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  1. So are you going to add the 372.70 functions, or mod 372.70?
  2. It's probably more worth it to look at the 382.33 drivers, as that supports all the way from the GT 1030 to the GTX 1080 Ti
  3. XP x64 SP2 is probably meant, but I could be wrong
  4. Is it only RTLQueryPerformanceCounter, or are there other functions? 298KB looks big for just one function. Does the application need to be modified to query RtlQueryPerformanceCounter from ntext.dll? I don't see any other modded files that could redirect the function to ntext.dll. Also, although I doubt there are any AMD64 SSE1 processors, what makes SSE2 a requirement?
  5. I haven't encountered a game that doesn't work on a later API v18 client, but works on a API v19 client. This is coming from someone that mained a v18 API client between Oct 31st, 2019, and mid-late May 2020
  6. Thanks to a Discord user, I now have the January 4th, 2019 Steam client, and I've released it for everyone to use. It's probably the best client we can use on XP/Vista currently.
  7. I used to have issues with the authorization service, and I fixed it by restarting the service right before starting the VM. Maybe that could help
  8. I think you could take a look at this patch, it appears to work like how the old AMD 14.50 driver patch worked by redirecting the missing functions to a custom dll Wouldn't be surprised if the mods eventually sudo rm -rf the post, but if that happens, you can use the archive.org or archive.today copy of the thread.
  9. Since we're talking about what names we'd like, I like the idea Royfox Embed doesn't display the image the post has, but it has a potential icon that can be used.
  10. I wonder if manually installing the latest 20H2 build works
  11. Got a download for it https://web.archive.org/web/20200307070724/https://download3.vmware.com/software/wkst/file/VMware-workstation-full-e.x.p-15679048.exe Also have a download for a older 20H2 build that I'll try first https://download3.vmware.com/software/wkst/file/VMware-workstation-full-e.x.p-16227267.exe
  12. Try launching a VM, and see if you have any other builds, or can find any other builds
  13. I'd need to know when that was said, and I'd need a version archive of the 20h1 releases.
  14. Got a bit further by abandoning the plan of getting the installer working, and deciding to replace all VMware 15.5.6 files on a 7 install with 16.x files. Looks like I will need some sort of Windows 7 extended kernel
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