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  1. Please can someone help me out? It's concerning MPC-HC.

    1. GrandAdmiralThrawn


      I can try... as I'm using it myself. But can't promise much.. better not get your hopes up. ;)

    2. XP-x64-Lover


      Thank you! I wont get my hopes up. :) It's specifically version MPC-HC 1.7.15 x64 but, you could try x64 from the K-lite codec pack. (Version of MPC-HC on K-lite is tweaked to work on XP SP3 (Could help I guess.) So, If you try installing the latest codec pack for XP on XP x64 it'll only give you MPC-HC x64. As far as MPC-HC 1.7.15 x64; I've had success getting past the "Not a valid win32 application error." Now I am stuck with a new one. :wacko: "The procedure entry point GetTickCount64 could not be located in the dynamic library KERNEL32.dll." I used HexEdit to get past the Win32 error but, I am at a loss about the second one. (I know the second error corresponds to it looking for GetTickCount64 but, XP doesn't have it natively.) :unsure:

       :wub: Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

    3. XP-x64-Lover


      Any progress to report?

  2. I just use the Portable folder for Palemoon. Download the Palemoon Portable then once downloaded; open and install Palemoon Portable to a directory of your choice. (Note: when you download palemoon portable make sure to download the bit version matching your system.) Then open the folder and then open the folder named bin. From there you simply open the palemoon folder and delete the palemoon browser files and then copy the newmoon files over. It should work right out of the box after that. If you want to customize it to match newmoon more; you can just create a shortcut of the palemoon portable launcher to your desktop or start menu. You change the icon to the newmoon one and rename it to whatever you want; I currently renamed mine as NewMoon 27.8.0a1 x64 since that's the version I have at the moment. You can also change the splash screen picture; it's located in the Lib folder and make sure to keep it as the same name it was before though. I have an attachment as an example of what I changed the splash screen to using mspaint and a screen shot. All this works with Basilisk as well but, with some added steps. I'm currently using Basilisk 55.0.0a1 (03-17-2018) x64 as my main browser though. If you need a step by step example showing you everything I've told you about newmoon; I am more then happy to provide that if needed. Good luck, I hope this helps you!
  3. I could really use all the help I can get in figuring out how to get PIA v77 working on XP x64? Anyone with knowledge in tweaking / hacking / patching / hex editing. I don't know where to begin exactly?

    Thank you!


  4. Private Internet Access Client v77 on XP x64

    PIA v77 doesn't get to the point of installing unfortunately; after clicking OK on the installer I get this error message. "This program does not support the version of Windows your computer is running". So, then I install PIA v77 on a 7 x64 VM and then copy the install folder to XP x64. I click on the pia_manager.exe file and then get this error message. "The procedure entry point_wfreopen_s could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll". The last error message seems to have something to do with rubyw.exe; Maybe that's where I should begin trying to figure out whats going on? I'm very new to hex editing and anything to do with patching / tweaking; I tried the Depends on pia_manager.exe and it had information about errors and such but, I just don't understand where to go from there? I have the Depends dwi file of pia_manager.exe; maybe that can help? (It's in an attachment below.) I could not locate the rubyw.exe file within the PIA folder but, I'll keep looking. I'll see if I can get an error message posted; and the dwi file for it as well. pia_managerDWI.7z
  5. Celebrating Womenhood

    Awwwh! Well written! Happy Women's Day!!
  6. Windows XP: new Z68/Z77 rig in 2017

    Hey there, if you are looking for an x99 based board? The ASUS SABERTOOTH X99 works well on XP Pro x64. (Confirmed)
  7. XP x64 SABERTOOTH X99 Drivers!!

    Now, I just need to get XP x64 working on the newest Intel boards; I am certain that's going to be a challenge. I've tried on a Ryzen based board; 90% of the drivers were compatible but, I got evil acpi.sys blue screen of death errors on boot up or install (More likely due to ACPI 6.1 within BIOS. Perhaps a BIOS modding would fix that?) If I find a way to get one of those two types of boards working I will let you all know. @Dibya @i430VX @burd - XP-x64-Lover
  8. Private Internet Access Client v77 on XP x64

    1.b Respect the requests of companies who do not permit redistribution of their products without express permission - including unmodified hotfix/feature pack packages. Download sources for official software should be from the vendor directly where possible. Posts made containing this type of content may be removed immediately without warning, and offenders may be banned on first violation. (Okay, I believe I understand; so then it would be okay to link to PIA's download page directly.)
  9. Private Internet Access Client v77 on XP x64

    Okay, I'm very sorry about that; I'll be more careful next time. (I'll read the forum rules again to refresh myself.) (When you say link to those files do you mean from sources other then the PIA's website?) (PIA has a public client download page; Would it be okay to link to their download site??) - Thank you
  10. XP64 on DDR4 - Is it Doable?

    I wanted to share this link so everyone in this topic can know that there is indeed x99 drivers for XP x64 and complete DDR4 support!!
  11. XP x64 SABERTOOTH X99 Drivers!!

    Delighted to help! (If you have any questions just let me know.)
  12. These drivers are derived directly from my Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (Volume License) install on my ASUS SABERTOOTH X99 Workstation. None of the drivers have been modified. They've been tested to work successfully on the ASUS SABERTOOTH X99 Motherboard. The download link is below! Please open the read me file for more information and what to expect; before proceeding with any driver installation. Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?1noclu654luf9 (Make sure to have 7-Zip so you can open the archive.) Enjoy!! - XP-x64-Lover
  13. Recently PIA (Private Internet Access.) team have decided on ending Windows XP support! Currently at the time of this posting, the latest version is v77 which is where the "support" "ended". The last version to successfully run under Windows XP was v75; so I believe it's possible that v77 could work successfully with some patching and such. I am very new to patching programs and I'm not afraid to learn more, I would really appreciate any help! The PIA v77 installer link is below. (This is a fully legal download directly from PIA's website.) (Also, be aware that this software is not freeware; so if you want to use it, you'll have to setup an account with PIA and make a payment to them in order to use their service.) Thank you! Link: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/client-support/
  14. XP64 on DDR4 - Is it Doable?

    Well, I'll see what I can do... It might take some time; I'm new to allot of this stuff. I ran into an ACPI error constantly when trying to do a fresh install with my custom USB stick on the x99 System but, I had my previous semi-portable install backed up. (It already had hundreds of drivers, tweaks, and updates over the years to increase; compatibility, speed, security, privacy and to be more portable.) Since I own a legal Volume License of XP x64 Edition activation was no issue. So, I decided to try booting it and it did; without any errors! I will see about getting the links or hosting the drivers myself somehow. Like I said, it will take me some time. I'll update you as soon as I can. Feel free to follow me so you can get the links as soon as I share them.
  15. I wonder if it's appropriate to talk about other software other then browsers? Or will I need to create or join an existing forum related to what I want to talk about?