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  1. Radish

    The action cant be completed...............

    In an earlier post in this thread Goodmaneuver mentioned a program called Codestuff Starter. It is to that program that he is referring. He said you might find it easier to use than Autoruns.
  2. Radish

    The action cant be completed...............

    Came across this How-To Geek tutorial series on (among other things) using Process Explorer and Autoruns. Kind of working my own slow way through it now. Seems pretty good and both are a bit less of a mystery when I look at the GUIs with some guided understanding. What Are the SysInternals Tools and How Do You Use Them?
  3. Radish

    The action cant be completed...............

    Came across this Autoruns guide, seems reasonable and explains some of the tabs clearly: http://index-of.co.uk/Malware/Autorun Tutorial.pdf (Just in case the autoruns.chm doesn't seem clear enough.)
  4. Radish

    The action cant be completed...............

    If you want to have a go at seeing startups then Sysinternals Autoruns would help. I haven't used it myself beyond just tinkering with it but you can switch startups on/off via the interface. I would suspect if you turn off a startup then you would need to reboot to see the effect of not running the startup you switched off. To use it fully I think you need allow it internet access through your firewall and it's best to "Run as administrator" to launch it. The download page for Autoruns mentions Sysinternals Process Explorer as being a way to work help work out what process has handles on what file. Never used it but it might help in tracking down the problem - I'd suspect that if you are already using Process Hacker you would be in some way familiar with this.. Sorry I can't be of much direct actual help.
  5. Radish

    What is best Firefox version for Win-7?

    I've not used it myself (and probably never will) but these webpages might answer your questions: Firefox 49: Simplify Page improves printing Firefox 50: Simplify Page feature turned on by default for Print Preview I'm using FF 65.0.1 and Simplify Page, though available in Print Preview, is not enabled by default (you have to tick a box to get it to activate).
  6. Radish

    New Win7 ISOs available?

    No way! Read two threads worth on MDL and the blog piece. Fair mention on MDL that so-called 'telemetry' (aka spy-ware, malware etc.) is included -- who would have guessed, good 'ol Microsoft the company you can trust trying to screw us over again. No Thanks! Plain vanilla original Win7 SP1 ISOs is all we need and the only best option of a 'trust point' we have.
  7. Radish

    The action cant be completed...............

    I'm on Windows 7 Pro. SP1 x64 and don't have any of the issues you are reporting. Have to say I find it very stable and am quite happy with it. That said, so far, I only have two Microsoft Updates installed to it so I avoid any potential issues with naff Updates. If it was me I'd image off the system I have. Then do a completely fresh install of Win7 and see if I still have the problem with no Updates installed. (I'm assuming you do update it, of course.) What error message do you get when you try to rename a folder?
  8. Radish

    Am I Using UEFI

    You can also try this: How to Check if Your Computer Uses UEFI or BIOS I tried this on Windows 7 SP1 x64 and looking in System Information there wasn't a "BIOS" entry. However, I did find the setupact.log file in the folder C:\Windows\Panther and there using the search phrase Detected boot environment was the information (in my case "BIOS"). The guide I point to says this second method is for Windows 10, but works for Win7 on my system.
  9. I don't know the answer to your question. But the following post I made a several months back is relevant to Windows 7 and SHA256 signing. By my reading of the Microsoft document you point to it seems the offered patch only works against Microsoft Updates whereas the update that I pointed to works with (as best as I could figure it) third-party files that are SHA256 signed. I have no idea as how the two different patches would interrelate to each other. I too would be very interested in the stand-alone that you mention, and how to get it without having to do a Microsoft update (which I would want to avoid at all costs).
  10. Radish

    What is best Firefox version for Win-7?

