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  1. some Windows 10 apps can work in Windows 7, but not all since some apps are UWP or call to functions which don't exist in Windows 7. Don't know if Windows 8.1 version could be installed and it is x64.
  2. you would need to change and implement functions in Vista's Kernel. Don't know if @Win32's extended Kernel would allow you to run windows 7's Explorer on Vista
  3. did you installed the ServicePack 3 and the Office 2007 compatibility stuff? I never had issues with Office 2003 and updates. Just some of them couldn't be installed.
  4. I'm not telling that Windows 11 is bad on AMD processors, I'm just telling that Windows 10 performs better on such systems. It also deppends on the applications that you are running.
  5. I'm totally blind too, and, I would recommend to check if there are key commands for such operations. Such commands still exists, so it shoouldn't be a big deal. For example, with control+s you could save a file.
  6. there's a big step between XP and Vista, so you need to find old Windows 7 drivers. I managed to install the graphic card in my case using a version of DriverMagician.
  7. pfff, .net Framework 4.8.1 sucks, they even dropped Windows Server 2019 and older Windows 10 releases.
  8. what? .net framework is not developed, it is replaced by .net Core, and the version 6 of .net Core still support Windows 8.1 at least.
  9. That driver will be just for NVIDIA Graphic cards? Or will make another improvements. I'm a bit confussed.
  10. there's no advantages of using Windows 11 instead of 10, specially if you are using old hardware. I personally liked it, but I don't want to see it anymore since Microsoft want to force Windows 11's usage with a Microsoft account. And, some people reported that the file explorer is slow, I prefer Windows 11's file explorer instead of Windows 10's one. So, it also depend on your computer. I also wouldn't recommend Windows 11 for people who is using an AMD processor.
  11. Didn't tried Firefox, but Seamonkey is working fine, even the setup, but don't know if it is http or https, since the startup page of seamonkey is an http page still. When I ran Edge in Vista, I firstly installed it inside a Windows 7 vm, then I copied the folder when I installed Edge to my Vista system.
  12. I tried to fix that installing tls updates for server 2008, but no luck.
  13. I have the same issue, some apps can't connect to https pages, specially it happens in Edge Setup, Brave setups and other online setups.
  14. The teamtalk classic is working (at least starts and I can connect to some teamtalk servers fine). You ate least need to put the mfplatsetup files to make it work properly. It didn't worked with previous versions of teamtalk since previous teamtalk versions where 32 bit apps. So, earlier I used version 5.3 (latest official supported on XP/Vista) now, version 5.11 working (Clasic client only) on Vista Extended kernel! the normal client gives this error. TeamTalk5.exe - Application Error The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005). Click OK to terminate the application.
  15. In that case, it's much harder to make it working. Pd. Don't understand why the developer need such DX stuff since the majority of the users of this software are blind people.
  16. Teamtalk recently released a 64 bit version of teir app. Would be difficult to get it working on Vista? https://bearware.dk/beta/TeamTalk_v5.11.0.5092_Portable-win64.zip this is the error that you get if you run it. TeamTalk5.exe - Entry Point Not Found The procedure entry point CreateDXGIFactory2 could not be located in the dynamic link library dxgi.dll. TeamTalk5Classic.exe - Entry Point Not Found The procedure entry point MFEnumDeviceSources could not be located in the dynamic link library MF.dll. Pd. It's apparently a QT application
  17. time to test it when the new extended kernel will be released
  18. Don't know if you can see the capture, but there's the description. php.exe - Entry Point Not Found The procedure entry point BCryptDeriveKeyPBKDF2 could not be located in the dynamic link library bcrypt.dll.
  19. I think there where threads about that and maybe an unattended XP forum, but now I can't find it. As far as I know, a spanish person made an application 10 years ago that allowed you to modify the XP installation (probably the xml). Now it's very difficult to find it, even he lost the application. So, I wanted to create my own script, the thin is, what are the paramethers of the xml and where to find documentation about that XP installation xml to modify it without using NLite? Pd. I just want to completely turn the installation automatic (fully unnattended), and don't remove components, so I just wanted to know about the xml
  20. what are the diferences between the 121 and 127 version?
  21. since I'm totally blind, I dissable Aero so Windows would use less system resources. My friends usually tell me that my Vista computer looks like a Windows 98 one's!
  22. Around one year ago, I managed to login to gmail (or at least the google account) using Netscape Navigator version (latest) of course with Roytam's patch. Don't remember how I exactly managed to do that, but I just managed to do it once. Maybe there is some trick to login to google account without javascript, but I don't remember. Before loggin, the bassic html view of gmail should work fine.
  23. if your xp computer is capable of that, try 360 extreme Explorer (a chinese browser) or Kafan MiniBrowser (you can find it on retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com. For such services, you need a good Chromium Browser. This is the best you can do with Discord and XP.
  24. what are the main differences between this build, Windows 7 and Windows 8?

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