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  1. not sure if you still can But you used to be able to edit the Manifest so these addons would work
  2. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/who-deleted-me-see-who-un/eiepnnbjenknnjgabbodaihlnkkpkgll also https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fluff-busting-purity/nmkinhboiljjkhaknpaeaicmdjhagpep
  3. is there a way of changing the 360 explorer chrome version, as there is a addon i need but it need 88 i have 86
  4. I dont see a file 'Login Data in the settings of the 360 folder ? or profile ? can these p/w been passed over to google chrome?
  5. can someone tell me where the passwords are stored in Artic Fox 360 extreme explorer ?
  6. anyone using fb seen the chat list has disappeared in 360 explorer ?? its also gone in Firefox but us there in google chrome
  7. my version is the Artic Fox one I cant see Nowt in settings of 360, I have got widevine in the coponents folder abd U have put widevine.cdm in the system32 and Systemwow32 folders given them the permissions in security tab https://bitmovin.com/demos/drm widevine demo doesnt play
  8. can anyone help, 360 chrome did used to play Netflix now it doesnt I get chrome//settings/content.protectedContent , where do i find that visiting learn more I get chrome://components, find "Widevine Content Decryption is there a way of making exreme explorer play Netflix again can 360 do widevine ? I got silvelight installed also widevine is in C:\Programs\360 Chrome\Chrome\Application\components\widevine12/ Error code M7702 thnx
  9. If you remember I asked about Why 360 chrome on taskbar I was getting a blank white square I finally figure it out purely by accident now i gave the proper icon it was in users appdata roaming pinned there it was a blank sq delted it and put in the icon not its fine
  10. where can I get 360 explorer 13.5.2022 mine is still 13.5.103 do I just replace rgw exe file ??
  11. can I export passwords from 360 explorer to chrome cant' figure out how to reveal the asterix in 360 how do i copy Bookmarks from 360 explorer to chrome and passwords
  12. was trying to export from FF into Lastpass (but that requires to buy cant see how you use Autofill, maybe a bit dense here
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