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  1. Indeed I was banned and now I created a new account so no one could know me
  2. Yes that doesn't make the OS bad , It also has problems such as Forced updates and A huge chunk of bloatware in it that you probably will never use
  3. In my opinion all windows versions suck , They all have spying , They all connect to Microsoft servers , Not only windows 10 , Remember that Windows is made By MICROSOFT , And Microsoft Cannot be trusted
  4. Hub site doesn't work idk why? When I watch a video it doesn't load , I use mypal
  5. i cant be hacked bacuse i use my phone as a internet thererr usb also i use avast so im hak proof
  6. I tried mtp from my device and it.doesn't work and my gamepad gets detected and installed and doesn't work
  7. Guys I'm hack proof , i csnnot be hacked because I antivirus
  8. Or u can catch fire on it and it will die instantly, or u can open the USB and remove the components that are important so that it can die peacefully
  9. Red light of blood which means ur USB is dying and suffering , u can help it by slamming it to the ground and that way it will die without suffering

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