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  1. some web email clients should work well with retrozilla, especially one's which don't require JavaScript such as the bassic html view of gmail. The case of protonmail is more complicated, don't know if the web client has a version without Javascript. For using protonmail with other email clients you require a special bridge application, it surely don't work with 9x. I think it requires Windows 7 or newer
  2. Did Python 3.10 with the modified api-ms-win-core-path-l1-1-0 and ExKernel work properly in Vista? I'm having issues with a Python program compiled with Python 3.10 (PGAdmin for PostgreSQL Web Admin tool), and don't know if it's cause Python isn't working properly or the program directly gives a compilation error due to some error of the program itself.
  3. I'm not a big fan of global Os spoofing, I prefer that all apps would know that I'm using Windows Vista and spoof individual apps. I just use global spoofing when I install something that require it. Regarding Edge, it at least work without spoofing.
  4. Go for XP 32 bits and install One Core API or upgrade to Windows 7 or 8.x if you can.
  5. I read that it is possible to run Windows 7 with Secure Boot enabled, replacing some Windows 7 boot files with Windows 8's one's. What are these files? Will it work with boot files of Windows 10 and newer? I'm answering that couse some day we won't be able to dissable it, there where computers where you couldn't dissable Secure Boot and maybe soon Windows 8.x would be unbootable with secure boot. What do you think?
  6. I accidentally forgot to put the link in my previous post. https://github.com/Sergiaws/Windows-Vista-Spoofer/
  7. guys, here's my contribution to Windows Vista community! I decided to create a script which helps you with software spoofing and the extended Kernel Here is the first release (v0.1.0), you just need to put it in the Windows directory and then run it. It will ask you for the Windows version, the build if you want to change it, and write the changes to osver.ini. The script was made in AutoIt so if you want you can take a look to the source code.
  8. what about Vista and Open VPN? And another two questions, where can I find the official Tor Console if it exists and how can I configure the console to use it as a proxy?
  9. I analized the Windows Marketshare in Armenia provided by statcounter, and I'm seeing something strange. In late 2017, the most used version of Windows was Windows 7, but, in 2018 it changed, there where a fight between Windows 10 and XP, and Windows 7 started to decrease it's marketshare too quickly if we compare that result with worldwide statcounter and other countries. The interesting fact is that in 2020, XP started to be the most used version of Windows and now around 60% of computers in Armenia are using XP. So my question is, why they decided to choose Windows XP when Windows 7 is considered a good version of Windows?
  10. If you want an MS-DOS on XP, you should put the cmd.exe as the Windows shell! That's even possible in Windows 11.
  11. I'm a bit confused, why use this console tool to connect to tor network when there is a special web Browser for that? I tried it on Vista, the Win7 version is working at least with extended kernel, the XP version is not working, so it shows the incompatibility between One Core API and Windows Vista+, the developer wanted to make One Core API with Windows Vista and newer.
  12. Yea! Microsoft Edge is working fine! I noticed a strange issue that is happening with https stuff (with Vanilla Windows Vista too). If I access a page that uses https with Chrome or Firefox I can access it without issues, I even updated the certificates. But, if another app tries to access an http site, it usually fail! So, Chromium installers, as an example, fails to download the program, and it's not a firewall issue. Did I missed any hotfix or update? That's is something anoying.
  13. Brave Browser Portable fully working! The setup unfortulatelly don't work, but it's nice to see that!
  14. I think there should be a Windows XP transformation pack. This is off topic, but I'm also wondering what alternative shells there are for Windows 10 to make it like Windows 9x/XP. Pd. I'm not a big fan of Classic Shell/Open Shell programs, I would prefer to run directly the XP explorer, but never figured how to run it in Windows 10. Apparently someone managed to do it. The last thing, would be interesting to make Windows 9x look like Windows 10/11! Would that be possible?
  15. I sometimes develope web apps with php, but some frameworks and stuff require php 7.2.5+, 7.1.33 (latest php for Vista) is now unsupported. Would be possible to run XAMPP with newer php versions with any trick? It gives an error related with bcript.dll apparently.
  16. you should have your Windows Vista in English for the procedure, however you can add more language packs later. Make sure that you have the platform update, cause it's look like that the Extended Kernel is not installed. You should have the platform update, and the SHA2 updates are recommended.
  17. I'm waiting for the new release with Chromium Fixed! There's another curious thing about Chromium and don't know if it was fixed. I'm talking about some pages wich directly crash sometimes, as an example, web.skype.com. Apparently, notifications aren't properly working (I'm talking about Push notifications). I'll make some tests with Windows 7, I just know that it's working fine on Windows 10. Maybe is necessary some wrapers to forward chrome notifications as system notifications so it would appear as it appears in Windows 10.
  18. I some months ago could run Chrome, (90xx or similar) on Vista Extended Kernel
  19. It is really fully working? As far as I know Python 3.7 backported to XP has problems with some Internet stuff.
  20. It deppends on your religion, there are a lot of Christian churchs. I prefer an online Bible, if English would be my primary language, I would use this one. https://www.codexsinaiticus.org/en/
  21. you probably can even install XP on that computer.
  22. As I told, that's achievable in old Windows 10 and older systems, but these systems don't do it automatically while Windows 10 1903+ does it. That's why I call it Windows 10 feature.
  23. Forgot something. Would it work on legacy Bios and old computers?
  24. I have two questions. 1. Has it the audio enabled? Will the narrator and similar software speak or produce audio? 2. What loads when you open it? The explorer or the cmd?

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