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  1. Thanks, yes I have those versions of both files. Good to know where they came from!
  2. Please be clear, there is no Service Pack 4 for Windows XP! There's nothing to find. All that happened, as far as I know, is that some later XP updates were installed as "SP4" updates on systems, but only in that their registry entries are listed under "SP4", and the xpsp4res.dll "Service Pack 4 Messages" file was installed. That almost certainly means that there was going to be a Service Pack 4 for XP at one time, but for whatever reason, Microsoft decided not to press ahead with it and issue it as an installable component.
  3. KB2868626 contains version 5.131.2600.6459 of crypt32.dll, which is the one I've got. It also contains version 5.1.2600.6459 of xpsp4res.dll. My version of xpsp4res.dll is 5.1.2600.7651 however, so where would that have come from? Presumably a later "SP4" update, as it's only the "Service Pack 4 Messages" dll.
  4. I have quite a few updates which claim in the registry to be from "SP4" too, and have had for years. I suspect it refers to a notional Service Pack 4 for Windows XP which was mooted by Microsoft at one time but never actually issued.
  5. I suspect that's because the free version of Malwarebytes does not offer realtime scanning, whereas the premium paid version does. The Windows XP Security Center probably only recognises realtime scanner programs as being AV programs.
  6. Yes, sadly so. I was asking XPerceniol if the catalogue was actually working for them, as they had said that it was "empty". I don't think they realised that the home page of the catalogue does look pretty empty until you actually search for something!
  7. There's no point in doing it as it will apparently install but not actually do anything as the crypt32.dll file in the hotfix is older than the one already on the system, at least that was my experience. If you have 5.131.2600.6459 as I have, that is the latest (and presumably last) version for XP.
  8. Thanks @i430VX, understood!
  9. Well i430VX's installer appears to install it, but doesn't seem to produce any uninstall mechanism.
  10. Well that's very interesting! So that tool does fetch updates and works on XP, presumably with the wsusscn2.cab that it downloaded, which shouldn't work on XP?!
  11. I just tried out roytam's build of Serpent, and was puzzled to find that there appears to be no uninstallation option for it. It didn't appear in Add/Remove Programs. Is that normal? I just deleted its folders, is that the only way of uninstalling it or have I missed something? I used i430VX's installer to install it.
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