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  1. You can't have used Mypal 68 for that long, it's only been around for a few months. Please, don't forget it is still under development and in a beta state! And, I can't confirm your assessment at all. Mypal 68 is faster and more resource-efficient than the 360Chrome browsers. BTW, we are of course talking about Mypal 68 in single process mode. Anyway, sorry , but the truth has to be told!
  2. Both, the abandoned Mypal 29 and the current Mypal 68, were and are great projects. The sources they were ported from can be trusted. BTW, Mypal 68 is based on Firefox 68. And moreover, @feodor2 can be trusted in the same way as @roytam1. 360Chrome browsers are basically Chinese browsers, modified Chrome browsers, full of telemetric implementations, spyware and ads. It doesn't matter where the developer comes from. It's more a question of sources and trust. I wrote programs for our TLS proxies, and I am German. And now?
  3. Mine doesn't, either. I use 360ChromePortable 13.0.2206 rebuild 9. When I open the Google website, for example, a click (left or right-click) onto the lock (left of https) does not show any encryption information, either. It does simply nothing. Maybe, you checked this in a previous version like 13.0.2107, but in the last version 13.0.2206 of 360Chrome v13, the lock is inaccessible for me. And, I didn't alter anything in this browser with regard to the skin or whatever.
  4. You may be right. Nevertheless, it is always a question of trust. And if you have the choice between a Chinese browser that was modified by Russians, and then not fully translated into the English language, and on the other hand a browser that was ported from the Mozilla community, the choice is not really difficult in terms of security and privacy. Right? I use the 360Chrome browsers, too, but only rarely. I would neither enter any passwords, secret information, nor any payment related data into one of these 360Chrome browsers. I do not trust them at all! And, today even less than before! And to be honest, it would not matter to me whatever the outcome of any safety tests. My main browsers are New Moon 28, Serpent 52, and Mypal 68. 360Chrome browsers are only fed by me with Google-infested rubbish, where security and privacy don't matter anyway. But, as paradoxical as it may sound, I am still glad that these Chrome browsers exist in Windows XP.
  5. Toggle Restartless Add-ons The custom button Toggle Restartless Add-ons provides a drop-down menu to toggle both restartless add-ons and installed plug-ins. Here is a screenshot of its drop-down menu: Here are additional mouse click action for convenient usage of its toolbar button: Clicking onto the toolbar button: Left-click – open drop-down menu Middle-click or left-click with any modifier – open Add-ons Manager Clicking onto the items of the drop-down menu: Left-click – toggle enabled/disabled Shift+left-click – toggle enabled/disabled and don't close menu Middle-click or left-click with any modifier (except Shift) – open add-on page Right-click – open add-on options (if any) The custom button Toggle Restartless Add-ons allows to activate or deactivate restartless extensions and plugins faster without opening the Add-ons Manager. For its installation, the extension Custom Buttons is required. Link: https://msfn.org/board/topic/183923-extensions-and-custom-buttons-for-uxp-browsers-corrections-modifications-adjustments-and-special-recommendations/?do=findComment&comment=1226328 I uploaded this custom button as an XML file. Here is the download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/gqos7e8aj78tt7k/Toggle_Restartless_Add-ons-ID8.xml/file Cheers, AstroSkipper
  6. Custom Buttons - The extension for installing custom buttons The extension Custom Buttons gives a possibility to create or install custom toolbar buttons to enhance the browser's functionality or get easily access to features difficult to be reached. Here is a screenshot of Custom Buttons which is integrated in the Add-ons Manager after installation: There are different ways to install a custom button. If you have written an own custom button, you can add this code via the button 'Add new button'. Here is a screenshot of its configuration window: If you want to install an already provided one, the installation depends on the format of this button. In case it is offered as an XML file, you can install it via the browser's file menu item 'Open file' and click onto the button 'Install', or you do it via 'drag and drop' into an empty browser window. Here is an example what you'll see when you do that: In the internet and especially in the Custom Buttons forum http://custombuttons.sourceforge.net/forum/index.php, you can install custom buttons via a provided link. You see, a lot of possibilities to get and install custom buttons. The last version, you can download via the Classic Add-ons Archive, is Custom Buttons The version, which I use and can recommend, is Custom Buttons, a more recent and compatible one. It works flawlessly in New Moon 28. I uploaded this version for you. Here is the download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/wpf38lupdi4fo0s/custom_buttons- Cheers, AstroSkipper
  7. Serpent Tester Tool The extension Serpent Tester Tool allows to install any extension in Basilisk or Serpent, regardless of target application and versions specified in its manifest. Here is a quotation from the homepage of its developer Nebula-Mechanica, who forked Serpent Tester Tool from JustOff's Moon Tester Tool: @VistaLover brought this fork of Moon Tester Tool to my attention. Until then, I was only aware of the Moon Tester Tool extension. I tested it with a few extensions, and it works as expected. Here is the link to the first version 1.0.0 of Serpent Tester Tool: https://github.com/Nebula-Mechanica/serpent-tester-tool/releases/tag/1.0.0 Cheers, AstroSkipper
  8. Moon Tester Tool The extension Moon Tester Tool allows to install any extension in Pale Moon or New Moon, regardless of target application and versions specified in its manifest. Here is a quotation from the homepage of its developer JustOff: Every extension that I have made compatible with Moon Tester Tool works flawlessly. Here is the link to the latest version 2.1.4 of Moon Tester Tool: https://github.com/JustOff/moon-tester-tool/releases/tag/2.1.4 Cheers, AstroSkipper
  9. 360loader.exe with modified custom flags inside the file 360Loader.ini.
