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  1. I've been using New Moon for a few days now, as a replacement for Firefox 28.0 and it's working really well. Many thanks to roytam1. On the YouTube HTML5 support page, I've gone from HTMLVideoElement only, to all types supported. Also, memory management is way better and it's great to finally be rid of the memory leaks that plagued FF28. One problem I do have with New Moon, is that Ad Block Plus isn't showing up in the status bar or menus. It seems to be working, but I can't access it to make any changes. Is this a known bug? If so, is there a workaround, or should I use a different ad blocker? Which one works best for New Moon? Also, can anyone suggest a good YouTube video downloader that can handle dash videos? Any advice appreciated.
  2. I'm in the the same situation that WarwolfPrime is. I'm running XP Pro SP3 on an old quad core (Kensington) with 2GB ram and still using Fx 28.0 as my browser. I never updated to the later versions of Firefox because I really like using the Classic Compact theme and it always seemed to work just fine, until last week. I would like to stick with Firefox, so I can keep all my bookmarks, history, settings, session/tabs etc. However, since XP is no longer being supported, maybe it's a better idea to jump to one of the forks. It's difficult to find information and reviews about the pros and cons of doing this, so I thought I would ask for some opinions here. Should I move to one of the forks? If so, which one? New Moon, Basilisk or MyPal? Are they all compatible with Fx 28.0 themes/add-ons? Any advice or opinions would be appreciated.
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