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  1. Yeah , of course , the next time some unhinged russkie zombie is going to kill me , I'll make sure to say : "dear sir, please stop for a while , I need to explain to you that there are "evolutionary theories" saying we are supposed to be from the same species" . Well , my European brothers , good luck to you with such views and policies. Even addressing that zombie as sir is as idiotic as it could get @D.Draker! I am mathematician and natural scienctist. I believe nothing. The theory of evolution is nothing to believe. There are facts. If you want to, have a look in this simple, popular scientific article about "Early human migrations": https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Early_human_migrations Evolution doesn't mean that all changes and developments are good or bad. I definitely know what you think about a special part of the human population. And, as I already said, I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, there were some misguided developments in the past centuries. Did you read 5C? You see, we share the same opinion. But I cannot agree with you about evolution itself. Please, do not confuse the two! Anyway, if I were younger and had a similar education to yours (and maybe, some more muscles ), I would come along and show my support for our views, even though I am actually a Pacifist. Humans have interfered very much with evolutionary processes over the last centuries, unfortunately in a rather negative way. In this case, however, I hope that the intervention is massive and that we can correct this aberration, ultimately.
  2. Maybe you have misunderstood something! What made you think you had to teach me English? Did you read all my posts and articles? Do you think my English is that bad? Misspelling caused by worsening of the eyesight is a job for an optician. Anyway, have a good night! I am tired, and my bed is calling me.
  3. And I thanked you for that, did you forget that? If so, then once again But, I hope you know that these misspellings were caused by the fact that my eyes have become worse, and my computer glasses don't work for me anymore. I am totally aware of the grammatical difference between "provide" and "provided", of course! So, what's your problem?
  4. That's right! But what I meant by mentioning @VistaLover and @Dave-H was their deeper explanations in special grammatical constellations and their detailed examples of the correct use. Think of my little "either" problem! Now, it is history. And, @VistaLover's remarks are always more detailed than any others here in this forum. And @Dave-H, he is a native English speaker, and that speaks for itself.
  5. Thank you, I didn't know that at all. So this is a good security feature. So set to "true" do you know where this blocklist is located and what other prefs are related. Thanks again You're welcome! You may check the internal page about:third-party to find out which third-party DLL files are loaded in Mypal 68. I didn't check that, it's informaton from ghacks.net. I am on my Android tablet at the moment.
  6. The developer of Mypal 68, @feodor2, is not responsible for the existence of this preference. It's a common preference of Firefox 68 which Mypal 68 was developed from. The default setting is true to avoid DLL injections from known third-party applications via a blocklist. That means, if the preference browser.launcherProcess.enabled is set to true, Mypal 68 blocks DLL Injections by third-party applications.
  7. 4 - I'm gonna tell you a secret, perhaps it's because not all French like to acknowledge they know English xD . And again , I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have such troubles in Vichy . The next time you in France , Vichy would be a great place to visit ! 5A: I didn't write the "same" . The tribes are Germanic , but not the same . My tribe are Franks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franks Yours is my favourite Frisians , obviously. 5B: No they don't , and this is a very well known leftist propaganda. Why would you repeat it ? 5C: In my life , esp. recently, I met quite a lot of species who look like people , but they are NOT. 4: Of course! The penny has dropped! At least I hope so! You probably mean that historically. And about Vichy, I heard a lot, but I can't remember to have ever been there. Maybe, one day... 5A: Sorry, my fault! Actually, I didn't mean same tribes but Germanic tribes, of course! Franks and Frisians, very cool mixture! 5B: I studied biology beside others. I had a very deep insight into the subject evolution, and I read a lot about it since I was ten years old. Believe me, no propaganda at all! Many evolutionary theories have been substantiated and proven both palaeontologically and, for several decades, genetically. One cannot close one's mind to this, as is the case, for example, with a large part of the American population. I just say: creationists, i.e., evolution deniers, so called here in Germany. Unbelievable! Poor American youth being told what to think and read about "evolution", and to consider untruths to be true. And, this in a country that co-founded modern genetics. Think, for example, of famous scientists like James Watson! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Watson And, just to clarify this in advance, my statements refer only to evolution as a subfield of the natural science of biology, of course! Simply and rather unscientifically said, the European humans have their origin in Africa, and life itself in a primordial cell. So much for the history of the origin (and development) of the human species homo sapiens, or more generally, the origin of life itself. I could spread a lot of information about this, but that would go beyond the scope here. And one thing I can say for sure I don't repeat anything. I am a thinking person , and I make up my own mind like you also do for sure. 5C: Totally agreed!
