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  1. I think that you might try the /usepmtimer option in boot.ini if you have a multicore system (Intel,Amd).
  2. I want to ask a question. With what controllers do these specific drivers work and what kind of motherboards?
  3. I think its the message that windows 98 display after the shutdown procedure.
  4. You might look at here https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2019/10/updated-windows-xp-acpisys.html
  5. I do have this driver it needs a lot of improvement. It only supports intel ICH2,ICH on windows xp sp2 and windows 2000 respectively. If someone has a via controller its good for xp the same with nforce and cmd. Conclusion : it has limited intel support under windows xp that of course isn't good. If someone has a windows nt sp6a+ then its paradise.
  6. Mr David there are new messages in the inbox.
  7. What about windows xp does kernelex going to have a good version?
  8. I have the Greek version of windows xp. I want to ask another question what version of 360 extreme explorer is more suitable for that kind of system? Recenty i have downloaded a patch with code KB2584577-x86-enu.exe and is of blackwingcat do you know if there is a Greek version for this patch?(this patch is compatible with windows xp chrome browsers).
  9. @ArcticFoxie i have more than 1.6GB of available memory when i start windows and 21 processes. But 360 Extreme explorer exits. My personal opinion is that the cause might be the language compatibility.
  10. The available free memory is over 1.5GB i don't remember the number of processes but they are a few.
  11. I want to ask a question i have many versions of 360 extreme explorer (9,11,12,13,modified 13) and when i run it immediately exits what to do?(specs pentium 4 (cedar mill) 2GB of main memory adequate hard disk space).
  12. @CIXERT is there a blackwingcat's KB2584577-x86-ELL.exe for greek windows xp or 2000?
  13. I do have the PROXHTTPSPROXYMII version 1.5 and i got the strange 10054 error any thoughts to avoid it?(maxthon



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