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  1. Naah, I won't shout at you for this , but maybe you could insert additionally a USB to IDE and a IDE to SATA converter and use GPT, just to increase the probabilities that the thingy won't work More seriously, try it on a "normal" hard disk (NOT USB, NOT bigger than 128 Mb, IDE) and/or in a VM (on a smallish virtual disk) it is well possible that any of thevarious "non-standard-at-windows-98-times" may play a role in this (or one among the zillion tweaks, unofficial updates, modified kernels and drivers that you are surely running). jaclaz NTFS4Win98 works here on 40GB drives up to 250GB drives both PATA and SATA. I don't have a bigger drive than 250GB. I never testet eSATA and I'm not sure about USB connection. halohalo said about bigger drives:
  2. I think we can trust our members and not this obscure torrent! Mine is from http://windows98.xf.cz.
  3. I use it for years (zip file is about 2MB). It supports reading and writing. There is only one necessary file (PNTFS.vxd 100KB) to access NTFS drives. The file also can simply copied into the IOSUBSYS folder - reboot required. Apart from that there is a old version of the Partitionsmanager in the package. TµEE: http://www.tmeeco.eu/9X4EVER/GOODIES
  4. http://windows98.xf.cz => Download: http://windows98.xf.cz/win98se/ntfs4w98.zip
  5. I tried VLC 2.1.2 with kex (upgrade from 2.0.5) few days ago but when I click file menu it crashes while 2.0.5 didn't (but drag&drop a file seems to work) so I reverted back. Hallo, VLC 2.0.6+ should run. It runs on all my systems ME and 98SE. The MSVCRT.dll has to be updated. Running vlc with KernelEX comp. mode 2k or XP can lead to such problems. VLC must run with default compatibility options (KernelEx is enabled). 2.1.0 and higher must be installed with XP mode but must run with default compatibility options. Kext isn't required.
  6. I can't check it out. I haven't a machine with a CPU without SSE support anymore. Did you try to open the Java panel "javacpl.cpl" directly in the program folder (C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin)?
  7. Dinput8.dll (MS DirectInput) comes with DirectX 8 and higher. Make sure that the file is in place.
  8. My AGP graphics card models have the following notches: Leadtek WinFast A350XT TDH (NV Geforce 5900XT) with 3,3V and 1,5V key and a Leadtek WinFast A6600GT TDH (NV Geforce 6600GT) with the 1,5V key only.
  9. Every Nvidia AGP 3.0 grapics card should be completely compatible with 2X, 4X, and 8X. Technical Brief: AGP 8X: See on page 5 Compatibility http://www.nvidia.co.uk/object/LO_20020923_5956.html
  10. Subject "Open panels via Start Menu" I am still not clear why it works on 98SE and not on ME. I like to understand why!I'm still not able to understand the Windows error messages.I hope one day I'll learn it or go on a course.Perhaps there is someone who helps out. Dependency Walker: The main difference between the use of imagehlp of Win ME and imagehlp of Win 98SE seems to be the additional delay loaded DBGHELP.dll.But it is probably not relevant.I already tried different versions of DBGHELP.dll (5.0, 5.1, 6.x) IMAGEHLP.DLL (5.0, 5.1) and RUNDLL32.exe (XP/Vista).MSVCRT or updated to MSVCR70 makes no difference.As I said, only the IMAGEHLP.DLL of 98SE leads to success.
  11. I think I found a way with the above mpc-hc without installing/using external filters. Please test: - Audio renderer: Default DirectSound Device (Other renderers might work too) - Load the flac file - Right click -> filters -> ffdshow audio decoder -> click Properties - There is an option called 're-sample'. Activate it and set it to 96kHz. But, of course, recent versions of ffdshow may allow even higher re-samplings. Yes it works here, too. It sounds good and it isn't mono. Testet with MPC HC, K-lite codec Pack 8.40 (ffdshow 4324) and then with ffdshow 4525. GOM Player doesn't play the file with that ffdshow setting. Soundcard: Creative SB 128 PCI
  12. The flac file stuttering error is fixed with latest VLC version 2.1.2 - released today.
  13. In regard to ffdshow I don't think, that you're gone to far, though I haven't yet testet latest ffdshow versions enough. Of course there is the start menu shortcut problem. Installation problems with the K-Lite Codec Pack occur with version 8.70 and higher here. I always recommend to make a clean install. Don't install over an older version.
  14. I've tried to install newer versions of K-lite, but the install ends quickly when it determines it's running on a win-98 system. I've tried to unpack the k-lite exe file using 7-zip, but that doesn't work. How do you get newer versions of Klite to bypass the win-98 check? Did you install the K-Lite Codec Pack with KernelEX comp. mode Win2000 SP4? Versions 7,8 and higher require KernelEX comp. mode XP!
