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  1. Thank you for your update. I really like your UBO update. Now I use Windows XP to mainly watch movies, listen to music and YouTube. I immediately clicked to see. where you have updates
  2. Hello, the words seem a bit wrong. I'm the current UpdatePacks developer. You can find the files you need here. https://archive.org/download/5eraphupdatepacks
  3. Do you have a picture of that problem? All I know is that Microsoft Update isn't working anymore.
  4. If you find files with the same name by checking the version and comparing them to the files in the UpdatePacks. If so, I'd delete the old .cat and replace it with the new file. and make improvements by getting the registry (checksum) From HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates I have to thank ramsey for the tip. And it has a bug when I try to add WDF WIC and USB 2.0 Update. When I try to add the services section to the registry from what I did in x86 Unable to start service I've fixed it. If you're interested in the script for 5eraph's UpdatePacks, I uploaded it in Github. https://github.com/XPMilkChan/Dev-for-UpdatesPacks
  5. probably It would be better to make it a pinned topic. For those who want UpdatePacks x64
  6. There's change documentation in UpdatePacks, I've updated that as well.
  7. For KB4034775 Microsoft Jet has its own language text strings. And I also noticed you forgot to edit the DLL file location. It's better to use a number, such as %11% = System32. This is my file in Server 2003. https://mega.nz/folder/zdIAFICR#sB7aB21oUwphVZ4CRIw5Rg
  8. This is the source used for DXUAPC I included POSReady as well. Hope it can help you. https://archive.org/details/windowsnt-UpdatePacks/
  9. You could check out my Source file here for creating UpdatePacks, it might be helpful for you It may help you a little. I collect every language. Some improvements I don't have it in every language. https://archive.org/details/windowsnt-UpdatePacks
  10. If you are interested in ricktendo's UpdatePacks Ricks_XPsp3esUpdatePack2.0.6 7z that has not been further developed I can share it with you. Only Spanish (ESN) and I have ISO Home Edition in all languages.
  11. I've made another update. I've added files that were missing from v2017, files that 5eraph didn't add, and they're only used in the server And I moved it to archive.org. + Includes official version and Source Files size 8.3GB New Update Final Version KB927169 certocm.dll certmmc.dll Roots Certificate Update 08.23.2023
  12. Hi, I'm the current developer. I oversee all Onepiece's work. and 5eraph x64 The new version has removed Flash Player because it is not compatible with Windows 2000. There are no plans to add Windows 2000 ESU updates to UpdatePacks. https://mega.nz/folder/NQ8FjY5R#PcVoYJw4Nm-oKbbrS2D55A If you want to use this program besides nLite https://github.com/XPMilkChan/Dev-for-UpdatesPacks/blob/main/RVM Integrator 1.6.1b2.1.zip
  13. This is the main computer. which I use to write patches for xp/2k/2003/x64 Thank you for your help.
  14. I've tested Discord. I tried to enter Voice Chat, but I can't seem to get in, and the official version seems to have issues as well. And I try to unmute Discord and it says unsupported browser A friend of mine got this problem as well on Mypal68. Is there currently a workaround?
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