  10. GeoFlag customized by @AstroSkipper I used the extension FlagFox for a very long time in Firefox 52.9.0 ESR, Pale Moon, New Moon, and Serpent 52. Although this extension was abandoned for the legacy UXP browsers due to the change to the modern web extensions years ago, it could be updated by inserting its most recent database manually. I did that for a very long time. But, since I realized that there is a new extension called GeoFlag, I replaced the old extension FlagFox by this new one in my installation of New Moon 28. As described in my post about the Pale Moon extensions from Realtriple Software https://msfn.org/board/topic/183923-extensions-and-custom-buttons-for-uxp-browsers-corrections-modifications-adjustments-and-special-recommendations/?do=findComment&comment=1226249, the GeoFlag extension has to be modified to work in New Moon 28. It can be made compatible with Serpent 52, too. Here is the modified code of GeoFlag's install.rdf for Serpent 52: <?xml version="1.0"?> <RDF xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#" xmlns:em="http://www.mozilla.org/2004/em-rdf#"> <Description about="urn:mozilla:install-manifest"> <em:name>GeoFlag</em:name> <em:id>{76843B06-C8C5-5088-90C5-679EA2F00123}</em:id> <em:version>31.0</em:version> <em:type>2</em:type> <!-- Pale Moon --> <em:targetApplication> <Description> <em:id>{8de7fcbb-c55c-4fbe-bfc5-fc555c87dbc4}</em:id> <em:minVersion>28.10.0</em:minVersion> <em:maxVersion>31.*</em:maxVersion> </Description> </em:targetApplication> <!-- Basilisk / Iceweasel-UXP / Serpent --> <em:targetApplication> <Description> <em:id>{ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384}</em:id> <em:minVersion>52.9.0</em:minVersion> <em:maxVersion>52.9.*</em:maxVersion> </Description> </em:targetApplication> <em:description>Displays a flag depicting the location of the current server</em:description> <em:optionsURL>chrome://geoflag/content/options.xul</em:optionsURL> <em:homepageURL>https://realityripple.com/Software/XUL/GeoFlag/</em:homepageURL> <em:updateURL>https://realityripple.com/Software/XUL/GeoFlag/update.rdf</em:updateURL> <em:iconURL>chrome://geoflag/skin/logo.png</em:iconURL> <em:icon64URL>chrome://geoflag/skin/logo64.png</em:icon64URL> <em:creator>RealityRipple</em:creator> <em:developer>David Garrett</em:developer> <em:developer>Joseph Birr-Pixton</em:developer> </Description> </RDF> Or, you can use the extension Serpent Tester Tool https://msfn.org/board/topic/183923-extensions-and-custom-buttons-for-uxp-browsers-corrections-modifications-adjustments-and-special-recommendations/?do=findComment&comment=1226306 to make GeoFlag compatible with Serpent. Anyway, this extension is absolutely great and much better than FlagFox. There are many additional features and all of them are working perfectly. Here is a screenshot of its context menu: There was only one feature I unfortunately missed. The menu item My info to get information about the user's external IP and their location. For that reason, I added this item by myself. And, what can I say? It works exactly as expected. Here is a screenshot with my customized settings: Download link of GeoFlag: https://realityripple.com/Software/XUL/GeoFlag/ Cheers, AstroSkipper
  11. Frankly, I use Chrome browsers in Windows XP very rarely, only for Googlized websites or comparisons with roytam1's browsers. More recent versions don't mean to be better. 360Chrome v11 is just about bearable in terms of its performance and resource consumption, 360Chrome v13 on the other hand is beyond good and evil in my low-resource system. And yes, the installed version of v13 is 360ChromePortable 13.0.2206 rebuild 9. This is the recommended version (actually 13.0.2107) by @NotHereToPlayGames as far as I know. Supposedly, you won't gain any benefits if upgrading to version v13.5. Yes, I trust build 2107 more. It's been more stable for my use. Mileage may vary. It's NOT a "downgrade". The build numbers seem to confuse far to many people. Halfway through v13, the original creator went to Chromium v86.4240.198. Some of the earlier v13's stem from Chromium v86.4240.112. Even v13.5 and v13.6 use the same exact v86.4240.198 - YOU GAIN NOTHING. I *distrust* v13.5 and v13.6 - I WILL NOT BE UPGRADING THEM (so don't even ask, wink wink).
