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  1. Of course MSFN works with Chrome 88 and JS turned on. that is for if you use the website without JS or use a old browser
  2. https://msfn.org/board/topic/181697-usb-3xxhci-generic-driver-for-win7-and-vista/
  3. Well, there are always other forums with other forum software https://forum.eclipse.cx/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=4
  4. So it appears that Fennec F-Droid 68.12 and Lightning work fine on a Z3C running Android 5.1.1.
  5. Post text box doesn't load on the Qwant browser on Android, it also doesn't load on the Fennec F-Droid browser either, but the Lightning browser, which uses the system webview works fine. However on my Galaxy S7, running the same custom rom and Android version as my main phone (CrDroid 5), MSFN works with Fennec F-Droid, but it causes Lightning to crash and has a 50% chance of closing all my tabs. However, updating the version of Fennec F-Droid on my main phone fixed the issue, but my S7 is running an old 68.x release instead of the latest 84.1.2 now on my main phone. I also tes
  6. That's quite old, Pale Moon hasn't been 38 based in years, Waterfox has two versions, one based off of 56, and one based off of 78. It's basically fearmongering about security.
  7. I used to use Mozilla sync with Waterfox Classic, so it should work.
  8. I dislike the new position, so I've set uBlock Origin to block the flags entirely
  9. The theme could replace the window border, I've had some themes like that in the past.
  10. The dark theme must only be modifying the browser tabs, navigation bar, etc. Also Aero doesn't work if a program is maximized on Vista, also, some people might like running without the glass effects for more performance
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