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  1. Due to the msfn rules, I probably can't share the program link, but it is called Driver Magician. It helped me to find some drivers in that situation.
  2. regarding html/css updates, would be interesting to add audio/video tags to that browser.
  3. I want to post something about this. Firstly, what do you think about a creation of a proxy in node.js with Puppeteer? Puppeteer is a JavaScript library that "eat Javascript for lunch" and return the html. So, since we could live without CSS grid and the newest CSS3 stuff, our deal is JavaScript! So, a proxy in node.js using puppeteer could solve some anoyances, and it might make some React sites to work such as Mastodon instances, or that's my opinion at least. It could be useful for old Windows 9x users. And this was the philosofy of Opera Mini on Symbian mobile devices as far as I know. Moreover, node.js and Puppeteer is using Chrome's V8 engine. Last but not least, you should put a description of the image and steps using text, some people might not be able to read it. I sometimes do some of my work on a Linux VM with latest Ubuntu Mate inside my Vista X64 system.
  4. Forgot to mention that I already have Office 2003 installed, I use word 2003 to write/edit my documents.
  5. I made the tweak as I told, I even disabled older TLS versions. I have a microsoft outlook account that previously worked, but it now refuses to send/receibe emails when I use Windows Mail. So, for sending/receibing emails my options are: 1. Windows Mail (builting in Windows Vista). 2. Outlook 2003 (it seems to be a bit laggy and don't work sometimes. 3. Outlook 2007 (at least it don't have ribbon UI). I don't want to use outlook 2010 or newer due to the Ribbon UI. If none of the apps I mentioned earlier can't work properly in Vista, I might start to use thunderbird or a page with a bassic html4 client (unfortunately without notifications) cause the normal web version of outlook also sucks.
  6. I also consider a good idea to take ungoogled chromium instead of regular chromium. Version 112 of ungoogled chromium is not working on Vista Extended Kernel, it can't find a function
  7. I installed the TLS1.2 update in Windows Vista and even deactivated older tls versions in internet options, but Microsoft Outlook still tell me to upgrade cause TLS1.0 and TLS1.1 are not supported. Any way to achieve that? I have another question, if I reinstall the system some day, it is possible to keep IE7 instead of upgrading to IE9 and still get the TLS 1.2 stuff?
  8. will really that work on XP? Ana tts is pressent on Windows Vista/7 as far as I know. XP uses Microsoft Sam.
  9. I am also interested on that! At least I would suggest you to see what you remove and don't use third party modified Windows versions. See by yourself what was exactly removed and on what modules relies Sapi TTS and sound stuff. Appart from installing the whole Sapi5, you should install some voices. Take a look to: https://theoldnet.com/get?url=grossgang.com&year=2020&scripts=true&decode=true Maybe you could find something there.
  10. Tried that, nothing strange happened! Moreover, in my case Office 2003 which is only 32 bits can save documents and open documents without issues.
  11. Detected also that Clamscan (clamSentynnel/clamwin virus scanner) crashes. That's really strange cause it works even on Windows 98. The procedure entry point shell33.SHGetMalloc could not be located in the dynamic link library SHELL32.dll.
  12. Forgot to post the log if I try to run Android studio from the cmd (running studio.bat). https://pastebin.com/iEgwhinN
  13. Can't get Android Studio to work, I'm prety sure that it worked on a previous release such as 2021. I just installed Java 17 and Android studio, but no error messages or such things.
  14. What if you use Roytam's browsers like BNavigator or an extension which disable JavaScript and use an invidious instance like yewtu.be instead of youtube.com? That should perform much better! At least it worked better for me with Firefox 52.9 and Roytam browsers.
  15. Disclaimer. This isn't exactly an XP question, but I think that XP users could know more about this and help me. I'm considering to get a KaiOS device/dumbphone, and these devices most of the time use a pre-quantum firefox engine which is the same as Firefox 52.9 and Roytam browsers for XP. Whatsapp calls are not available there, so I want to know if there is some kind of kalling service available for Firefox 52.9/similar browser and a device with 512mb of ram. What options could I consider?
  16. I would test that if we could run One Core Api with local redirection (not installed on the entire system)
  17. I'm wondering what will exactly happend with win32 apps and Windows 10 LTSB 2015 in 2025. I love that version of Windows 10!
  18. APIs are changing rapidly. I never understood how the widgets work in Windows Vista/7, so I developed myself a script which gives you the weater of a specific city, so post here if you want it. I might upload it to github some day.
  19. Now another app is working, latest NVDA ScreenReader and a lot of Python 3.x x86 apps! Probably @Win32 added the function GetActiveProcessorCount,
  20. I mainly dissable the Sidebar and use the classic theme. Of course I disable all kind of animations I can. Someone told me that my Vista computer look like Windows 98
  21. What are your hardware spex? Do you have your system updated? Try to perform some simple tasks such as chkdsk or sfc /scannow
  22. I want to experiment a bit with Docker, but it apparently requires WSL or HiperV, and these features aren't available on Windows 8.1 or older systems. So, is there an older version of Docker capable of running on older Windows or is better to run docker inside a Linux VM inside Windows 7/8/Vista?
  23. Catsxp/Chrome 111 working in Vanilla Windows 7 too. https://ibb.co/CVKxc0f
  24. In my Windows Vista it is working fine, I tried to make an image capture of that. https://ibb.co/CVKxc0f I'm also using the latest Extended Kernel from October 2022
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