  12. Hello @Dave-H! I have installed ArcticFoxie's not 'un-Googled' 360Chrome v11 and v13., both of them in their latest versions. I opened the Google website and had a look in my history. I can't see any problems here, though. Here are two screenshots: History of 360Chrome v11: History of 360Chrome v13: Cheers, AstroSkipper
  13. RealityRipple Software - Pale Moon Extensions All Pale Moon extensions, created by RealityRipple Software, can be installed in New Moon 28, although their website claims that the extensions are only compatible with Pale Moon 31.*. You just have to modify an entry in the file install.rdf inside each of their xpi files. Here is an example of their original code: <em:id>{8de7fcbb-c55c-4fbe-bfc5-fc555c87dbc4}</em:id> <em:minVersion>31.0</em:minVersion> <em:maxVersion>31.*</em:maxVersion> And here is the modification: <em:id>{8de7fcbb-c55c-4fbe-bfc5-fc555c87dbc4}</em:id> <em:minVersion>28.10.0</em:minVersion> <em:maxVersion>31.*</em:maxVersion> BTW, these extensions can also be made compatible with Serpent by using the extension Serpent Tester Tool, for example. Here is a link: https://msfn.org/board/topic/183923-extensions-and-custom-buttons-for-uxp-browsers-corrections-modifications-adjustments-and-special-recommendations/?do=findComment&comment=1226306. My recommended extensions from RealityRipple are Grabit, ExtExp, BIZARRE, uTube, MTube, GeoFlag, qrThis, and Open Registry Key. All of them can be installed in New Moon 28 with the modification above without any problems, and they are working fine as expected. Here is the link to the site with all available Pale Moon extensions by RealityRipple once again: https://realityripple.com/Software/XUL/ Cheers, AstroSkipper
  14. uBlock Origin Legacy modified by @AstroSkipper uBlock Origin Legacy is the latest version you can download from GitHub. Here is the link: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock-for-firefox-legacy/releases/tag/firefox-legacy- In the most recent versions of New Moon 28 and Serpent 52, the UI of uBlock Origin's dashboard page has been broken. The menu items at the top of the dashboard page are compressed and no longer visible. However, you can still click on them with the mouse. In previous versions of New Moon 28 and Serpent 52, everything was fine (I didn't check in which version this issue occurred first). I also tested this misbehaviour with a clean profile. Here is a screenshot of this issue: I had a deeper look inside this extension and analyzed several embedded files. I checked all code referring to stylesheets and therefore especially CSS code. After reading a bit in an online CSS reference, I started to understand how this issue might be corrected. It was a good thing that I had dealt a bit more intensively with CSS a few months ago. My idea was in fixing the wrong positioning of the dashboard's menu bar and correcting all distances. Inside the xpi archive is a file called dashboard.css. This file had to be modified. Here is the section with the problematic, original code: html, body { display: flex; flex-direction: column; height: 100vh; justify-content: stretch; overflow: hidden; position: relative; width: 100vw; } #dashboard-nav { background-color: var(--default-surface); border: 0; box-shadow: var(--dashboard-bar-shadow); display: flex; flex-shrink: 0; flex-wrap: wrap; overflow-x: hidden; padding: 0; position: sticky; top: 0; width: 100%; z-index: 10; } And, here is the same section with my modifications: html, body { display: flex; flex-direction: column; height: 100vh; justify-content: stretch; overflow: hidden; padding-top: 35px; position: sticky; width: 100vw; } #dashboard-nav { background-color: var(--default-surface); border: 0; box-shadow: var(--dashboard-bar-shadow); display: flex; flex-shrink: 0; flex-wrap: wrap; overflow-x: hidden; padding: 0; position: absolute; top: 0; width: 100%; z-index: 10; } You see, I changed very little code. I corrected in 'html, body {} the value of the property position from 'relative' to 'sticky' and added a distance to the top of the dashboard page by the property padding-top with a value of 35px. Furthermore, I changed the value of the property position in #dashboard-nav {} from 'sticky' to 'absolute'. Anyway, it was a problem of positioning and correct distances. Now, with my modifications of the file dashboard.css, the dashboard can be opened as before, and all elements are finally fully visible again. This is a screenshot after fixing the issue, to demonstrate the result of my modification: Here is the download link to my fixed version of uBlock Origin Legacy https://www.mediafire.com/file/9lzu12rv5sczto9/uBlock0_1.16.4.30.firefox-legacy-mod-by-%40AstroSkipper.xpi/file Cheers, AstroSkipper
