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  1. The machine is 64 bits, so I should be able to run a 64 bit guest. You can run a 64 bit guest inside a 32 bits host.
  2. Seeing that, I'm considering to try to run a Windows 7/8/10/11 vm inside Windows NT 4.0 system. And, modifying the BIOS of a VM inside a Windows 9x system wouldn't be easy for me as these systems don't have good ocr software and good Screen Readers. If I try Connectix Virtual PC, I would need to know the keys used with it. I'll try it firstly on a Windows XP or newer cause these systems has more accessibility improvements.
  3. You can run Windows 10/11 (x64) inside Windows XP (x86). I want to try something like that on Windows 98 (of course with the rloew ram patch applied) and see the results. So, that's why I'm answering that.
  4. there's no extended Kernel for Vista X86 unfortunatelly. There are x86 files for Vista x64 ExKernel, but these files are on alpha stage, so I would just use it in local redirection if these files help with x86 apps.
  5. I recently noticed that my laptop used to make a lot of noise, and it was a little bit slow. I checked the task manager and noticed that ClamSentynel (a real-time protection solution for Clamwin) is using a lot of resources and that didn't happened yet. Checking msinfo32 (with ClamSentynnel opened (in background) the available ram is 3,80gb, and when I close it the available ram is 6,20gb. I think that there's something wrong, because clamWin and ClamSentynnel are lightweight and even worked well in Windows 98 with 256 mb of ram.
  6. I'm having also strange issues with ffmpeg.exe in Windows Vista. Can not find the entry point of the procedure CM_Get_DevNode_PropertyW on the dinamic link library CFGMGR32.dll. I want to know how to solve that or if is there an alternative ffmpeg.exe. I'm using Windows Vista X64, and I included the fmpeg.exe.local file and the ExKernel dll files.
  7. I managed to do that thing, but I used POP3 instead of IMAP. I used Windows mail. I just needed to allow the access, cause it is detected as an insecure app.
  8. I'm wondering if we can use the included Outlook Express in Windows Vista with all updates.
  9. I installed Windows 11 because I need to run there Android apps. But it sometimes gave me BSOD. For running Android Apps, I use the latest deb build which I'll probably downgrade it to a Beta build later. My question is, is it possible to install Windows 10 LTS after 11 and make a dual boot with both systems and how can I achieve it?
  10. how good is a Windows Server 2003 for serving websites and some games today? I would to install Windows Server 2003 on an VPS with 1-3GB of ram, but don't know how good is it. I know that there is a Command Line Windows Server 2008-2022, but it miss some stuff like audio. So, what advantages can give me a Server 2003 over a graphic Server 2008-2022? Is it possible to make it secure nowadays? Pd. I prefer Windows instead of Linux because I plan to serve some stuff that require Windows XP or newer.
  11. maybe you should send a pm to some user that post here. It is located on a mega folder, but we can't share it here as far as I know.
  12. can't use that program because it don't work with screen reading software. Maybe I'll install an English version of msdn's Vista SP0, update it and try to install there the extended kernel. However, I decided to answer here because @Win32 promised that the Os Spoofer would work with that kind of ExtendedKernel's installations, or that's what I understood.
  13. I can't get the os spoofer working. I use extended kernel with local redirection and .exe.local files. I can't get waterfox working, it's still tell that it's not a valid Win32 application. What would I need to do in order to use the Extended Kernel with Os Spoofer with the local redirection as I did with the normal extended Kernel?

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