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  1. Hello everyone! I wanted to inform you all that I re-uploaded my original post (Thanks to 430VX). My re-uploaded post will be where you'll find all new information on my progress on other projects regarding XP x64 on new Motherboards, ranging from Intel x99, Ryzen, New Intel boards; as well as step by step guides on how to set things up. I'll be traveling but, once I get back to my office / work area, I will begin testing things and updating you all on my progress. So, check out my re-uploaded post and follow so yu'll know whats going on. Thanks everyone, take care! - XP-x64-Lover
  2. XP-x64-Lover

    XP x64 SABERTOOTH X99 Drivers!! (Re-uploaded)

    Sorry everyone for my absence, with MSFN losing my content and other information; as well as me going on "vacation" a few months ago, It's been difficult to stay in contact and also work on my projects since all my machines and tools were elsewhere... So, when I get back from traveling; which wont be long from now. I plan on finalizing my testing with my Ryzen motherboard; I got it specifically for XP x64, did tons of research before hand and will be doing more regarding personally testing it. This is something I am beyond passionate about; so I will do my best to make XP x64 work on Ryzen one way or another. Also, regarding guides and such pertaining to Intel x99 Sabertooth, AMD Ryzen, & possibly Newer Intel Boards; I will see about creating either video guides or simple step by step ones with screenshots. Either way, I will show everyone EXACTLY how I did it to get Intel x99 Sabertooth to work with XP x64, following my possible success with AMD Ryzen; I will do the same and so forth. Any new information will be posted here only. So, in other words I'd suggest following this post because there may indeed be some MORE useful information in the near future. Thank you for the support; I look forward to sharing my finding VERY soon! Take Care! - XP-x64-Lover
  3. These drivers are derived directly from my Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (Volume License) install on my ASUS SABERTOOTH X99 Workstation. None of the drivers have been modified. They've been tested to work successfully on the ASUS SABERTOOTH X99 Motherboard. The download link is below! Please open the read me file for more information and what to expect; before proceeding with any driver installation. Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?1noclu654luf9 (Make sure to have 7-Zip so you can open the archive.) Enjoy!! - XP-x64-Lover
  4. Thank you, I had trouble locating my original post; i was getting ready to create a new one, Now i don't have too. :) I'm so glad it's helpful to people.