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  1. But Office 2016 contains Active Directory and Exchange integration, a must for usual home user When I had used Office 2000 for the last time I was much younger and not aware of it's capabilities, I remember mainly lack of useful autocorrection (like lack of autocaps after punctuation marks) and crappy integration with polish language. Remember the joke: How do you know someone is really famous? His surname isn't underlined in Word Not funny, I know. I remember Office 2003 far better, and 2007 the best and apart from ribbons (they can be useful, anything you want just appear in the right place) and autosnapping/intelligent resizing (which can be sometimes irritating and IS hard to turn off) can't really see an improvement. And... you say... 30%? Are you aware, how many Office users can't even use Excel and type in simple formula? OneNote? I didn't turn it once! Not even mentioning features hidden like developer cards or the others, most functions are unknown, 90% of users needs writing, some formatting, fancy pictures and look :> Ah, by the way, how many functions and capabilities of a programming language a programmer use? You see, the stronger and featurefull the tool is, the less of it you use... just what you need :>
  2. @Tripredactus Lol, nothing. I did test back in the days and got about 85% score. Might be worth showing to friends or relatives that click everything like idiots
  3. But first you have to change execution policy in Powershell, otherwise it will return an information that the script cannot be run.
  4. Yeah, this topic for Discussing POSReady updates wia Win/M$ update, and others for the rest... it's messy enough right now.
  5. I'm afraid that the answer to the question asked is 'no', yet still image made me smile :>
  6. MBAE had some issues with my XP, preventing IE 8 and Firefox from running, but with new update problems seem to be gone.
  7. Feelin' shocked. Here in Poland she's rather considered a little schoolgirls' idol, a local popstar. Never thought she'll get any interest worldwide :>
  8. Mcinwwl

    Java 8 in XP.

    Java and JDK seems to work on my PC, although Modelio (which is said to not support XP from version 3.3) stopped working when I updated Java (path variable updated).
  9. Mcinwwl

    XP and malware.

    Which Comodo Version do you use?
  10. Tried any non-browser Silverlight program? They are told to be supported, bu I know none...
  11. Did anyone test Silverlight 5+ on XP? It gets installed, but is officially unsupported for XP and I can't think of many things that needs it (probably videos on Microsoft Virtual Academy and they ain't working on XP with Firefox, Chrome needed).
  12. Mcinwwl

    XP and malware.

