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  1. I have a MSI GS60 2QE with the 1080p panel, it has some issues, such as a stuck pixel, and some white spots that are visible on darker backgrounds I'm thinking of replacing the display, but I'd rather get a display upgrade as well, I've tried looking this up, but I'm seeing mixed responses, I'd like to know if it's possible or not
  2. I figured that out, so I already have it installed, just wish Paint.net didn't move to .NET 4.7
  3. Does the issue still occur, or is there no fix?
  4. I had installed .Net 4.7, but it caused other issues (Programs crashing with CLR20r3), so I reinstalled Windows 8 I'll just stick with .Net 4.5 Edit: The error was "The update is not applicable to your computer"
  5. There doesn't appear to be any January or February 2017 updates. Is there a reason for this? Edit: There are some updates that won't install on Windows 8.0 for me KB3185280, KB4019214, KB4040955, KB4056899, KB4096235, KB4344165, KB4457025, KB4480070, and KB4483468
  6. Did you install the AeroGlass meant for 8.1 on 8.0? That could be the reason
  7. That fixed the issue, thanks I also was already following that guide
  8. Every time I try to plug in my second monitor, no matter what ports I use, or how I arrange them, it's always a BSOD In XP x86, there's no issues, dual monitors work just fine there, but I'd prefer XP x64, so I can see and use all 20GB of my ram My specs: (Taken from 7 as that's that I'm currently booted in)
  9. I'm using the GTX 970, I've tried drivers from 344.11 to 360something, but I've found out what causes it to Bluescreen, using more than one monitor, but it's going to be hard to go back to only a single monitor
  10. Every time I try and install drivers for my GPU, after rebooting, Windows XP x64 Bluescreens https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/519646861603241996/585251578819248138/image0.jpg
  11. I installed Vista on my Haswell laptop, and it appeared to work fine, didn't have drivers for the Intel HD Graphics though, so I can't really use it with aero or game on it. My laptop is an MSI GS60 2QE with an i7 4720HQ
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