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  1. Asp

    Win 7, no USB drivers

    Not a friend, someone I asked on a Thinkpad forum. Don't want to nag them. Anyway, this does not seem to involve any non-MS drivers, First thing I tried. same result, no drivers. I also tried unhiding all devices and then deleting all the USB devices -- did a hardware scan and back to the same "unknown devices" How do you "force" install? I try "update driver", give it the location of the unzipped files, and it just says "Could not find driver software".
  2. Asp

    Win 7, no USB drivers

    DEVCON DriverFiles =USB PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E26&SUBSYS_21FA17AA&REV_04\3&21436425&0&E8 Name: Intel(R) 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - 1E26 No driver information available for the device. PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E2D&SUBSYS_21FA17AA&REV_04\3&21436425&0&D0 Name: Intel(R) 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - 1E2D No driver information available for the device. PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E31&SUBSYS_21FA17AA&REV_04\3&21436425&0&A0 Name: Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller No driver information available for the device. IUSB3\ROOT_HUB30\4&1059F7DE&1 Name: Intel(R) USB 3.0 Root Hub No driver information available for the device. 4 matching device(s) found. devcon findall =USB PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E26&SUBSYS_21FA17AA&REV_04\3&21436425&0&E8: Intel(R) 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - 1E26 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E2D&SUBSYS_21FA17AA&REV_04\3&21436425&0&D0: Intel(R) 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - 1E2D PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E31&SUBSYS_21FA17AA&REV_04\3&21436425&0&A0: Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller USB\VID_1F75&PID_0902\09021000001108046300000127 : USB Mass Storage Device USB\VID_FFFF&PID_5678\9207120B49626808901 : USB Mass Storage Device IUSB3\ROOT_HUB30\4&1059F7DE&1 : Intel(R) USB 3.0 Root Hub 6 matching device(s) found.
  3. Asp

    Win 7, no USB drivers

    Yeah, I've already installed them, as I said above. It's the USB2 drivers that are AWOL. The X230 has two USB2 ports and one USB3 port. The "properties" open in the screencap are for a USB2 port. There are drivers for the USB3, but it doesn't detect anything I plug into it. Maybe they aren't independent of the USB2 drivers. I asked someone with the same model and OS to check, they have these drivers: USB Serial Bus Controllers (2x) Generic USB Hub - MS 6/21/2006 V: 6.1.7601.21832 (2x) Intel 7 Series/C216 Chipset family USB enhanced host controller - 1E26 (and 1E2d) - Intel 8/26/2011 V: Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host controller - Intel 2/27/2012 V: Intel USB 3.0 Root Hub - Intel 2/27/2012 V: USB Composite Device - MS 6/21/2006 V: 6.1.7601.21832 (2x) USB Root Hub - MS 6/21/2006 V: 6.1.7601.17701 I.e., MS drivers. I don't know why they aren't in my device manager. Presumably they are on my disk-- any idea what the filenames are? What directory they should be in so I can try to point "update" to them. Or do I need Windows install media? When I search the disk for "USB" I see a lot of system files like : amd64_microsoft-windows-usbui_..... But the mobo is intel. Is that the problem?
  4. I just bought an Thinkpad X230. It came with a new generic install of Win7. Wifi works, ethernet works. Sound didn't work so I got the Realtek drivers from Lenovo, and that mostly works, though it has randomly stopped working a few times and needs to be de/re-activated to get sound again. But apparently no USB devices work, on any of the 3 ports. It detects the device, then just says "installation failed", for both thumb drive and USB keyboard. Hardware is OK since I can boot from a thumbdrive and run Linux. I got the Lenovo "Update and Drivers". It had a bunch of "critical" things it wanted to install, so I did that. Then when it rebooted, the system failed to boot and had to go back to a restore point, fortunately that seems no worse than before. Rerunning the Lenovo update again, it now says nothing to install. I don't know if it really checked if its previous run worked, or is just using its record that it did it. I went to Device Manager and uninstalled all the USB controllers, then did a "scan for hardware changes", which is what I do on my desktop PC when some of its USB ports get stupid. But now the TP shows 3 USB controllers with yellow !, and if I open them, "no drivers installed" and if I try "Update", it fails to find any. -- There is one USB 3 port, and I installed the Lenovo/Intel driver for that. However, nothing I plug into it is detected. Is this a purely MS problem? I don't have the Win install media, I will go back to the vendor for it, but that will take several days. Though I never had to choose to get MOBO USB drivers , surely that is not optional. Any other way to resolve this to run Win 7? (I need Win 7, regardless of the virtues of other OSes.)
  5. Asp

    iPad and WinXP

    Never thought of looking for that, the name does imply "Android". But yes, it does work: Thanks! However.... though I can get files to it, the Airdroid desktop screen on the PC doesn't let me access much; in particular, I can't see any books (epub files)I have in iBooks. Uploading an epub from the PC, I can't put it directly in the iBooks library; though I can put it in a documents folder, then on the iPad, "share" that with IBooks, then delete it from the document folder. Apple likes to wrap everything up in bubble wrap so the id*** user can't hurt himself. No. When plugged in I see "Apple Mobile Device" in the Device Manager, but that's all. Can't do anything with it, certainly does not appear as a drive. Actually, even Android phones need specific drivers to access them as drives, so unless someone knows of such for the IPad, that isn't going to work. I'm sure Apple never made one available, maybe someone hacked one. The next thing to look into is rooting the iPad. After 2 days I'm banging my head on the wall as it blocks every attempt to do anything aside from just connecting to the web or consuming prepackaged media.
  6. Asp

