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  1. Advanced Cataloguer Pro v2.6 is now free. From a quick glance it seems it happened around 2021 and i missed it. My all time favorite cataloguer. I like having separate reports for changed/deleted files. Runs great on XP. http://www.evgenysoft.com If you click Order youll be given the registration code and the download page works. I have nothing to do with evgenysoft or acat pro.
  2. Is the drive on a different input than C? If the drive needs drivers to be visible by windows windows may not have access to it when it tries to write it on bootup. It was an issue i had with ramdrive. 8 out of 10 bootups would work properly but sometimes it wouldnt load the dlls quick enough and then reverted back to C.
  3. Thanks for the tip. You can toss it into a bat file too. Im on SP2 with the SP3 trick. I have it set to manual with no GUI issues. I can start/stop it. It never seems to auto start from manual though. It took me years to figure out what DCOM does (for me). All Disk Management is gone. I need to start DCOM Server Process Launcher before i open any MSC or else i get "Logical Disk Manager - The RPC server is unavailable." popup error. OT: The OCD kicks in. I need it set to manual. 14 services is infinitely better than 15.
  4. https://www.coolmuster.com/android/transfer-files-from-android-to-pc-using-usb-cable.html https://www.wideanglesoftware.com/support/droidtransfer/how-to-connect-your-android-phone-with-a-usb-cable.php for PC to PC something like this https://support.plugable.com/t/winxp-to-winxp-transfers-via-usb-2-0-windows-easy-transfer-cable/5359
  5. Torbrowser 7.5.6 lets me manually "save as". Firefox 52.4 and basilisk 4.8.4 spit out permission and 403 errors. Basilisk fails to download using downthemall plugin as well. Jdownloader2 spits out temp unavail too.
  6. Do any of these have the feature that sygate had to notify when new dlls are being used?
  7. ALT-Print Screen only captures the active window :)
  8. Disk Explorer Pro was payware that went freeware. The site has disappeared the last year or two but you can still find it on the archive. https://web.archive.org/web/20170814140217/http://www.tjelinek.com/main.php?section=dd Great program, full featured, no lite version. In the payware arena i have not found anything better than Advanced CATaloguer Pro. I love the fact that you can print out reports of files that have been modified when you rebuild your database. Havent used windows search in a decade.
  9. Sorry I cant help you but i would greatly appreciate if you would pm me how to accomplish what you have already done. Thanks
  10. Years ago i had a similar problem with a desktop. I thought the sound card died until I noticed by accident that the headphones still worked. I did some digging in the settings for the card and found an option like "Mute speakers when headphones are plugged in". Unchecked, rebooted, still not working, checked it again, rebooted and it worked. A year or two after that I had the same problem but it was only fixed by removing the pci card, booting up/down, re-seating the sound card. Still not sure if you have a laptop or desktop as i have seen both have speakers built into the monitor. Double check the cables if its a desktop. Make sure that extra audio cable from the monitor is plugged into the proper jack on the pc. Maybe you could try to boot up from a cd or usb to see if sound works and then you would know for sure if its a software error.
  11. Cortanalippy (Yes, Clippy is woke, married Cortana, and had a love child) told me that windows 10 is the final windows, and the latest windows is the most secure and stable windows in the history of the universe. Windows 11 is fake news.
  12. Images. I format, install windows, tweak windows (create a simple image here), make sure all drivers working properly, install all software that has a small chance of being updated, and create an image (second image) from bootable media (personal preference is older acronis). Takes like 2-6 hours the first time but after that it takes me about 5 minutes to load up 3 OS's and dozens of programs. If the installed programs get long in the tooth i revert back to my simple image without software and start a new image version. I have one image that contains 3 systems. If one OS has a problem its easy enough to replace only that one and the other two have no downtime. Fairly random when i load images. I do it when i start to notice performance issues. I keep a list of software in the images next to them. I also like to keep a text file where i write down everything wrong with the current image. Wrong windows setting for folder view? Need to swap some program to a different version? Write it down and correct it the next time i have to load that image, make my corrections and resave a new image after.
  13. Microsoft - "Windows 10 is the final last windows" Also Microsoft - "Oops, our Windows 11 got leaked"
  14. I have an old xp x86 8gb. 2gb system limit and 6gb ram disk. Sometimes i used it for windows temp folders (auto clears on shutdown), other times i used it as my pagefile for a performance boost to large VST instrument libraries, and if i was working with a large video file i would use the ramdrive as storage to copy the video over to before editing. Iirc i was using a program called RamDisk by SuperSpeed back then. Worked great but maybe 1 out of 10 bootups the ramdrive would get created too slowly (usually fixed with a reboot) causing errors with PF and temp folders. Maybe i will try out VSuite Ramdisk free and see how it acts on reboots.
  15. When i ran MediaInfoLite2103.exe i received a message: The program does not support the version of Windows your computer is running. I was able to run MediaInfo_GUI_21.03_Windows_i386_WithoutInstaller.7z just fine.
  16. I use Dtaskmanager. Trim ram to all processes feature is great for when im switching tasks on my box without a reboot.
  17. I rarely touch Java, but what i have laying around is Jportable (from 2014). Portable Java environment that can run .jar files. I checked my old backups and its PackageVersion= This runs on xp x86 SP2 with SP3 reg hack. Did some snooping and found this info that may be helpful. Here is an official link to the installer and a link where you can download the jPortable_7_Update_55_online.paf.exe that i've tested in the past. It links to the official file that they still host so i believe that running it would create a portable version even today. http://javadl.sun.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=86895 DisplayVersion=7 Update 55 DownloadMD5=8793ef637ab0ea07973e81bf9515bd09 https://sourceforge.net/projects/portableapps/files/Java Portable/ If you try the portable route make a zip backup of your CommonFiles and JportLauncher folders for when they remove old versions from the web in the future. Good luck!
  18. I use SumatraPDF v1.5.1. No installer, exe is about 3mb. I haven't tried their newer versions. Edit: They appear to have dropped XP support @ v3.2
  19. That sounds like a great idea until the System Requirements for software looks like a chinese restaurant menu. You need updates #1, 2, 17, 87, 23471 You need features #1-87, 98, 101, 117-500 Screw it, you just need to be up to date as of Today.
  20. Is the stick usb2 or 3? If its usb3.x, i would try with a 2. Good luck!
  21. Is this a multi-OS system? I would check the permissions to see if there are any strange (sometimes unnamed) accounts with permissions. Im a hardcore XP user who recently added a win7 to my multiboot, i had lots of problems that sound similar to your experience. It occured when i was trying to access files from xp to 7, or 7 to xp, needing to take ownership, and then things started to bork themselves. XP program files had a damaged "account" as having permissions, i couldnt even install software properly, other software was crashing, until i deleted the "unknown" accounts. Good luck!
  22. Just right-click the "+ Add to Firefox" button on the addons website, and save target as... Then you get the save dialogue. Maybe i will edit/delete this post in a few days, i dont want MozFox to read it and change things... quick, go right-click right-click right-click
  23. The simplest answer is supply and demand. If enough people are using a 10 or 20 year old os, then keep supporting it. New Coke https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Coke They should have just told everyone that they need to move on, even if it tastes bad? The old recipe should go away? The tech companies are in cokes shoes now, but they are telling the customers to keep drinking the bad stuff.

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