    And what happened when you started Firefox? BTW which exact version of Firefox? Agreed with jaclaz, quite an important piece of information. As said, you can make Browser safer with add-ons, might also recommend using sandbox software to protect system by running inside it. Newest versions might not be compatible with XP, but the last supported for the system should be enough. might not be prefect, but most of malware don't use so sophisticated techniques to break out of the box :> Mind you that less and less producers are supporting XP, so some software might stop getting updates, or worse, be updated and start working badly. Unfortunately, this applies also to Antivirus and every other security software. Many companies decided to end support on 8th April (f.e. Avira did), but form the other hand, some producers promised to keep it up on XP "as long as possible", and this applies for Malwarebytes. So yes, XP can be used and safe, but this demands some interest and work, to find best software and set it up properly. And I can't disagree with submix8c, proper behaviour is the most important. do not trust any external devices and attachments, do not reuse passwords for important sites, do not visit dangerous websites, double-check certificate on important sites (banks), do not share passwords with others... and many, many others I didn't use this, but instead applied Registry tweak allowing Posready updates and manually installed .Net patches and Silverlight. But I cant find any objections to use this one. You just have to keep in mind it haven't been updated for over a year.
  13. If you have up-to-date win XP, you have PS 2, not 1. Just run Powershell and type Get-Host, press enter - should return few lines of text, wit one of them saying version: 2.0 Power Shell is just a system shell - like command line, but newer By default it was delivered to XP by updates and by default it does not allow to run unsigned scripts. Unless you don't plan to write some scripts on your own, just leave it as it is and no harm will come to you.
  14. Seems like hmuellers spared me hours of writing and searching, since he knew what I suggested I'll write about and. Many thanks for summing everything up, this should be added to the first topic's post Still, few things remained unclear to me. Sorry for being DB and asking same things again, but I'd love to be sure and secure: - How about this timezones updates, mentioned in topics early posts? Do I need to do anything more? - No need to install .NET 3.5 updates If I have everything from your list? - And this .NET 1.1 case. Of course I don't have to use it and I can (and probably should ) uninstall it, but I want to apply the patches. Just a case of ambition, want to finish what I've started, but yet I'm not sure whether I understand it correctly. harkaz's method is ok or am I wrong? I also think adding info about installing newest Silverlight might be worth, since it was being covered by Wu and now it's not. and last but not least, my explorer works fine after shutting down Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit, so no update bug but software conflict.
  15. So, two things: Firstly, anyone has experienced any issues with explorer after installing newest POS updates? I have to restart explorer.exe to have my desktop functional. I thing this might be a conflict with Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit in fact, yet still, I'd love to be sure. Secondly:... Uh, where to start from I'd looked through whole topic three times, and every each time I found something I missed the previous time. Whole lots of useful information spread all around with a lot of distractors in between them. So, I'd like to sum it up. To have fully updated XP home one have to have: - SP 3, Microsoft Update Instead of WU and all crucial and optional security and system and IE updates (and I have that). - Disabled SSL 3 support for IE 8 via Control Panel (as simple as it is) - Reg tweak by Serbjk and all POSReady system, IE and security updates (done that too) - Updates cert list, manually replacing files or using Cert-updater by heinoganda (works smoothly, thanks!) - uninstall .NET framework if not needed or - use hmuellers's list to find all .NET 2, 3 and 4 security updates from his list provided here, I got all installed with no issues... and here starts the troubles for me. - heinoganda's list contains also .NET 3.5 updates, Should i install them as well or ignore, meaning that hmuellers's list is enough? - .NET 1.1 updates, that have to be modified before installing. They can be obtained via BlackWingCat's blog (sorry, Japanese appeared to be a blocking barrier for me so far) or downloaded from M$ site and modified using harkaz's method, am I right? I'd love to do it, but it seems as the riskiest part of it all. - Get rid of Silverlight if not necessary or install newest Silverlight... gettin' latest installer and running it is enough, dudes? - Something about timezones update... Honestly,I didn't understood this one at all, sorry. - Something else I missed? And all of this not meaning keeping other software up-to-date, system clean, clear from not necessary services etc... I'm into that from some time and still so many questions... Personally I think of myself writing some blog post summing it up when I'll get sure 'bout everything, which can be linked in first post... way too many things were covered here to be easily found and applied by any newcomer, especially if he's not into system administration and management or such sort of things.
  16. Read about that somewhere. This trick puts some of Vista 32bit system files into your XP to make DX10/11 work and thus is quite illegal, secondly I'd doubt the stability.
  17. Radeon 7xxx series is quite new, I'm afraid it might not be working on XP. http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop/previous?os=Windows%20XP%20Professional/Home Here you have old driver versions. Catalyst should be independent form Notebook manufacturer and work correctly if supported for the system. Can't say which one works, sorry.
  18. Well, simple... I remember times, when I had much less experienced ( and had no "type that in search engine" reflex) and I have spent hours looking for a things that I thought should be at the front page, as I thought. CP isn't perfect (and never were) yet it is still much more useful than metrotarded settings screen and ppl got used to it. I mean... come on, you can change the way toys look like in the system, but while speaking of such useful tool one simply don't force ppl to change way it looks it and their habbits and make them learn everything form the scratch, while it brings neither actual performance improvement nor new features.
  19. This just means M$ heads had well settled operation plan with tactical fallback included. Have had wanted to make money on 'tards gettng Win 10 and selling the info for advertising services, and while not working just have moved back to previously planned positions attacked the privacy of 7/8/8.1 users. People won't notice. People may care about 10, because it's new, flashy and get a lot of attention (as anything new does), but who really cares about what updates contain? Ya'll? You're IT pros/enthusiast, less than 1% of society... And when win10 is "the last system", people will adopt it, just after they they got used to being spied by their previous systems. Clever from a business point of view. I still don't like the idea.
  20. You overestimate ppl, how many parents do check internet history when they share PC with they kids
  21. Adding recommended prices to your review would be nice... Or I'm blind and didn't see 'em
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