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  1. Apparently, the site doesn't work with my phone, got home, and the site works fine on my PC
  2. Both links give me a "The requested URL was rejected" error
  3. I'd need a modded BIOS for my MSI GS60 2QE MS-16H5. I'd love it if I could disable the Intel HD, even in Windows 7 and above
  4. I've tried to get 368.81 working with the 970M. I've gotten it to install on my laptop, but the Nvidia control panel says "You are currently not using a display attached to an Nvidia GPU", and Furmark doesn't see the GPU, only the integrated Intel HD.
  5. I'd be using Waterfox Classic if someone did this
  6. As long as you have a up to date browser, and don’t click on ads, you should be fine
  7. I might benchmark various update configs on an older Intel rig, if I do this, I’ll post the results in a thread here and make an edit or comment to/on my post. Windows 7 (With an update) supports M.2, and enough people use 7 for software to support it. If Chrome is pulling support for Windows 7, let them, less Chrome marketshare is better
  8. You'll be fine, but the best setup is to update only to 2017-08, not install any telemetry updates, and after 2016-09, install security only updates. There's a premade ISO, stock ISO, guides for installing Windows 7 on modern chipsets, and a list of telemetry and suspected telemetry updates on r/coolstar
  9. I'd like to be able to spoof server versions of Windows as consumer versions, I've wanted to do that for a while now.
  10. I think what is meant is that the ESU updates require payment, so bypassing that is considered stealing. Besides Windows updates just make the OS slower and more unstable,
  11. I'm using this SSD https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P5QFRP2 It doesn't work with the Samsung or Intel drivers people suggest for this type of thing, so I'm wondering how I'll get it to work with Windows 8.0
  12. Will there be a XP x64 version of this? Or does it already work on XP x64?
  13. I think the PSU might be giving out too low or high of a voltage, try the paper clip trick, and use a multimeter to measure the voltage
  14. 7260/8260, like said above, although, I'd rather go with a older adapter, one that has even more support
  15. Could I get a link to the AMDXHC driver for testing? Would this driver also work on XP? Would this allow Z390 USB ports to work on Windows 7?
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