding a hardware problem and setup stops. If I set SATA mode to "not native" in the BIOS menu of my laptop, I'm able to start a new install without this error. I thought that by integrating AHCI driver everything should be fine - infact using normal WinXP CD and SATA mode to native, I get an error regarding "no hard disk detected", while with the modified XP setup allows me to create partitions and complete the first part of setup. Thank you in advance for any help!
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