  8. Unfortunately, no huge muscles! I did a lot of sports when I was younger but getting older means sometimes paying the bill for what you did in the past. And probably voluntarily, too! Just so I'm not misunderstood, I very much appreciate the grammatical or semantic corrections and explanations of some members here in the forum, such as from @VistaLover or @Dave-H. They helped me a lot. But there are also others, though. If, for example, a person in a discussion or argumentation no longer knows what to say, i.e. one runs out of arguments, then you get to hear something like "If English were your mother tongue, then...". To be continued, later. Unfortunately, I have to work now.
  9. Hello @basilisk-dev! We are so glad to hear all that! Developing great browsers is truly of inestimable benefit to all and no one can lose out. Welcome to MSFN! Cheers, AstroSkipper
  10. Injuries to the foot hurt like hell. I'm very sensitive to them. By the way, I also had muscles when I was younger. We have to respect that, of course, and there are many other things one can talk about. I think some members, here in this forum, have a completely different opinion. I didn't mean to say that the French can't learn English or are less talented. I haven't been to France for a while. In the past, I didn't get very far with English when I spent my holidays there. I had to get out my French dictionary. It's probably all totally changed nowadays! Nice to hear that we originate from the same tribes! Truth be told, all human individuals from the species homo sapiens do have the same origin, from a biological point of view. Unfortunately, from another point of view, there are some exceptions.
  11. @Mathwiz! Thank you for confirming my statements! The wording "less secure" or "insecure" means all the same in the end and seems a bit splitting hairs. This could be more the subject of a linguistic, philological, or philosophical investigation. And, that such a browser can be used for syncing bookmarks or surfing secure, trusted websites, as long as they work in such browsers, is no problem at all, only, to emphasize this once again. I would do the same if I used Firefox Sync as @Dave-H does, for example. I already mentioned this browser was not maintained for more than 4 years. Nowadays, such a time span is no longer the same as it used to be. The development and change of websites has accelerated enormously. One year of development in today's times is several years in those. It goes without saying that such a browser has more and more problems opening current pages. I was also not surprised why the old, beloved Netscape Navigator could no longer open most pages in the good, old times. Anyway, I stopped using Firefox ESR 52.9.0 about three years ago, especially because it didn't really run well on my low-resource system at the end. Its original installation still exists, frankly, rather for reasons of contemporary history. After the era of Firefox, I switched to Mypal (the old, abandoned versions by @feodor2) and was very satisfied. Today, New Moon 28, Serpent 52 and Mypal 68 are my main browsers in Windows XP, and I am very happy with them. And, even in these browsers, I do not expect all websites to work well. The internet has become too fast-moving for that. Chrome browsers, I try to avoid due to their enormous RAM consumption (unfortunately, there is no single process mode anymore for a long time. ). I only use 360Chrome v11 and, very rarely, v13 for reasons of comparison if "Googlized" websites cause issues. Last but not least, we should be thankful and glad to have such a range of working browsers in Windows XP. ,
  12. Hello @thomasxxx! Thanks a lot for posting a new solution! You see very easy to post here. One recommendation for further posting. Use bold text and font size 18 for the headline only due to better visibility! When someone reads your post, the headline stings you right in the eye and the reader knows immediately what this is about. Just a recommendation, of cource! Anyway, this is a good post, and your English is totally ok. Hi @thomasxxx! Thanks again for posting your solution! Although I can't test this solution (No problems here at all!) I've listed it in the third post under Specific solutions: https://msfn.org/board/topic/183498-general-and-specific-solutions-for-problems-regarding-auwumu-in-windows-xp/?do=findComment&comment=1216507 Cheers, AstroSkipper
  13. Hope the healing process goes well and you have enough time for full recovery! You have complimented me so many times on my English language skills, which by far need improvement. In any case, I must return this compliment regarding your English language competence. From your profile, I know you are French, and I think learning, speaking and writing in English is a bit more difficult for a native French speaker than a German (Frisian ) one. Your English is absolutely perfect. Where did you learn it? Or, is your background bilingual or multilingual? Greetings from Germany, AstroSkipper
  14. Unfortunately, it is still required. I modified the general.useragent.override.addons.palemoon.org with the most recent one of the original Pale Moon. At the moment, I am writing this reply on my Android tablet but when I am on my desktop computer next time, I will post the string of my working user-agent. But I think your posted one should work, too. As promised, here is the string of my current user-agent for the variable general.useragent.override.addons.palemoon.org in the most recent version of New Moon 28 from 2022-08-24: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:68.0) Gecko/20100101 Goanna/4.8 Firefox/68.0 PaleMoon/29.4.1 You see, less recent than @VistaLover's one. But I tested it again, and it still works fine here.
