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  1. I could run a similar screen reader (JAWS 14.0). It crashes but it work. I think that this accesibility treats of old Windows NT are very interesting. I would a ReactOS and similar to be accessible because it is easy and simple to use from my point of view. If I knew something about modifying the kernel, I would to create a special patch for old Windows versions and ReactOS
  2. I install Windows 2000 with updates and KernelEX and I also install all VCRuntime dessigned for this operating system. I can't install NVDA 2017.3 (the last release for Windows XP SP2 or later). This Screen Reader is compiled with Python and it's free. Thanks!
  3. There are some computers in my school which use Windows XP. Computer which I use in the school also had XP but a person upgrade it to Windows 10 and it work so slow. That computer has got 956mb of ram
  4. I find that it is posible to run it on Windows 7 or 8.1.
  5. I would run Microsoft edge on Windows xp, it could be interesting. Are there any method? I also want to make a joke with that.
  6. I've got other problem. I tried to install Longhorn 4074 but the installer asked me the location of some drivers which include audio and I can specify it because I use an OCR system. I couldn't work without sound because of my blindness. I found in an post of betaarchives that it is posible upgrade Windows xp to Longhorn 4001, upgrade it to Longhorn 4029 and finally upgrade Longhorn 4029 to 4093. I haven't any problems installing Windows xp but when I finished to upgrade xp to Longhorn, I haven't sound and this is a problem for me. I don't know if during the upgrade Windows Longhorn delete all XP drivers. If Longhorn doesn't delete any xp files, I prefer to upgrade. If this upgrade is possible we could create a common VMware drivers for XP and Longhorn because in modern versions of VMware have problems with sound in old windows VM. Other solution could be create a blog with Longhorn Virtual Box/VMware virtual machines with the drivers installed. It could be difficult to create an unattended Windows Longhorn but thanks if any can create some unattended Windows Longhorn builds (with VMware/Virtual Box drivers). I prefer VMware. For people who thinks that the Longhorn themes are a good idea I dissapoint it because it doesn't change the start menu and doesn't put Windows XP sounds which all pre-reset Longhorn build uses. I want to test some Longhorn builds (specially 4074) because Windows Vista introduces a lot of changes and is interesting to see its evolution.
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