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  1. Yeah. Forgot to mention 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. That's a double-plus-good (in the genuine sense) for Win7 and it can be 'installed' as a portable. Also worth a mention is Sizer. Kind of a niche program but use it for a couple of months and you won't end up deleting it as 'useless'. Again, can be 'installed' as portable.
  2. If you do go over to Win7 then at some point you're going to have deal with the 'issue' on what you're going to do about Microsoft Updates. At minimum you're going to have to find out what updates are absolutely essential to giving you a useable system. On that account I would recommend reading the following thread in its entirety: Update Win 7, or Not ? With respect to the books you mention I have no knowledge of them. However, when I first came to Win7 I got a hold of Windows 7 Annoyances by David A. Karp. I found it very informative and useful during install and configuring lots of asp
  3. Definitely download, install and configure Classic Shell. This will give you a good experience of Windows Explorer on 7 that has strong similarities to WinXP. I'm on Windows 7 myself but only because Classic Shell makes Explorer and the Start Menu tolerable for me - if Classic Shell wasn't available then I would think I'd just go over to Linux Mint. In point of comparison I have to say that I do find Win7 to be a pretty good system and am overall well pleased with it.
  4. @Karol I'm going out on a limb but the difficulty you are experiencing might be down to not having SHA256 patches installed to your Windows 7. Read through these two threads (you'll have to read through them in their entirety to get a proper handle on what they are about) and see if the information in them is relevant to your problem. https://msfn.org/board/topic/177590-update-win-7-or-not/ https://msfn.org/board/topic/178186-looking-for-info-about-the-upcoming-standalone-sha-2-patch-for-win7/ At one point in time I had issues with not being able to install some software to Win7
  5. @Karol Have you updated your Win7 install at all using Microsoft Updates?
  6. I am on Windows 7 and will sticking with it. I would guess that will fine for me for many years. However, you should read the entire thread posted here for some things to consider: Update Win 7, or Not ? and act on the information there.
  7. Thank you very much for this information, erpdude8. Greatly appreciated. For a non-expert like me could you clarify the following: (1) Does this update completely replace the previous versions of KB4474419? (2) Should I uninstall the previous version of this KB4474419 before installing this new one (v3)? (3) If I was rebuilding my system from scratch would it be okay to install this 'v3' version and forget about installing any previous versions that I have before installing the v3?
  8. Another app for setting up programs to bypass the UAC prompt by using Task Scheduler is UAC Pass I use it myself on Windows 7, it is pretty good at what it does. However, a program that is launched via Task Scheduler is started with Below Normal Priority. That would be okay mostly but if you want to set it to a higher priority then you have to edit the Task Scheduler .xml file for the scheduled task in question. Fortunately this is easy to do. Instructions are here: Setting a scheduled task process priority Also you can set up a Context Menu shortcut for getting an elevated prompt f
  9. I think fairly recently Firefox added built-in trackers and cookies blocking to the browser (the shield symbol to the extreme left of the address (url) bar). The default setting for that is to 'block', to unblock for site 'x' requires manual intervention - easy to do on a site-by-site basis. Maybe this has something to do with the disappearing ads. I only noticed this a while back myself because the then new blocking 'broke' a website I commonly visit, forget what site, but turning the Firefox in-built blocking to 'off' for that site fixed the site display issue. Should say that I have my
  10. Argh! It's happening again and has been that way for months - don't get email notifications. I do occasionally get one or two over last few months but it just seems utterly random. This is a really serious problem and very frustrating for usage of this forum. Okay so there are contortions that users can use as described above to maybe, possibly, perhaps, get a temporary fix for this. Problem, if the 'fix' works at all, is that it pretty quickly devolves to not working again. So I really plead to the admins of the forum -- I think @xper is the person that attends to site problems - please,
  11. I'm thinking it depends what the 'real world' means - would mean different things for different people. My own computer use is nowadays fairly limited, write documents, deal with email, play a movie and audio files, and surf the internet covers most of what I do. I find that for most things my system, with only (seemingly) essential updates, works just fine. Until I hit slight issues, rare, and things get generally interesting and not too difficult to solve - so far, so good. That said, and though it definitely doesn't qualify as an essential update (but it damn well should) I wouldn't be
  12. @bphlpt I've been very busy so haven't been able to respond quickly. However, something you said lead me to curing a very recent problem that surfaced when trying to play some recently released videos on a Vimeo 'channel' that I follow. The 'channel' has the title "Common Weal". I could play every video in that 'channel' in Firefox without issues with the exception of the two most recently released videos. The videos that I couldn't get to play were: An Investment-Led Economic Development Framework For An Independent Scotland Know Your Growth Commission: Financial Regulatio
  13. For folks that might still be bedevilled by this certificates problem Mozilla has now released add-on fixes for older versions of Firefox. Versions covered are: Firefox versions 61 – 65 Firefox versions 57 – 60 (not including Firefox 60 ESR) Firefox versions 47 – 56 That should cover most folks, we hope. Full details and download links here: Mozilla - Add-ons disabled or failing to install in Firefox The links are in the Updates section near the top of that document. (Haven't had to use any of them myself.) On cross-checking at the webpage https://www.jeffersonscher.com/ffu/
  14. I have had this occasionally happen to me. Usually it's just a faulty Windows attempt to mount the disk. On every occasion just pull out the disk and, usually, on the second or third attempt at reinserting the USB plug the drive starts to work again.
  15. I was just stepping through my Options settings after the install of 66.0.4 and noticed that 66.0.4 had in the 'General' settings enabled the setting "Automatically install updates (recommended)". I never ever allow Firefox to do that, I only ever use the setting "Check for updates but let you choose to install them". So 66.0.4 must have reset that setting to the Mozilla default on install. Same thing happened in my Firefox Portable (PortableApps) 66.0.4 So if you don't want Firefox automatically installing updates best go check that setting and put it back to your own preference if it w
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