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  1. You can always just stop using it and revert back. Juts like there are other program software choices, there are other O/S choices. AKA; free & Open Source.
  2. I've yet to hear anything good about 'Edge' ; Maybe that is the reason they want to 'infect' W7 with it to get users to upgrade, or maybe I should say downgrade back to XP.
  3. jaclaz; That link in your post is dead.
  4. BTW; I found that using ResourceHacker (or similar) by choosing "Restart" for explorer.exe, under Processes, that will break the hold (or hook) that prevents the change. So far it's worked more than once. There are also shortcuts that can be created, attached to a script to do similar, thou I haven't tried those yet.
  5. I made a error with SM, that does have PP, PM v28 only goes directly to a print dialog pop-up. What version PM do you have and where did you get it? I have no idea what/who that guy is. I got both browsers from the respective websites. https://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/ https://www.palemoon.org/download.shtml .
  6. Gotta love the topic title! What more needs to be said? That's what happens when you give the job to a bunch of post teenagers that don't know the difference between a real computer and a toy id*** phone.
  7. I have tried SeaMonkey & Pale Moon. Both are missing critical features that FF v56 has, namely print preview (w/PM), 'Simplify page" (w/both) and/or the lack of navigation button add-ons . BUT, they are superior to FF with far less overhead taxing (loading down) the O/S with multiple processes running, even with setting a limit to one process. There are still three running! This is a screen shot from ProcessHacker after less than 1 minute after starting FF with only one page open (which is just a login for a stock market trading site). (The 3 last columns are I/O counts of Other, Reads & Writes counts). Compare that with Palemoon & SeaMonkey with the same page loaded! (Palemoon is a portable also, just not from Portable Applications web site)
  8. No, I corrected that previous post. I've tried to find some kind of pattern. It seems, folders with .exe's are the prime target. I can open folders with images (.jpg, .png etc), then close and there is no issue re-naming. Folders that have programs in (not installed, just original backups), even just opening, then closing will cause the lockup. BUT, not always. I also removed Panda with those 2 loaded programs that I couldn't stop (by their design). Using MS Config, I unchecked all of my installed programs (non MS), but that made no difference. To be clear, none of this has to do with the active O/S partition. These are other partitions on other HDD's (I have 1 SSD, & 2 HDD's all partitioned at least once. The O/S is on the SSD) I'm going to try a shot at AutoRuns. ProcessHacker & MS Config aren't cutting it. I use them since they are reasonably easy to read, understand & use. .
  9. ShellFolderFix has to run, same goes for ClassicShell it retains the 'Classic' (2k) look. I disabled both, but the problem remained. I took a screen shot of Process Hacker in normal mode and Safe Mode to compare the differences. BTW; Explorer was running, I had a folder opened at the time. .
  10. dencorso; Probably not, but "Starter" is from someone/somewhere else and after 10 years of no updates, "abandon" surely qualifys. I am going to remove Panda, it's only a backup A/V program, it's not active (per say, but those 2 processes running when not really doing anything doesn't cut it for me.
  11. The startup tab doesn't list what MS Config does (there are also two under Services in MS Config that aren't there also).
  12. Under the "Processes" tab, there is no Explorer entry.
  13. I guess I did, thanks. Autoruns is a bit involved, but current. As interesting as this appears, it's 10 years out of date (v5.6.2.9 2009). Isn't that a issue?
  14. What 's "Starter"?? Goodmaneuver; One of the 1st things I do when I used RT7 Lite (now NT Lite, assuming if it's still available) to remove M$'s bloat is to unhide everything that is hidden. .
  15. I also grabbed that tool, there are so many entries it's kinda hard to separate any of them. Thanks for the guide. Safe Mode is fine. I tried a number of folders, opening them up, closing and doing minor name changes. None failed. There are 8 or so processes that don't load in Safe Mode. I don't see any that would be of suspect, but I'll try one at a time.
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