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  1. And, I really need some computer glasses. In the next weeks, I will build a more recent desktop machine, but presumably, without Windows XP. Much more recent hardware means more recent OS. And, you know, I am a Windows XP fan or enthusiast. Do you understand my next problem? And, on this more recent machine with an actually not wanted, but needed, more recent OS, there will be only browsers I can trust, i.e., no Chinese or Russian one. PS: There is one advantage of my old machine to more recent ones. It is easy to identify software that consumes an incredible amount of system resources. For me, this kind of stuff is just bad programming!
  2. Hello @D.Draker! It's not really a torture to use my old computer. Yes, this machine is slow and low on system resources, but very stable and reliable. A computer that has grown older with me and has never let me down despite unbelievable disasters. It would be difficult for me to send it to retirement. Every screw, modification or repair was done by me personally. I know this machine inside out. Now do you understand what the problem is? And, of course, your machine you descibed above is time-period correct for running Windows XP!
  3. Thank you @mina7601! But basically, it is not necessary to rephrase my statements, and frankly, I don't like that at all. My statements are meant as they were formulated by me. If you want to comment on them, I would like to read your own opinion and not what I have already said or maybe, didn't want to say, either. Provide your own experiences and thoughts! That would be much more interesting and valuable! IMHO, self-created content that contains personal and unique statements without constantly repeating those of others should be the goal of a poster, actually. The human mind, no matter what age, is capable of creating and formulating its own. Finding the right and individual path in life and also here in this forum always means forming your own opinion, standing by it and expressing it to others. I hope this helps you a bit! Cheers, AstroSkipper
  4. Unfortunately, I really had a little "either" problem. Your example is absolutely correct. But I forgot an important rule. The word "either" is only used in your example sentence if it is preceded by a negative. In non-negative sentences, the adverbs "too" or "also" are used. The position of this adverb was not the subject of our little grammatical excursus. Here is an example for my grammatical error:
  5. But, that's not enough. Errors have to be eliminated. As you know, I don't like errors.
  6. I'm glad to hear that! BTW, I found a grammatical error in my statement, already corrected! You shouldn't do a thousand things at the same time.
  7. Friendliness is a virtue, and the Frisians have mastered it to perfection!
  8. Very good! It's all fine with my program package. We had here a beta test, and all my self-created executables are definitely clean. Any alarm notfication from security programs is a false positive.
  9. @beansmuggler I forgot to ask which program was showing this message. I have never received such a message!
  10. Hello @beansmuggler! That's Min2Tray, an open source program to minimize program windows to the systray. The installed hook is needed for keyboard shortcuts. Add it to your exclusion list or whitelist! Read my documentation! Min2Tray is very well known and totally harmless. Google it! And, it is definitely not this: Cheers, AstroSkipper PS: If you like my project or my program package, please, support it by liking or up-voting!
  11. Hello @cnfcomps! Thanks for your nice reply! BTW, it was not only a collecting of information about restoring MU system in Windows XP but own work and solutions, too, which were very time-consuming. An Autostart option will be a feature in one of the next releases if I can see a real interest in my already published program package. An author lives from the feedback of the users, and the feedback on my project ProxHTTPSProxy's PopMenu TLS 1.3 3V3 is rather modest. Only few comments and reactions on my program package itself! You're welcome! Cheers, AstroSkipper PS: If you like my project or my program package, please, support it by liking or up-voting!
  12. Description of of a time-period correct computer running Windows XP owned by an infamous Frisian (I also have others but not running Windows XP). My Windows XP computer is equipped with a Pentium 4 2.8 GHz Northwood single core CPU and only 1.5 GB SD-RAM. and can't be upgraded anymore due to the motherbord's layout. No SSD, no SATA but IDE hard disks, and the graphic card is NVIDIA 6200 AGP 4x. A more recent desktop computer will be built by me in the next weeks. At the moment, no time to do that! Anyway, presumably, no hardware for running MiniBrowser without getting more grey hair than I already have! Cheers, AstroSkipper
  13. Apology accepted! And now let's forget about all that! Frisians are generally not resentful as you know!
  14. Never tried MiniBrowser! Is it heavy on system resources as 360chrome v13 and v13.5? And, what about telemetry or spyware inside? It's a Chinese browser, isn't it?
  15. Here is another link to an informative site about the preferences in Firefox or Mypal 68: https://kb.mozillazine.org/About:config_entries Cheers, AstroSkipper
  16. What I wrote about the Frisian people is true. Most of them tick like this. And, me too!
  17. Forget about Google Translator! Not really a good choice! Use Deepl instead!
  18. It's not Frisian but English. Use Deepl and translate "woe betide so."!
  19. What does this word mean? (the bolded text) "But, woe betide if you do!" means "But, woe to the one who does it!" or "But, don't you dare!°.
  20. It is advisable not to change this function if everything works well with hardware acceleration. In my system, hardware acceleration is disabled. Setting layers.max-active to 1 works well for me.
  21. Hello @XPerceniol! Here are my current settings of Mypal 68 with short, own comments: Current settings: set browser.tabs.remote.autostart from true to false -> single process mode set dom.ipc.processCount to value 3 -> single process mode set dom.ipc.processCount.webLargeAllocation to value 3 -> single process mode (additionally) set dom.noopener.newprocess.enabled from true to false -> single process mode (additionally) set dom.moduleScripts.enabled from true to false -> VirusTotal, new interface set layout.css.resizeobserver.enabled from false to true -> DevianArt, GitHub Gifs set layers.acceleration.disabled from false to true -> reduce RAM usage set layers.max-active from -1 to 1 -> reduce RAM usage set dom.ipc.processPrelaunch.enabled from true to false -> reduce RAM usage set javascript.options.discardSystemSource from false to true -> reduce RAM usage set extensions.webextensions.remote from true to false -> Don't run a separate process for addons set extensions.webextensions.protocol.remote from true to false -> Don't run a separate process for addons set dom.ipc.plugins.flash.subprocess.crashreporter.enabled from true to false -> Don't run a separate process for Flash crash reporting set dom.vr.process.enabled from true to false -> Don't run a separate process for Virtual Reality components set layers.gpu-process.enabled from true to false -> Don't run a separate process for GPU rendering set media.gpu-process-decoder from true to false -> Don't run a separate process for video decoding set toolkit.cosmeticAnimations.enabled from true to false -> Disable Unnecessary Animations set browser.download.saveLinkAsFilenameTimeout from 4000 to 2000 -> Increasing or decreasing "Save Link As" Timeout Value set browser.sessionhistory.max_entries from 50 to 10 -> Reduce Firefox Session History Some commented preferences can also be found in the following file of Mypal 68's source code: https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal68/blob/main/modules/libpref/init/all.js Cheers, AstroSkipper PS: The setting dom.moduleScripts.enabled should be checked to see if the setting to false is still necessary (old setting from Mypal 68.12.4b).
  22. And very important for a Frisian is to enjoy a cup or can of strong black tea called East Frisian Tea. And, exactly that I am going to do now. To all, have a nice day! Read you later!
  23. To shed a little light on the mentality of the Frisian people, for all who never met or spoken to such one, Frisians are basically very level-headed, not wavering in their opinion, rather calm, cosy, friendly, always willing to help, a little taciturn, in most cases not resentful, and very rarely let themselves get out of their own way. Shouting is not one of their traits. And, you have to do very bad things to upset a Frisian and make him angry. But, woe betide if you do!

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