  15. Alphabetical list of all posted custom buttons Toggle Restartless Add-ons → https://msfn.org/board/topic/183923-extensions-and-custom-buttons-for-uxp-browsers-corrections-modifications-adjustments-and-special-recommendations/?do=findComment&comment=1226330
  16. Alphabetical list of all posted extensions Custom Buttons - The extension for installing custom buttons → https://msfn.org/board/topic/183923-extensions-and-custom-buttons-for-uxp-browsers-corrections-modifications-adjustments-and-special-recommendations/?do=findComment&comment=1226328 GeoFlag customized by @AstroSkipper → https://msfn.org/board/topic/183923-extensions-and-custom-buttons-for-uxp-browsers-corrections-modifications-adjustments-and-special-recommendations/?do=findComment&comment=1226290 Moon Tester Tool → https://msfn.org/board/topic/183923-extensions-and-custom-buttons-for-uxp-browsers-corrections-modifications-adjustments-and-special-recommendations/?do=findComment&comment=1226300 RealityRipple Software - Pale Moon Extensions → https://msfn.org/board/topic/183923-extensions-and-custom-buttons-for-uxp-browsers-corrections-modifications-adjustments-and-special-recommendations/?do=findComment&comment=1226249 Serpent Tester Tool → https://msfn.org/board/topic/183923-extensions-and-custom-buttons-for-uxp-browsers-corrections-modifications-adjustments-and-special-recommendations/?do=findComment&comment=1226306 uBlock Origin Legacy modified by @AstroSkipper → https://msfn.org/board/topic/183923-extensions-and-custom-buttons-for-uxp-browsers-corrections-modifications-adjustments-and-special-recommendations/?do=findComment&comment=1226247
  17. Extensions and custom buttons for UXP browsers – Corrections, modifications, adjustments, and special recommendations I am a fan of extensions and custom buttons. That is one of the reasons I already created the thread “Mypal 68 in Windows XP – Custom Buttons and Extensions”. This thread here is a place where I will post about our beloved, legacy extensions and custom buttons for the UXP browsers such as New Moon 28, Serpent 52 and so on. The purpose of this thread is to easily find corrected, modified, adjusted, or highly recommended extensions and furthermore, custom buttons, too. I couldn't find any thread here on MSFN dedicated to extensions and custom buttons for UXP browsers. The threads “My Browser Builds (Part 1 + 2 + 3)” are too extensive and confusing to find information about this stuff, although there are also posts about them. Moreover, these threads are dedicated to the browsers themselves and not to their extensions, and certainly not to custom buttons. Everyone is invited to post their own corrected, modified, adapted, or highly recommended extensions or custom buttons here. The main idea is to enhance the functionality of our beloved, legacy browsers and ensure that this remains the case in the future. In the second post of this thread you'll find an alphabetical list of all posted extensions, in the third post an alphabetical list of all posted custom buttons, all linked to their contributions. Last not least, some additional sources where legacy extensions and custom buttons can be found: Pale Moon Add-ons - Extensions – Link: https://addons.palemoon.org/extensions/ Basilisk Add-ons - Extensions – Link: https://addons.basilisk-browser.org/extensions/ Classic Add-ons Archive – This catalogue contains 93,598 versions of 19,450 Firefox add-ons created by 14,274 developers over the past 15 years using XUL/XPCOM technology. To access this archive, you have to install the extension ca-archive. Link: https://github.com/JustOff/ca-archive/releases/tag/2.0.3 Extensions for Pale Moon, Firefox & SeaMonkey made by JustOff – Link: https://justoff.github.io/ LegacyCollector - Link: http://web.archive.org/web/20191110173006/https://legacycollector.org/firefox-addons/index.html RealityRipple Software – Pale Moon Extensions – Link: https://realityripple.com/Software/XUL/ Custom buttons – Link: http://custombuttons.sourceforge.net/forum/index.php AMO archived – Link: https://web.archive.org/web/20171004160834/https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/extensions/ Thunderbird.net – Link: https://addons.thunderbird.net/en-us/firefox/ I would be very pleased about every contribution and support, no matter if it is comments, opinions, recommendations, own modifications, further links with download sources, or reactions in the form of upvoting or liking. Welcome and greetings from Germany! AstroSkipper
