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  1. What's the point of fixing modernizr for IE5.5? IE regarding js and web standards really sucks. If you just want that people could browse with older browsers, use techniques like graceful degradation or progressive enhancement. Regarding browser choices, Windows 95+ users could use RetroZilla (bassed on Firefox 2.x) that's much modern and better than Internet Explorer 5.5. If you still want to use IE, there where a tutorial on betaarchive that allowed you to use IE6 on Windows 95. Regarding Windows 3.1 or lower, just use a text-based browser.
  2. Hi @Win32 and others! Can be implemented in extended kernel the function SetWaitableTimerEx and other similar stuff that rely on it? I read on some Microsoft forums that the mentioned procedure is used on some Office 365 installers and other Microsoft products, so maybe it might improve Office 2016+ in Vista, but not sure. In my situation, I've been trying to run NVDA 2024.1 in Windows Vista. They migrated from python 3.7 to Python 3.11, however that shouldn't be a big deal since I've been running Python 3.9+ with the dlls provided here. https://github.com/nalexandru/api-ms-win-core-path-HACK The deal is that running the installer or a portable copy of NVDA gives me the following error: The procedure entry point SetWaitableTimerEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll. Note that if you want to test, you need to spoof the sistem as Windows 8.1 or 10 to run it successfully.
  3. I also prefer Ungoogled versions of Chromium, I even enabled some of these flags. But, I still have a question, how much faster is Supermium compared to Brave and Microsoft Edge (in theory the fastest Chromium versions in Windows environments).
  4. It seems that latest SeaMonkey stopped working with Windows Vista and the error given is very generic. seamonkey.exe - Application Error The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005). Click OK to terminate the application. Any ideas to solve that?
  5. Do you have Flash Player enabled? I think it is required. In theory, Firefox 3.x and newer has html5 video support, so maybe it uses the html5 player. But as far as I read, the player also has a flash version.
  6. I have some questions. Doing this it is possible to upgrade directly from Windows 7 to Windows 11, or even upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 10/11?
  7. I found a 2009 style youtube frontend, it seems to have a flash and html5 player. It might work in Windows 9x but what about the experience? http://yt2009.giabs.ovh/
  8. And, the other page posted by the author works on Chromium 87, and there's a Chromium 87 for Windows XP (Kaffan MiniBrowser). That's the best browser for viewing modern pages on XP, however it might require a bit of spoofing in the future.
  9. I want to share something interesting! Windows 11 is apparently starting to loose market against Windows 10! https://gs.statcounter.com/windows-version-market-share/desktop/worldwide/ Surprisingly, Windows XP surpased Windows 8 again!
  10. In that case, what would be the oldest Windows release where latest Chrome could work?
  11. I also would suggest to add support for the latest MSAA if it's possible xd.
  12. how you restore the files? I before updating the extended kernel run sfc /scannow, then I restart the system, then I install newer version of the Extended Kernel.
  13. @Win32 can you take a look to this? Apparently the function WTSQuerySessionInformationW is broken or unavailable. Obtained this log from NVDA which references that function. It's a 32 bit program. https://pastebin.com/CM4fyJXJ
  14. Chrome introduced a special javascript api to recognice the operating system used. Will it be added to FF?
  15. But, noone answered me. Will even Vista RTM (fresh installation) recognice properly my audio card and my USB stuff (of course USB 2.0)? Will there run any XP SP2 software? My audio card (Realtec) and USB stuff work properly on a freshly installed Vista (custom iso) with SP2.
  16. I might try some day the RTM as someone suggested, but I have several questions. Firstly, will Vista RTM recognice my sound card and my USB devices? These devices work well with Vista SP2 (a custom iso), and audio is very important for me. Secondly, what about Net Framework 4.6 after the installation? I don't want to break nothing, and the custom iso I used had .net framework 4.6 integrated. Newer .net versions break Windows Update and some old .net 4 applications, so installing .net framework 4.7 or newer is not a solution.
  17. yea, archive.org might be the best source for older operating systems.
  18. Here's my suggestion! 1. Open a cmd. 2. Type there sfc /scannow. 3. Wait until the process is completed and restart your pc. $. Run the ExKernel setup, if the first time it's not working you should run it one more time. Then, if the installer tells that the setup is complete, you can restart the system. Additionally, after the scanning, you should take all .bak files and move it to another place or rename the extension from .bak to .bak1 or whatever you want. That worked for me at least.
  19. it might, but you would need to disable secure boot.
  20. I think there was a thread about fixing weather app in Windows 8.x, maybe it could be applied to old Windows 10.
  21. Recently, I needed to downgrade the Extended Kernel, but finally reupgraded to the march 9 build. The fact is that now Eclipse IDE is not working, while some Java SWT apps still work. Here's the link. https://pastebin.com/raw/ucNvHBPd I'm wondering if this is related with Windows Vista Extended Kernel or is related with a strange Eclipse behaviour. To solve it, I tried to upgrade and downgrade Eclipse. Is also important to tell that I use a portable version. I also tried with different versions of the extended kernel, (all 2023 builds and the latest 2022 build). Apparently only Eclipse is affected. I also tried to install/uninstall Java, but no result since it uses it's own JDK as I could notice.
  22. You need to install Windows Vista Updates (I430VX made a video about that). Then you install the SHA2 updates and then you install the extended kernel. Cannot post directly the download link cause that violates msfn rules about posting modified dlls/microsoft softwares.
  23. There is also an interesting possibility. What if we change in the Windows 7 server machine in the regedit the shell from explorer.exe to cmd.exe? I think that then it will use less resources, so XP users might be able to do that even with a Windows 11 Virtual machine (running a kind of minimal Windows 11 inside XP and get some softwares working).
  24. The situation is pretty complex. I voted to stay in 10, but there are several things to consider. Firstly, Windows 10 is still supported, and it is the most used Windows version at least by now. Regarding Windows 11, I never had important problems with it, but it now requires a Microsoft account and some people might not want to use a Microsoft account. I even hate OneDrive's syncing stuff. So, I might consider an upgrade if the ltsc of Windows 11 would be released and Microsoft account stuff would be optional. By now, I might stay on 10 and when Windows 10 will be surpased by Windows 11 I'll consider a Linux migration.
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