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  1. hi, following this blog I used get-member -force to realize registry entries have an owner property. Let me know if this (get-acl HKCU:\software).owner gives the result you expect. I never worked with registry owners before, so if that's not helping, I'm off board.
  2. I'm into this name- simple, catchy, and easy to remember what it refers to. Y'all who like it as well should upvote his port, so we know how popular it gets
  3. Aaaand actually I got it. I just not needed the path visible when requesting sharepoint or teams to provide you the link. I opened excel, right-clicked on recently opened file, pressed "copy file location" and I was able to create a shortcut following syntax "path to excel" "path to file" Solved.
  4. Does not work in my case. Option 1 stubbornly opens in browser Option 2 returns error message that the path is invalid - I cannot even save shortcut. Option 3 Is not visible in my case, I tried three different views of OneDrive and I have no option "Send to". I cannot say if that's the case of Win7 vs Win 10, Office 2013 vs Office 2016 or personal OneDrive vs Corporate environment. Anyway, thanks for trying to help me.
  5. Yep, I knew. You know, but someone said "Timex" in the thread. I've seen no demo for ZX-80, but I'm sure I did for some ZX-81 with 16 KB.
  6. So here's the backstory. I have an excel document, that is shared and stored on my company's oneDrive account. It's shared with multiple people, so we use the link to open it. Here's the cumbersome part. Since I need some functions that work badly or not at all when opened in Excel Online or Teams I need to press "Open in Desktop Add". Every. single. Time. I'm looking for a way, preferably desktop shortcut, to tell office to open this in Normal Excel 2016. Due to my company's policy trying to find potential sharepoint/oneDrive folder and treat it as network folder, even if possible, is a no-go. Tried to search out exact phrase in the internet, I failed.
  7. @msfntor I use UXP build, not Moebius bulid. Anyway, will check. Update: I just checked and confirm, it works on Serpent 52/ UXP build from Roytam1 :)
  8. Well there are people that still do bother with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwIgyTzJdaY
  9. It still affects all the videos on VOD.TVP.pl. Polish national TV provider, might be geofenced. It was reported first time over a year ago by @kitaro1, so won't likely change...
  10. tl;dr - All that was going from MS servers I downloaded using Powershell Start-BitsTransfer cmdlet. links in the file I posted, courtesy of everyone involved in collecting them. Rest, so the files located on third-party servers, I downloaded manually, file by file.
  11. Receive full setup. I got my Athlon 4 tweaked to 1,4 GHz with 256 MB of ram, Winfast GeforceMx/Max 400 with 64 mb Ram on AGP bus, K7S5A Maiboard, 300W power supply, FDD drive, CD/DVD-ROM, 40 GB Seagate ATA HDD and 56K modem. system was a dual-booting win 98 and win 2000 Professional. Peripherlials? encore speakers, A4 tech ball mouse with scrolling wheel, Chicony Keyboard and Samsung syncmaster 755 17" CRT screen. If you need any more details, most of this hardware is still in my house, even if not working. PC is still operational, now with windows XP and Modem replaced with 100 Mbit network card, although rarely used. I needed to replace HDD (now 80 GB), and power supply. DVD-ROM is nearly dead, but I have additional CD-R. Keyboard is used to this day in other PC, and I bet you, will I find more of this model anywhere, I'm buying a full supply. I had an opportunity to check multiple Dell/Microsoft/Logitech 'office' keyboards at work and this one beats 'em all, more pleasant to write, more responsive, more reliable.
  12. Hi, Could you please provide more details? What file type are you working on? xlsx, xls, xlsm, xlsb or something else? is your office up to date? Do you have macros enabled in MS office? Is the file coming from a trusted source? are you sure the file is not a malware trying to rick you into enabling macros or DDL execution? Is the file containing any confidential data?
  13. Well, when I'll get out of options, I'll consider that.
  14. Sure, but what's the future of RyanVM? Down for good or will someone post it as read-only, o at least extract unique content somewhere...
  15. No update in here, but I have some new entries showing 29 Oct 2019 as a date: ******************************************************* * authroots.sst 2019-10-29 19:31 Roots * * delroots.sst 2019-08-21 22:44 Roots * * roots.sst 2019-07-23 23:27 Roots * * updroots.sst 2019-10-29 19:31 Roots * * disallowedcert.sst 2019-08-13 17:18 Revoked * ******************************************************* ******************************************************* * * * Roots Certificates * * * * successfully updated! * * * ******************************************************* ******************************************************* * * * Revoked Certificates * * * * successfully updated! * * * ******************************************************* Aby kontynuować, naciśnij dowolny klawisz . . . Worth worrying?
  16. Yep, but I want that BUT without everything else that differs Win7 from Win8
  17. Yep, but I want my win7 to reach EOS in 2023
  18. Bumping! Again following Woody, didn't we miss a telemetry in here (or at least, I did)?
  19. Found no topic exactly about this, correct me if wrong. Up to my knowledge, no solution comparable to POSReady trick is available, hovewer, we have something clever people can start working on: https://www.askwoody.com/forums/topic/ms-defcon-4-its-time-to-get-patched/#post-2000466
  20. You know, I once suggested to make dedicated sub-board on members projects, you might bump my topic
  21. Not a programmer myself, but that's the quote of the day. cryptography or creating 3D engines require more maths, databases and frontend are said to require less.
  22. Power on count is more interesting... You never restart it except updates and power outages, right?
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