  18. Den Besserwisser werde ich mal als Kompliment verbuchen! Translation: I'll chalk up the know-it-all to a compliment! But, what the heck, if there wasn't one, there wouldn't be any deeper insights and apart from that, life is really unfair! I am so sorry! Until your next question! By the way, my compliments on your German language skills! AstroSkipper PS: @VistaLover is a real browser expert with a huge, specific knowledge! For that I have the greatest respect! I am more of an allrounder, a jack of all trades!
  19. @artenox! There are countries where security, privacy, and anonymity still matter to the users of a VPN service. In some others, unfortunately, all is already lost. And, as far as other countries like Saudi Arabia are concerned, you don't have to go that far! Anyway, one thing is crystal clear, VPNBook is definitely crap! @retrotrash69! The choice of a VPN service depends on what is important to its user. Free VPN services means very low speed, in many cases unstable connections, no privacy, no security, no anonymity, and definitely a lack of a "no log policy". BTW, most of these free VPN "services" are limited in their bandwith, data volume, the used protocols, the number of available servers, and so on. If that is not a problem for you, then you can use such "services" like VPNBook. Anyway, each to their own! Here is a link for further information of VPN's disadvantages: https://www.top10vpn.com/what-is-a-vpn/vpn-disadvantages/ Cheers, AstroSkipper
  20. I definitely hate any kind of censorship!
  21. I'm afraid you need to readjust your perception. And maybe, you'll watch the film "Pirates of the Caribbean"! But, only in case you have not completely lost your sense of humour! If you were a native German speaker, you would understand the retranslation "Clear so far!". And, @anton12 is a native German speaker! Therefore, sorry, only for insiders! PS: Ich versteh nur Bahnhof! - literally: I only understand train station! - meaning: It's all Greek to me! = I understand nothing at all! (Sorry, @VistaLover!)
  22. The word "nothing" implies, as it is used in all languages, that nothing happens at all, no playing of the video, no notification and so on. Is that clear enough for you? And, to elaborate it a bit, and just for you, I disabled the VLC Web Plugin in Serpent 52 (2022-09-10), then opened your video file, and that resulted in the all-knowing "nothing" again. Clear so far? Savvy?
  23. Really? I would not have thought that! Okay, all joking aside! Anyone who uses such a service is no longer anonymous, and in countries with censorship, it is easy to find out who the user is.
  24. Just to complete the story, my main profile of New Moon 28 has been totally cleaned and fixed. All bugs and inconveniences have been removed. I have also completely removed all traces, settings, and remnants of old, uninstalled extensions. The extension which caused the issue on the UCI login page has been identified. And the winner is: RightToClick 2.9.6. The number of extensions has been reduced from 70 to 50. And yes, I know there are still too many, but I am a fan of extensions and use them all. I have upgraded every missing and useful feature. One of the reasons why New Moon 28 is my main browser. Now, New Moon 28 works like a charme with this profile. Thanks all for your help and tips! Cheers, AstroSkipper
  25. Here is a quotation of the Privacy Policy from their website ("privacy" ): Your connection will be logged. Therefore, this service has to be considered unsafe and should actually be avoided. As I wrote in my posts above, using free VPN services means very low speed, in many cases no stable connections, no privacy, no security, no anonymity, and definitely a lack of a "no log policy". So why should a user choose such a service? Just to get a foreign IP? That's simply nonsense and definitely not the idea of VPN. Cheers, AstroSkipper

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