  15. madFlac: Target: "C:\Program Files\K-Lite Codec Pack\Tools\dsconfig.exe" {6B257121-CBB6-46B3-ABFA-B14DFA98C4A6} Start in: "C:\Program Files\K-Lite Codec Pack\Tools" And I found this: http://www.corrupteddatarecovery.com/Company/MONOGRAM-Multimedia,-s.r.o..asp http://monogram-multimedia-s-r-o.software.informer.com/
  16. It exists in the K-lite codec Pack (Tools), not in ffdshow.
  17. K-Lite Codec Pack The last version officially supported on Windows 98/ME is K-Lite Codec Pack 3.4.5 (17.September.2007). Newer versions might work if you install KernelEx. Don't expect everything in the pack to work. Wiki: http://kernelex.sourceforge.net/wiki/K-Lite_Codec_Pack Some configuration panels of higher versions don't work (DScaler5 MPEG-2decoder , Haali video renderer) or might cause a system crash (e.g > madFlac). Another problem is that the control panels don't open anymore via Start Menu with versions 6.40 and higher, also with corrected shortcuts. (Start Menu > Programs > K-lite Codec Pack > Configration > "choose panel" > properties > Shortcut > Target ) The panels need to run the RUNDLL32.exe. e.g. Shortcut for ffdshow audio decoder: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\rundll32.exe "C:\Programme\K-Lite Codec Pack\ffdshow\ffdshow.ax",configureAudio 98/ME has the RUNDLL32.exe in the windows folder and XP in the system32 folder. The installer creates wrong Start Menu shortcuts on 98/ME. Up to version 6.30 (ffdshow rev3530) it's possible to correct the paths. Workaround: For higher versions it's required to use a newer RUNDLL32.exe and the Kext file below supports missing functions. Kernel32.dll: ActivateActCtx CreateActCtx DeactivateActCtx ReleaseActCtx First, it doesn't make sense to replace the original file. An annoying message will appear on system start. I recommend to place the newer RUNDLL32.exe into the system32 folder or renamed into the system folder. Keep the original file in the windows folder. The Shortcut paths must be adjusted accordingly. Required: KernelEX 4.5.2 Kext Kstub822 (an updated Kstub822.ini)Kstub822.7z Kext Installation: - extract Kstub822.dll and Kstub822.ini into the KernelEx folder (C:\WINDOWS\KernelEx) - modify contents= line in Core.ini to read: contents=Kstub822,std,kexbases,kexbasen - upon reboot it will take effect rundll32.dll (XP version 5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158) maybe other versions might work, but not testet) rundll32.7z I look forward suggestions for improvements. The workaround works on 98SE. Note to Win ME: It can succeed on ME, but usually it doesn't. It had worked only on my first ME test system for a while. On ME I get the message "RUNDLL32 has caused an error in IMAGEHLP.DLL. RUNDLL will now close.". It's possible to open the panels on ME by replacing IMAGEHLP.DLL with IMAGEHLP.DLL of 98SE. The easiest way is to rename the 98SE file, e.g. imagehl.dll, and to paste it into the system folder. Then the value data of the registry string HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager\KnownDLLs IMAGEHLP has to be modified to IMAGEHL.DLL. So far I can not see any abnormalities.
  18. I found a relative simlple workaround to open the panels of k-lite codec Pack versions 6.40 (ffdshow rev3574) and higher. KernelEX and Kext are requiured. This should also work for ffdshow only. I'll change the topic or open a new topic for "k-lite codec Pack and ffdshow with KernelEX and Kext", because it is off-topic.
  19. The ffdshow panels open with corrected shortcuts up to version 6.30.
  20. Gomplayer and 24-bit/192 khz flac file: "Process uncompressed audio (PCM)" ( DirectShow audio decoding filters ) was introduced with k-lite codec Pack version 5.05. GOM 2.43 plays the file, if the filter is activated (set to ffdshow - AC3filter not tested) during installation. GOM 2.43 doesn't require Kext. K lite codec Pack 5.05 full installed with comp mode Win 2000. Another Test: GOM plays the file with K-lite codec Pack 6.10 Full and Standard, but not with the 6.10 Basic version.
  21. @Drugwash Thank you for the quick reply and the work out. My first attempts with version 7.70 failed. I'll try to find a method to open the panels and see what's possible.
  22. Just found. I need Kext to run GOM Player 2.1.47 and higher.
  23. Of course, it isn't very important to play this specific flac file. Gomplayer: madFLAC isn't the key reason. The decisive factor is to set "Process uncompressed audio PCM" from disabled to ffdshow during the installation of the K-L codec Pack! I'll check again. Latest Test on 98SE, SB 128 PCI, Gomplayer 2.1.50, K-Lite codec Pack 7.70 full, P 640 Prescott. VLC Player: I never read that SSE2+ is mandatory required for vlc. I read in the changelog "Support for SSE3 and SSE4 capabilities in some codecs" (since version 1.1.0). K-lite codec Pack: Is it possible to open the config Panels (ffdshow, Haali...) of version 6 and higher on 98/ME? missing shortcut...? @Nomen Did you find a possibility to play the flac file?
  24. K lite codec Pack 6.40 (14,6MB) works, too. There is no error message during installation (comp. mode Win2k). Changelog: * Updated Media Player Classic Home Cinema to version 1.4.2543 * Updated ffdshow to revision 3574 * Updated madFLAC to version 1.9 <= key reason? * Updated Haali Media Splitter to version * Updated Codec Tweak Tool to version 4.5.0 * Updated Win7DSFilterTweaker to version 3.6 * Updated MediaInfo Lite to version 0.7.35 * Minor changes
  25. It is rev 4464. Sicksalad had successfully tested the last but one (2013-06-12)SVN clsid generic build (Wiki).

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