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  1. That sounds like a great idea until the System Requirements for software looks like a chinese restaurant menu. You need updates #1, 2, 17, 87, 23471 You need features #1-87, 98, 101, 117-500 Screw it, you just need to be up to date as of Today.
  2. Is the stick usb2 or 3? If its usb3.x, i would try with a 2. Good luck!
  3. Is this a multi-OS system? I would check the permissions to see if there are any strange (sometimes unnamed) accounts with permissions. Im a hardcore XP user who recently added a win7 to my multiboot, i had lots of problems that sound similar to your experience. It occured when i was trying to access files from xp to 7, or 7 to xp, needing to take ownership, and then things started to bork themselves. XP program files had a damaged "account" as having permissions, i couldnt even install software properly, other software was crashing, until i deleted the "unknown" accounts. Good luck!
  4. Just right-click the "+ Add to Firefox" button on the addons website, and save target as... Then you get the save dialogue. Maybe i will edit/delete this post in a few days, i dont want MozFox to read it and change things... quick, go right-click right-click right-click
  5. The simplest answer is supply and demand. If enough people are using a 10 or 20 year old os, then keep supporting it. New Coke https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Coke They should have just told everyone that they need to move on, even if it tastes bad? The old recipe should go away? The tech companies are in cokes shoes now, but they are telling the customers to keep drinking the bad stuff.
  6. I dont care if companies want to abandon stuff, but lately its artificial barriers to block older things. Im so glad i dont live in a "cloud" world, because all my old software wouldnt work, some guy somewhere could just flip a switch on some server and im forced to play some upgrading game on something that was working perfectly.
  7. Haha, my comb is a joke, i dont really sell combs. Light hearted joke, newer is not always better. Skim the xp subsection, and you will find a thousand reasons people still use xp. Your "as it should be" comment is dismissive of everyone who still has a use and a preference for using xp. I will never believe the death of xp is "as it should be". Same goes with 7.
  8. Im so tired of people trying to hold onto the past. I sell combs, and i too would like to have income flowing after the initial sale. With bluetooth connectivity to your cellphone, i can collect some data that helps me to better target the customer with what they dont know they need yet. I can charge your bank automatically through your cellphone per month to keep the supply of hair balm being shipped to you. I dont care if you dont want hair balm, it is not a comb i am selling you, but a hair care and grooming enhancement service. But seriously, what i wonder more is why people would come to an xp specific section in a forum just to p*** on everyones parade. After you rid the world of old OS users, there are people world wide who, brace yourself, like old cars. Destroy their communities, think of the poor car manufacturers.
  9. Thanks for the settings tips, added them to my info folder. Did some digging, If you add : CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Moonchild Productions\Basilisk\Profiles\ into ccleaner.ini it will check and determine its firefox based, this feature seems to be added in ccleaner v2.28.1091, tested basilisk with v4.11 slim.
  10. Thanks so much for this project. Finally started to move away from 52esr to basilisk 52-g4.1, nice smooth transition, my addons work, i just have one question; Has anyone set tools like ccleaner with folders to be cleaned, before i start looking myself? Temp / net tracks type things that wont break basilisk. Thanks!
  11. Asus Sabertooth 990FX Rev2.0 (not sure about rev1) running amd-fx 8350 32gb ram radeon HD 7800 series- WinXP x86 + x64 run great. Sadly when they moved to Rev3.0 they dropped xp support. I know they changed some components when they rev'd, but i am not sure how much you could "force" the rev2 drivers into rev3.
  12. Clamwin + Clam Sentinel gets you real time scanning, and its still lightweight.
  13. Any apps like wsuso for xp posready, offline update? Searching around leads me to nothing interesting.
  14. Fresh install of x86 sp3 slipstreamed with updates ~2014, ExtXp patch installed/rebooted smooth. I picked some really bad choices to test as far as software goes, so i wasted time. When i get more, will try some other stuff.
  15. Thanks for what you're doing, and sharing.
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