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  1. Confirmed! Any change in the size of the window recovers the menu items. Same applies to any change in the font of the dashboard page. But this is certainly not a satisfactory solution, of course. The problem must have to do with a change in the browsers, either in the current or in an earlier release. Some weeks ago, everything was fine. Maybe, our browser experts have an idea. I do not have one at the moment. I've modified the xpi file, and now, the issue seems to have been solved. I do hope so, at least. Here is the link of uBlock Origin Legacy modified by me: https://msfn.org/board/topic/183923-extensions-and-custom-buttons-for-uxp-browsers-corrections-modifications-adjustments-and-special-recommendations/?do=findComment&comment=1226247 Cheers, AstroSkipper
  2. I already had a look into the file dashboard.css inside uBlock's xpi file but no success until now.
  3. Confirmed! Any change in the size of the window recovers the menu items. Same applies to any change in the font of the dashboard page. But this is certainly not a satisfactory solution, of course. The problem must have to do with a change in the browsers, either in the current or in an earlier release. Some weeks ago, everything was fine. Maybe, our browser experts have an idea. I do not have one at the moment.
  4. Hello @roytam1, @VistaLover and @Mathwiz! Did anyone of you already notice that the UI of uBlock Origin's dashboard page is broken in the latest version of New Moon 28 (2022-09-02)? The menu items at the top of the dashboard page are compressed and no longer visible. However, you can still click on them with the mouse. I refer to the last legacy version of uBlock Origin, In a previous version of New Moon 28, everything was fine (I didn't check in which version this issue occurred first). Tested also with a clean profile. Here is a screenshot of this issue: Since no new updates or versions have been released from JustOff for over a year, I'm afraid that not much will happen if reporting this issue on GitHub. To find out the reason for this glitch, I took a screenshot of the error console when the dashboard page of uBlock is loaded: BTW, same issue with Serpent v52.9.0 (2022-09-02) (32-bit). uBlock Origin is in my opinion definitely the most important extension besides palefill we need for our UXP browser. Hope this can be fixed! Cheers, AstroSkipper
  5. My cat is a black one. She is more than 20 years old. She is a full member of our family and is loved more than anything else.
  6. Hello to all fans of roytam1's browsers! Some time ago I was asked if I knew a way to install a button in New Moon 28 that lists and makes available all about pages like the one I presented in my thread "Mypal 68 in Windows XP - Custom Buttons and Extensions" for the browser Mypal 68. Meant was the custom button aboutbutton. Link: I totally forgot that here is a perfect way to do this. The solution is to install the extension Toolbar Buttons 1.1.1. Link: http://caa:addon/toolbar-buttons Of course, to use this link you must have installed the extension Classic Add-ons Archive. Link: https://github.com/JustOff/ca-archive/ The genius of Toolbar Buttons is that with a single extension you get an incredible number of buttons to extend the functionality of our UXP browsers. I use a lot of them. Here is a quotation from the developer's description: Anyway, one of these 100 buttons is called about:about. With this button, you have full access to all about pages in your browser. I use this extension and many of their provided toolbar buttons in all compatible browsers from the very first time. Especially the buttons Clear Data, Clear Cache and Restart. Maybe, a few of the other provided buttons do not work properly anymore, but most of them do. The buttons have to be installed by the toolbar's item "Customize" via drag and drop. Tested in New Moon 28 and Serpent 52. Have fun with this! Cheers, AstroSkipper
  7. uMatrix uMatrix is a content blocker at its best. Point & click to forbid/allow any class of requests made by your browser. Use it to block scripts, iframes, ads, facebook, etc. Tested version: 1.4.4 Here is the wiki: https://github.com/gorhill/uMatrix/wiki And the following link opens a nice beginner's guide: https://proprivacy.com/privacy-service/guides/lifehacks-setup-umatrix-beginners Download link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/umatrix/
  8. Hello @msfntor! Thank you for the linked article about Mia! I have been a cat person since I was 10 years old. I love all cats, and we have one ourselves. Unfortunately only one, her sister died over 2 years ago (due to illness). Anyway, I can absolutely confirm that cats always do what they want, like little Mia! Cats have a mind of their own, and I love that more than anything. Cheers, AstroSkipper
  9. Hello @Taiga-chan! Glad to hear you got my program package working! Have fun with it! You're welcome! And, many thanks! Greetings from Germany, AstroSkipper
  10. Simple Translate Quickly translate selected or typed text on web pages. Supports Google Translate and DeepL API. Tested version: 2.8.0 For using the DeepL API you have to register a free account. Unfortunately, the use of this API is a bit limited. The operators want to earn money, of course. Therefore, it is a good idea to use their web service additionally. Here is the link: https://www.deepl.com/translator Anyway, the extension Simple Translate is the best I could find and works like a charme. Download link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/simple-translate/
  11. WRP - Web Rendering Proxy But, it won't restore the functionality of a website as, for example, MSFN, which stopped working properly in FF 52.9.0 ESR. So I'm afraid that won't be a desired solution here. Anyway, nice find for historical browsers to view websites if someone wants to!