    iPad and WinXP

    I just received a new IPad and it's very nice, but I can't see an easy way to get files onto it from my WinXP PC. Apple's plan is to use iTunes, but the version of iTunes I have, 12.1, doesn't recognise the iPad when connected by USB-- is there an iTunes or something else that runs on XP that lets me send files to current iOS devices via USB? I think I can send files to it by email; though it's absurd to send files to the other side of the world and back to transfer a few inches on my desktop; but tolerable for small documents. Would take hours to send large media files though, as I have lousy internet speed. With my Android phone I use Airdroid which makes the phone into a server that I can access on my LAN from the PC browser and up- and download files at will. Is there such a thing for iPad (preferably free, of course....) Otherwise, I guess I could set up a file server on my PC. Is there a simple safe one that works on XP, one that I can restrict to just the local network? I haven't used any of Windows' own networking features; would rather not really as I hear bad things about their security, even if Apple deigned to use them. -- on a related matter though, even if I do that, the Compass browser on the IPad appears to have no "save" option-- could not work out how to download and save a file on it. Seems rather pointless to have 256 GB of storage but not be allowed to put anything on it myself. Is there an app that actually lets me save files? I know that Apple wants me to do everything in the Cloud, but as I said, I have lousy speed that makes it impractical. My daughter has a iMac and has to stop her cloud backups when she visits because it can't handle it. The whole world does not have gigabit fibre, believe it or not.
  7. OK, I'll give it a (cautious) try. Complicated by my having to stash 1.5Tb of data now in the disk somewhere. Do you have a page about this? Is the "multi-boot profile" something for Windows, or is it all on the disk in question?
  8. I'm interested ... have you, or could you, explain the process? I do need it to work in the USB box also when plugged into a LInux media player, not just XP.
  9. No. It's pretty old, and came with a 1.5TB that didn't need that. It showed as 2 TB unformatted to Windows. This is what GSmartControl reports Device Model: WDC WD30EJRX-89G3VY0 Serial Number: WD-WCC4N2REE8AH LU WWN Device Id: 5 0014ee 26475a2d4 Firmware Version: 80.00A80 User Capacity: 3,000,592,982,016 bytes [3.00 TB] Sector Sizes: 512 bytes logical, 4096 bytes physical That's the same as when it was directly connected via SATA. I assume that logical would be 4096 if it was translating.
  10. It was always seen by the BIOS, whether connected by SATA or USB just Windows XP couldn't until I used the WD enclosure. For completeness, now that it is formatted, I should take it out of the enclosure and try the other methods again, but wrestling the box open and closed again takes a while and risks breaking the case , so I'll just let sleeping disks lie. Thanks for your reply though. I'd never heard of GPT 'til yesterday, never having had a disk larger than 1.5TB before, so it was a crash course.
  11. As above, I plugged it into internal SATA and Windows XP storage management couldn't see it at all. In a generic SATA-USB caddy, same. Put it in my old WD Elements enclosure. In USB this was detected as a 2 TB drive that I could format and partition; also readable for my media player. (I had thought most robust would be prepping via SATA; but it's the opposite). So at least I have a working new drive slightly larger in size than the original 1.5TB it replaced. I don't suppose it's possible to use the last 1 TB, even if only through say Linux, without screwing up the "XP friendly" part?
  12. Well, I plugged it into internal SATA and Windows XP storage management couldn't see it at all. But I could scan it with GSmartControl. I put it in a generic SATA-USB caddy, same. Then finally put it in my old WD Elements enclosure. In USB this was detected as a 2 TB drive that I could format and partition. So at least I have a working new drive slightly larger in size than the original 1.5TB it replaced.
  13. Can you tell me where I can see some of these reports? Sorry, but it's really hard to Google for this subject and get relevant hits unless you already know most of the answer. Specifically, how do I format a 3TB drive to get a 2,2 TB partition readable in XP without any 3rd-party driver or hacks? XP disk management doesn't see the unformatted disk at all, whether connected by SATA or USB caddy. I can boot to Ubuntu by USB to use a Linux disk tool.
  14. That may be the only method that lets you see a single 3 TB disk, but how about when each partition is below 2TB? I guess I have to experiment. Just a pain as I have a 1.5 TB disk in the enclosure now, that is starting to fail, so I wanted to copy it to the new disk before swapping them and then discarding the old one. But I'll have to shuffle them in and out. I could even live with formatting the disk as 2TB for now. Took me several years to almost fill 1.5 TB, and I could reformat it later if I upgrade the OS. Exchanging the disk would be a hassle if it's possible at all. I particularly wanted to use the WD Purple range in any case.
  15. Yes, it appears they have a dongle in those USB enclosures. However, I just have a new bare drive and an old USB -SATA enclosure.
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