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  1. My suggestion would be to rename this topic, so it would be called as Windows 7 missing functions or something like that.
  2. I use ClamWin as an antivirus, I think it is good. However, It started to give an error while trying to update the database, and I'm sure that it's not an Internet problem because it worked.
  3. I respect your opinion, but I remind you that there more than WinXP, Vista and 7, Windows 10 and Linux. You have an alternative called Windows 8.1.
  4. I downloaded repacked version using the Cixert's link as I told. It currently won't be my default browser, but it could be before some time. I use it with some pages such as web.skype.com and similar pages, because their functions used to work better with Chromium browsers. Roytam do a lot of work with his Serpent and NewMoon (which don't work well with Screen Readers). The compatibility with screen readers is another reason why I'm starting to use 360. Maybe is not the best browser, but we don't have a lot of options. I expect that when 360 will drop XP we will have an extended kernel for XP
  5. Thanks for the link! It was very difficult to download it from the official's Russian Repack site. It's fast and some things that don't work in Serpent/Basilisk work well under 360, such as Blackboard's videocalls and I plan to test Skype calls. I'm really don't scared about it's telemetry, because today any Chromium browser have some kind of telemetry. However, as a precaution, I blocked it's official website (hau.360.com), because I thought it could send some data. Blocking their website I can have more guarantee that they have less possibilities to steal my data.
  6. It was easier to download from official Chinese website. I extracted the .exe and I got a portable.
  7. I read that Maxton still supports Windows 2000 and XP. I downloaded it, but it gives an error. When I tried to start it, it just give an error. I used the latest version ( I'm so confussed. Did Maxton support old Windows like XP and 2K as I read? If yes, where can I find it?
  8. I had a similar issue when I tried to run a vlc which came with Microsoft Plus in a Win98 VM.
  9. I don't know how to modify a dll, but I read that it may be easy to bring Windows 8.1 and some Windows 10 functions to Windows 7's Kernel.
  10. I noticed that some programs still work in XP, but not some features like sounds. Anyone knows why this happend? It is due to it's encription? Here are an example. http://qcsalon.net/autodl/qcgc-v3-beta.zip When you open the program in Windows 7 and newer, it make a sound when the login screen appear. In WinXP that not work despite I changed the sound from WASAPI to Direct Sound!
  11. But I have XP already installed. How can I remove these things in that case?
  12. I read that Microsoft introduced telemetry to Win7/8.1. What about WinXP/Vista?
  13. As far as I know, you can add exceptions to Windows Deffender, you just need to search it in the new configuration pannel. I can't exactly tell how to do it, because I'm not a Win10 user any more, but that's what I remember.
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