  15. You're absolutely right! Windows XP itself doesn't have the latest security features. It is an old, unsupported OS for years, but still my main and beloved operating system. Therefore, the user of such OSes has to be careful and wise. Using a browser which lacks of security updates and bug fixes since June of 2018, is not recommended and certainly not wise. The lack of the most recent TLS protocol and its ciphers is not really a problem, you can use the brand new TLS 1.3 proxy I recently released as a program package. And, using such an old browser should be no problem when sharing data via Firefox Sync or surfing trusted, secure websites. But generally, it should be replaced by a lot of more secure alternatives like, for example, New Moon, Serpent or Mypal 68. Therefore and unfortunately, my original statement is reasonable and correct. Maybe, the word "totally" can be ignored or be replaced (already done!). Anyway, each to their own, of course!
  16. Unfortunately, it is still required. I modified the general.useragent.override.addons.palemoon.org with the more recent one of the original Pale Moon. At the moment, I am writing this reply on my Android tablet but when I am on my desktop computer next time, I will post the string of my working user-agent. But I think your posted one should work, too.
  17. Thanks a lot for this unbelievable nice reply, @D.Draker! Yes, I am a Frisian! But it would never have been enough for a general, you have to be of a different breed. Nevertheless, I feel very honoured and am definitely very pleased that you have read some of my posts. I have just drunk a cup of East Frisian tea. By the way, the Frisian dialect is "plattdeutsch" and doesn't sound so nice to many Germans. I've always spoken pure "hochdeutsch" for family reasons, and today, too. I don't know how long you'll be home, but I hope we can chat a bit more. For now, I wish you a good night.
  18. Hello @D.Draker! Glad to hear from you! I am sure that surviving is the most important of all. Hope your injury is not too serious! Please, take good care of you, and don't take your injury lightly! Only a healthy man can fight! Unfortunately, I'm too old and not trained for that. Anyway, recover well from your injury at home! Greetings from Germany, AstroSkipper
  19. Hello @tigerindigo! You need a language pack for New Moon/Pale Moon 28.10.x. The German one works for me with the most recent version of New Moon 28 without any issues. Here are two links: https://github.com/JustOff/pale-moon-localization/releases/tag/28.10.0_RC1 or https://archive.palemoon.org/palemoon/langpacks/28.x/28.10.0/ For changing the language you have to either edit manually the language ID via about:config or use the extension Pale Moon Locale Switcher: https://addons.palemoon.org/addon/locale-switcher/ Cheers, AstroSkipper
  20. Hello @Jody Thornton! The progress has been made by @feodor2, of course! He is the developer. We other guys just try to help him as far as possible. Cheers, AstroSkipper
  21. You're welcome! Just to be clear, I didn't say he'd never visit this forum or the Mypal 68 threads. @feodor2 said he would come around here from time to time whatever that means. Here is a quotation from @Jody Thornton's MyPal 68 thread: Cheers, AstroSkipper
  22. As I already posted in my thread (not everyone is a reader of my thread, of course ), the Root Certificates have been updated and are now from 23-08-2022. Here is a screenshot: https://msfn.org/board/topic/183352-proxhttpsproxy-and-httpsproxy-in-windows-xp-for-future-use/?do=findComment&comment=1224831 Cheers, AstroSkipper
  23. Update notification! The Root Certificates have been updated and are now from 23-08-2022. Here is a screenshot: My self-created, offline Root Certificate Updaters will be updated as soon as possible. Cheers, AstroSkipper
  24. @XPerceniol! Just an additional information! Please do not expect a prompt reply from @feodor2! He does not regularly visit our forum, only from time to time. I am saying this here so that you will not be disappointed if you do not receive a direct reply.

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