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  1. I just turn off the blocklist Also, you can see the font name in the CSS files
  2. You sure you used the proper driver? There wasn't much difference between 7 and 8 for me
  3. Yes, it should, but it's slightly buggy For example, fullscreening some unity games gave me a yellow screen of death with my 5700XT on 8.1
  4. Unfortunately we can't go to a popular video sharing website and look up any song we want from any time period we want
  5. I don't think x16 1.1 is the limiter, a mobile 1070 at x16 1.1 usually outperforms the 980M
  6. What's meant is: April 2017 + KB4474419 However, patching up to March 2019 with everything else is probably fine too
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