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  1. Is there a way to get the dev tools to display in English? Mine's still in Chinese for some reason.
  2. Is 13.5 compatible with themes available at the Chrome Web Store? I tried to add a Win 98/2000 style theme to match my usual XP 'classic mode' and nothing happened.
  3. You're welcome I was mostly concerned with the 'Keep the forum online' meter not going up, rather than the attribution to myself.
  4. I made a small donation to 'Keep MSFN Online' yesterday, but it's not showing on the meter. (Still at 54% of $183.00) MSFN Donation 10 March 2022 $20.00 USD Paypal reference 30D449918U388173W
  5. No Changes to 360Loader.ini Found 58 entries. Nifty utility BTW. Done.... and it's fixed! Thanks for your help. Not sure what went wrong. The only thing I can think of, is that I ran it the first time with administrator privileges, but ran with guest privileges subsequently.
  6. I'm trying out Regular v13.5 and have encountered a couple of problems. Any changes I make to settings don't stick. Any extensions I add, like uBlock Origin, don't stick either. If I restart the browser, the settings return to default and the extensions I added are gone. However, if I add a bookmark, it does stick and my browsing history also sticks. Also, is it possible to import bookmarks from New Moon? Thanks for making your modifications to 360Chrome available. I've been finding a lot of the websites I use are no longer working properly on New Moon. Edit: I'm using XP Pro x86 SP3 on a Q6600 with 8GB of RAM.
  7. Thanks for commenting jaclaz and for the links. The thread at overclock.net is informative and I agree with the conclusions, but I'm not sure it applies to my 32bit system that can only address 4GB of RAM. I was thinking about using the PAE Patch (with no page file) or a RAM disk (with page file and temp directories on it). Not both at the same time. The 8GB of RAM was didn't cost me anything, so I won't cry if I can't use all of it, but it seems a shame to leave half of it out for spare parts. I mostly use this PC to browse the internet with New Moon 28.1.0a1 which slows to a crawl on my system, as soon as page file usage exceeds 1.8GB. Do you think I should just install 4GB on this setup, or is the RAM disk worth a shot? Also, what did you mean by "least intrusive approach" RE: Gavotte's Ramdisk?
  8. I'm looking for some advice regarding this PC: XP Pro SP3 MB: Asus P5N32-E SLI Plus CPU: Core 2 Quad Q6600 RAM: 2GB DDR2-800 I just got 8GB of RAM for it and I'm wondering if I should: a) use a PAE Patch to make use of the full 8GB. If so, which patch should I use? b) use 4GB as RAM and 4GB as some type of ram disk for the Page File. If so, which ram disk? c) some other arrangement?
  9. I've been using New Moon for a few days now, as a replacement for Firefox 28.0 and it's working really well. Many thanks to roytam1. On the YouTube HTML5 support page, I've gone from HTMLVideoElement only, to all types supported. Also, memory management is way better and it's great to finally be rid of the memory leaks that plagued FF28. One problem I do have with New Moon, is that Ad Block Plus isn't showing up in the status bar or menus. It seems to be working, but I can't access it to make any changes. Is this a known bug? If so, is there a workaround, or should I use a different ad blocker? Which one works best for New Moon? Also, can anyone suggest a good YouTube video downloader that can handle dash videos? Any advice appreciated.
  10. I'm in the the same situation that WarwolfPrime is. I'm running XP Pro SP3 on an old quad core (Kensington) with 2GB ram and still using Fx 28.0 as my browser. I never updated to the later versions of Firefox because I really like using the Classic Compact theme and it always seemed to work just fine, until last week. I would like to stick with Firefox, so I can keep all my bookmarks, history, settings, session/tabs etc. However, since XP is no longer being supported, maybe it's a better idea to jump to one of the forks. It's difficult to find information and reviews about the pros and cons of doing this, so I thought I would ask for some opinions here. Should I move to one of the forks? If so, which one? New Moon, Basilisk or MyPal? Are they all compatible with Fx 28.0 themes/add-ons? Any advice or opinions would be appreciated.

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