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  1. Asp

    XP and new CPU

    Planning on upgrading my CPU from a 2 core to a 4 core one. Are there any settings in XP that need to be changed, or will it just recognise and use the new cores?
  2. I have a PC about 5 years old with a 450W PSU. I've been using the onboard Intel graphics, but concerned that the video socket may be damaged. I have a video card I'd like to try as a backup. I don't want to overstretch the PSU. If it is drawing too much,, how would that show? Just suddenly dead screen? What is a good way to estimate power consumption? Tools like HWmonitor show temperatures and voltages, but not power.
  3. Asp

    XP with 16 GB RAM

    OK, I went with that as I used "original" Palemoon back when it was compatible. Now I can get to sites that were bouncing me. It was a real drag using my tablet to do anything online other than read passively. Thanks for hooking me up.
  4. Asp

    XP with 16 GB RAM

    Haven't tried that yet. Not much point if the hardware didn't recognise it. Currently using MyPal 29.3. When development of that stopped I couldn't work out what the successor if any was, seemed a lot of argument between developers was going on. Now getting glitches at archive.org, Every time they revise the site, something breaks for old browsers. Banking sites reject me, Cloudflare sites tell me to go away. At your link there are plenty of download links, not much explanation of what they are. Where is the discussion? Or which is the most updated Firefox descendant that I could hope to upgrade to?
  5. Asp

    XP with 16 GB RAM

    Well, I recently checked the BIOS and saw there were several updates since the existing one, so updated. Didn't expect it to affect the RAM issue, as there was no mention of that in the notes on issues solved. But I put it back to give it one last try before I tried to sell it off, and now it works perfectly. The BIOS shows 16GB, and I ran memtest86 and that checked them out 100%. Booting to XP, Windows properties shows it having 3.35GB RAM as before. But CPUZ shows 16 GB and the correct specs. Has been working with no glitches for a day now. So now will try setting up Linux Mint as the primary OS, and run old Windows apps in "Wine bottles". Running XP alone is too restrictive. Every week now I find another website has locked me out because my browser is unsupported.
  6. Asp

    XP with 16 GB RAM

    Well, I bought the RAM but not smooth sailing. I installed both 8GB chips and the BIOS boot screen didn't come up, just black, and beep-beep (which is not documented as a beep code in the manual). I took one stick out and then BIOS seemed OK, showed 8GB RAM, but on booting to XP (32 bit), it lasted about one minute then crashed hard. Same happened if I used just the other stick. Anyway, the motherboard is vintage 2012. Intel DH61WW. According to the spec, it supports up to 16 GB DDR3 RAM, and 1333 MHz. The new RAM is 1600 MHZ (Kingston) , but should be backwards compatible. There are a few revisions to the BIOS I can do though the notes don't mention anything about fixing RAM issues. But not now, since I have work to do and can't risk bricking the PC. Will try a 64 bit OS and see how that works later as well. Can live with 8GB, many new PCs come with that, just annoyed at missing out on the big upgrade. Need to wait on a new PC for that. And Intel are jerks; they've "archived" (taken off their site) all relevant docs, BIOS files and forum posts for these boards. But got them via the Wayback. HP has docs for every printer they've made back to the 80s. Doesn't cost anything to just leave stuff there to help people who bought stuff from them. Intel goes to my "last choice" option now.
  7. Asp

    XP with 16 GB RAM

    That's for "WineVDM" aka "otvdm". There is info about that and other "Emulators and compatibility layers for old software" here: http://www.columbia.edu/~em36/emulators.html I've found other useful utilities for running old software on this guy's pages. (https://mendelson.org/edwardmendelson.html)
  8. Asp

    XP with 16 GB RAM

    16 bit software is a main reason I've stuck with XP 32. But there is other software I want to run that needs a more recent OS. So upgrading the RAM (and bigger SSD) as the first step to exploring ways to do both.
  9. Asp

    XP with 16 GB RAM

    Thanks, that's reassuring.
  10. I'm currently running XP 32 bits on a PC with 4GB RAM. Planning to upgrade the RAM, to eventually run Linux and XP in emulation. But in the meantime, if I just plug in the new RAM, will XP run with 16GB installed? Happy if it just sees 4 and ignores the rest. (Haven't bought the RAM yet, or would just suck it and see.)
  11. Actually, after a bit of weirdness, unresponsiveness, all was normal, and I've rebooted a few times since with no issues. Still uneasy, not knowing what caused it. Am overdue to install a new system on a new SSD, this a another reminder of why I should get around to it..
  12. Booted up XP SP3. Had a shutdown tab on the toolbar, but nothing responsive, did a power reboot. Now I get a popup with this message "services and controller app encountered a problem and needed to close" as screenshot, with subsequent popups.. Am pretty nervous. Is this just Windows being cranky, this install is about 4 years old, or is it actually likely to be malware? Googled with the error message, found nothing useful. Currently backing up all my work and email files. Found this: "A BEX error is a “Buffer Overflow Exception”. This error is typically raised when Microsoft Windows detects that a programs tries to put more data than possible in a region of memory." Can be used by viruses, but also just bad code. That it occurred in a core Windows app is a bit concerning. Or I guess "Services and Controller" loads other code. I have a few startups. Avast for one, which didn't throw a warning..
  13. Asp

    win 8 vs win 7?

    Currently I'm on WinXP. I run some old software: DOS GEM, a bunch of command line, and some older Windows programs from c 2000. I want to keep running all these, but also want to use some current software that has dropped support for XP. Have got a 512GB SSD and ready to try to move to a new(er) OS. Probably will set up VMs to run old software that won't run native. Was planning on Win 7, but I see that's also now losing support. Is Win 8.1 any better supported, or any advantage to that over 7? Disadvantages? How much space should I allocate for an install of Win 8 on a desktop PC?
  14. I've been using Dropbox in XP using MyPal 29.3. But today I find it just doesn't work, I can't log in. Anyone have any way to access DropBox from XP? I have resorted to using an iPad and transferring from that to my PC. Which is a real drag.

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