    In the longer run you'll likely get forced off of old versions of Firefox that can manage (now called) "legacy" addons. I use the the latest version, Firefox 65.0, on Windows 7 SP1 x64 and find it really good. If you just wanted to try out the most recent version and see if you like it then you can download and install Firefox Portable from Portable Apps - just scroll down the page for different locale versions. 'Installing' Firefox Portable won't interfere with your regularly installed version - it's self-contained inside the folder you directed the PortableApps installer to unpack the files into. You would really need to read the documentation for the portable and get some understanding of how it differs from a fully installed version of Firefox. Suffice to say that the portablisation of Firefox (Portable) doesn't involve modifying Firefox itself, the portablisation just affects how Firefox is configured to make it operate as a portable with respect to where it stores the Firefox Portable Profile and so on. If you do try it it is important to only launch Firefox Portable by launching the file titled FirefoxPortable.exe that is contained in the folder you unpacked the install files into. Once you've given it a try, and if you don't want it, then to uninstall it just delete the entire folder you installed it in to and it is all gone. I should add that if you want to give Firefox Portable a try then it is not necessary to download and install what gets called the PortableApps Platform and install it into that. Just install Firefox Portable into a folder of your own choice and you are good to go with it. For help with checking if you can find WebExtension replacements for the legacy addons you have the mozillaZine Forums is a good place to ask - they have lots of expertise there on all things Mozilla. You could test out if any replacements would be suitable for you by installing them to Firefox Portable and testing them in that.
  11. Radish

    Update Win 7, or Not ?

    erpdude8, that article ends with the paragraph: Which to me seems presumptuous with its, "everyone would have to upgrade to Windows 10", why 'have to'? aren't there other options?, and Win10 is a downgrade, and "It's just a matter of time anyway." If ever I'm forced off Win7 then I've got Win8.1 as my next OS, for a while. If I ever get pushed off that then I'll go back to Linux Mint and to hell with Microsoft. I would never in a million years install Win10 or any upstream derivatives thereof. Of course there is the outlier of ReactOS but when, if ever, that will be stable and usable is anyone's guess at this point in time. But if the drip, drip, drip of its development continues then eventually it will fill the tub.
  12. Radish

    Update Win 7, or Not ?

    Yes, this is so. The propaganda worked on me for a couple of years many years ago then I recognised it for what it was, a heap of sh*t. Yup, mostly propaganda too. It's like they say about the paid-for anti-virus vendors, "If viruses didn't exist they'd be coding them themselves." I do often think that Microsoft are in the same position when it comes to updates - code in something naff somewhere then somewhere down the line release a 'fix'. Keep the masses thinking they need to be suckling at the teat - tripe! Only thing about Microsoft that isn't propaganda is that they're after your data, and at that, big-time now! Strongest case for not updating I know of - to Hell with them! Punting Spyware Suites and calling them Operating Systems. Of course with Win10 you get the Suite even if you don't update. It's a malignant joke. "It's just telemetry." "'Telemetry', what!" They think our heads zip up the back.
  13. To reply to my own question in case anyone has use for the information. 1) Made an image of the boot partition of the SSD - TRIM was enabled on this. 2) Using that image, restored it to the boot partition of an HDD. 3) Boot into the HDD and check TRIM setting - it was still enabled, so Win7 doesn't seem to auto-disable TRIM on an HDD. 4) Changed the TRIM setting on the HDD to disabled. HDD seemed to have survived all this fine. 5) In all, turns out safe to use an SSD image to restore to an HDD system. My computing-life just got very simplified by knowing that. All done! (Interesting. This was the first time I'd used an HDD for about a year and half - have been exclusively using SSD system. Boy the experience really showed up just how slow an HDD is. Wow! And that's with a motherboard that is SATA 2, not SATA 3, so I don't get the full speed benefit of an SSD. Nonetheless, still Wow!)
  14. Kind of puzzling over this today. What is an "Upvote" for? What is it meant to indicate? Also what is a "Like" for? What is it meant to indicate? And what is the difference between the two? How are users meant to use them?
  15. Radish

    Weird "Item Not Found" Error

    Don't know the solution myself but found this post elsewhere that suggests a couple of ways of a potential fix that folks say worked for them: https://superuser.com/questions/620238/could-not-find-this-item-every-time-when-renaming-moving-copying-win-7-expl/683995 If it was me and I was going to edit the registry I'd save off any keys I was going to edit/delete before trying the registry hack. That way can get back to base if something goes wrong. That said, if it was me, I'd try booting in Safe Mode and see if the problem still occurs while in Safe Mode. I think I'd try that before doing anything else.