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  1. what about PENetwork Manager? It at least should work with Extended Kernel Win2K.
  2. I wanted to make an exception on Windows Deffender to run a program, but the problem is that it's not possible to open it. It tells that you need another application to open this link. Is important to mention that I uninstalled MCAfee anti-malware which came preinstalled on the computer and I read that another Windows 10 usser had the same issue. As far as I know, Windows Deffender is automatically dissabled if it detect another anti-malware. But it don't detect anti-malwares like Clamwin (which I use). I also tried to boot Windows in safe mode, and dissable Deffender with Deffender control. When I restarted and checked it, Deffender was dissabled, but some time after that, it deleted me the Deffender Control, and the same issue happened again, so I couldn't make an exception for it or dissable real-time protection because it tells that I need another application to open this link to windowsdefender. I wanted to dissable real-time protection, but I can't. Someone knows how can I configure Deffender in that case or at least make exceptions without open it's configuration or how can I fix it? PD. The Windows.old was deleted by Windows, so there's no possibility of downgrading the Windows 11 to Windows 10. Don't know if I can run Windows 10's setup on Windows 11. And I tried Windows 11 on a virtual machine, but never had this issue.
  3. A person told me that he got the XP Explorer and the XP classic start menu in Windows 10 changing some files or doing something like that, but desktop and other things don't work or are buggy. I expect he'll send me these files, and tell here my experience.
  4. I once downloaded the Netscape patch, but now I can't find it
  5. Windows 10 ltsb/1607/1507, ltsc/1809, 1709 or 1909. Here are the best Windows 10 versions.
  6. I have a question, will I be able to spoof a program with new Extended Kernel if I use the extended kernel with local redirection_
  7. I'm happy running Windows 98 vm in VMware. However, I'm wondering if it is possible to patch it in order to be able to use it with more than 512 mb ram.
  8. You must have all the Windows Vista updates for installing extended kernel, and then install Windows Server 2008 SHA2 updates.
  9. People who tried Windows 11 know that the shell is clearer, and there are some interesting changes. My question is what Windows 11-s changes can be ported to Windows 10. For example, will be possible to get Windows 11-s explorer, start menu and tray in Windows 10? I answer that because Windows 10 will have a long life like XP or 7, unless Microsoft change the requirements.
  10. I-m prety sure that it-s possible to install the normal Adobe Air on Windows2000 Extended Kernel. But I just wanted to do an experiment with an application which requires that Adobe Air on a localized Win2K VM. And you know that it-s difficult to localize Kernel EX. So if it still possible to find that backported Adobe Air, I-ll use it. If not, I-ll create a new VM.
  11. I have the standard version here, but it requires XP or newer. I asked here because I wanted Bwc's version.
  12. As I remember, Bwc backported Adobe Air, but I can't find it. I want to try a program which require it. I plan to run it on Vanilla Windows 2000.
  13. What about Windows Vista's Explorer.exe? It should be similar to Windows XP's explorer.exe, but Windows Vista is closer to newer Windows versions.
  14. That's not my computer, is my friend who wanted to install an old OS. I have Vista with extended kernel on a 2013 computer. I searched the info about the hardware and provided Hardware Ids of some drivers. He has that computer since 2019, and I can't answer your questions because I don't have that computer infront of me.

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