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  1. gaming mouse go for one handed gameplay

    I use an older Logitech MX518, works great with fps, but it really depends on which fps youre thinking. Many of them have a lot of controls. Many use WSAD for movement, so you could probably set the mouse wheel click to be Forward, while mouse look will let you go left / right. Also fps games like to have mouse wheel up / down to switch weapons, you could set it to only be one direction, and use the other for a different function, like on mousewheel scroll down to jump (which is usually assigned to spacebar). If i was in your situation (sorry to hear about it, hope every day gets easier for you), i might look into one of those pedals for racing games, and set gas / brakes to be forward / backward, so you save 2 extra binds for the mouse, but i have never used one of them, so im not sure how easy it would be to assign.
  2. Antivirus for xp?

    Clamwin + Clam Sentinel gets you real time scanning, and its still lightweight.
  3. Creating a Full-Blown Compatibility Layer.

    Any apps like wsuso for xp posready, offline update? Searching around leads me to nothing interesting.
  4. Creating a Full-Blown Compatibility Layer.

    Fresh install of x86 sp3 slipstreamed with updates ~2014, ExtXp patch installed/rebooted smooth. I picked some really bad choices to test as far as software goes, so i wasted time. When i get more, will try some other stuff.
  5. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    This is a possible way for them to force features even onto LTSB branch before the max allowed (10 years?) feature push. Heres a big pile of updates that we wont call a service pack anymore. It adds features a business does not want. So far so good, except.. Sorry, but we decided not to update ###1 anymore, you need to accept the ###2 big pile of updates & features to get any more security updates. I use the term features loosely. One mans source of milk is another mans source of manure.
  6. Creating a Full-Blown Compatibility Layer.

    Is this something to replace system files, or drop into a programs folder? SP2, or 3 needed? Any extra info appreciated
  7. MS DISM, Winreducer, dism++, msmg toolkit, to name a few recent ones worth looking into.
  8. Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    On yt i allow the 2 scripts that always try to run, then goog|e.com script and i can watch videos with no ads. The others (lots) i keep blocked with noscript. Maybe your browser settings concerning 3rd party scripts plays a role, if you dont use any addons.
  9. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Refreshing on the history behind AARD, i cant help but recall all the times i have read about someone having problems with an AMD card, and ending the thread with; Problem solved, i bought an nvidia card. Makes you wonder.
  10. XomPie

    I am just happy people are trying to do this. I will be in the clouds if and when it is a reality. So, i know there is no perfect solution at this time, but i will take this moment to say thank you to all contributing, either with code or knowledge. I only wish i knew what i was doing in relation to this topic to be able to help. Using AppVerifier to remove false vista+ requirements is as far as i have got.
  11. Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    If people are going to bend over and accept telemetry from MS (and even into previous OS's, and compilers), of course other companies are going to start jumping on the bandwagon. Maybe in the future, when doing something as simple as saving a text file on your own computer, involves writing data to multiple files, registry keys, and connecting to multiple 3rd party servers, people might start to care. Probably not though, it seems cattle like to keep their heads down when they are being herded.
  12. Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    He asked cortana what is 'head bang', he ment head banger. User error.
  13. Sorry to hear about your wife :( If you say the TV model, maybe i can dig around and see what resolutions it prefers, or find where they hid picture options. I dont personally use a tv for my pc, but when i did, i had some trouble with resolutions (for my specific old video card). With a wrong resolution all i got was a black picture, once i dropped the resolution down, then it was working. Since you have it up and running, you could try to make windows resolution a little smaller, which would make everything bigger, and might even fix the extended picture youre getting.
  14. I would recommend to check the system to see if it has any "Burn recovery media" type software to create a backup first. If not, i would look into 3rd party software to create a ghost image before attempting anything. Checking the Acer website, they dont even have win 8(.1) drivers listed, only windows 10, which is even more reason to try to make an image backup of what you currently have. As far as getting XP running on it, you might be able to, but you may run into problems with drivers. Searching the net i see some 3rd party sites have drivers and list XP, but im not familiar with the sites.