  12. Update notification! Both versions of my Root Certificate and Revoked Certificate Updater have been updated and are now of 08/23/2022. You can find them in section Downloads -> Latest Downloads -> Downloads related to Root Certificate Updates in the first post of this thread. Cheers, AstroSkipper
  13. @Mathwiz! I can't find a sync function in Mypal 68 either, it doesn't seem to have been added yet. You know that @feodor2 is working on important improvements and existing problems, many functions are still missing, e.g. update function for extensions, internationalization and localization and so on. Whether the support for Firefox Sync will be added again, I don't know exactly. But, you can open an issue on GitHub. @feodor2 looks there more regularly than here.
  14. Hello @roytam1! Thank you so much for the constantly updating of your releases! The most recent version of NM 28 (2022-09-02) is great. BTW, NM 28 is still my main browser.
  15. I totally agree! Speaking only for myself, I do not use any Sync Services, neither Firefox nor Pale Moon Sync. I generally try to store as little data as possible on cloud services. But, one thing is clear. No matter what would be changed in this functionality, someone will always come up short and be dissatisfied.
  16. @mina7601! In the first linked post, everything is explained sufficiently. And by the way, I never try to say anything, I say it crystal clear or as clear as necessary.
  17. Unfortunately, that was not the subject. Read here: https://msfn.org/board/topic/183764-“be-mindful-be-grateful-be-positive-be-true-be-kind”/?do=findComment&comment=1225443 And here: https://msfn.org/board/topic/183764-“be-mindful-be-grateful-be-positive-be-true-be-kind”/?do=findComment&comment=1225463 And, last not least: https://msfn.org/board/topic/183764-“be-mindful-be-grateful-be-positive-be-true-be-kind”/?do=findComment&comment=1225487
  18. No, I am not angry at all. But, as you know, I mean what I write, i.e., I would like to read comments with your personal experiences and ideas. I don't like rephrasing, repeating and comments without own content. To show you what I mean I rewrote your statement. Here is your comment in a more personal way of wording providing own opinions and experiences: It's just an example.
  19. You're absolutely right! I totally forgot this to say. These browsers here can't help it that this strange @AstroSkipper is making the internet unsafe with such an old computer. Many thanks to all who have contributed to this project!
  20. Unfortunately, we are non-native English speakers. Therefore, it can only be answered by e.g. @Dave-H. I think basically both is ok. For example:
  21. Compared to the browsers of @roytam1 or Mypal 68, the 360Chrome browsers are unfortunately very slow and sluggish. In my system, I can only open three pages in the version v11 at the most, and then nothing works anymore. Only endless loading and waiting is the order of the day. And not to mention v13 and v13.5! Sorry, no fun at all! Using only one page in v11 is still bearable and works if it is not programmed too "modern" and too Googlized. I use 360Chrome v11 only for comparison if there are problem with Googlized websites.
  22. It was just an example to clarify my "either" problem. I used it incorrectly in some cases and forgot about the condition of a preciding negation.
  23. And, I really need some computer glasses. In the next weeks, I will build a more recent desktop machine, but presumably, without Windows XP. Much more recent hardware means more recent OS. And, you know, I am a Windows XP fan or enthusiast. Do you understand my next problem? And, on this more recent machine with an actually not wanted, but needed, more recent OS, there will be only browsers I can trust, i.e., no Chinese or Russian one. PS: There is one advantage of my old machine to more recent ones. It is easy to identify software that consumes an incredible amount of system resources. For me, this kind of stuff is just bad programming!

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