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  1. In this case (name is NPSWF32_11_8_800_94.dll) run FF with comp mode Win2000.
  2. Yes, Flash 11.8 works with Firefox The Flash installation by msi isn't necessary, but maybe you get helpful hints. I suggest you uninstall the old version and make sure that you delete the registry entries, if some remain. And then run the CCleaner 2.36. Delete all NPSWF32.dll's in the plugin folders. Finally try to install Flash with the msi. Run Firefox with comp. mode Win2000 SP4.
  3. I think you already installed DirectX. Which version is it? "[DINPUT8.dll] DirectInput8Create=" doesn't occur in your ini file. That means the function DirectInput8Create is supported. Don't add it to your Kstub.ini. The problem must be somewhere else. Do you have an error message during the msi installation? Did you try only copying the Flash dll http://my.opera.com/Tamil/blog/how-to-install-flash-player in your Flash folder or into the plugin folder without installation. Previously uninstall your old Flash version or delete all Software > Macromedia > FlashPlayer > FlashPlayerPlugin (FlashPlayerUpdate) keys in your registry to avoid different versions. I don't change the KernelEX mode for the Flash dll. I change the mode for the browser exe file. Flash 11.8 works for me on 98SE and ME. Important requirements: DirectX9c (DX 8 not testet), Kext with added [Gdi32.dll]GdiAlphaBlend in the Kstub.ini, Windows installer 2.0.2600.2 (1.0/1.1/1.2 not testet), not sure with MS Visual C++ 6.0 run-time (atl.dll)
  4. I rechecked on 98SE: Flash 11.8 requires "[DINPUT8.dll] DirectInput8Create=". The DinPut8.dll is part of DirectX 8 and 9( c ). Nomen please verify this with the Import Patcher. Drag and drop the Flash dll on the Import Patcher and click no. Open the generated ini file. Maybe there are more updates required for a clean installation by msi, but Flash 11.8 should run for you with this dll. If you don't have success make sure that you have MS Visual C++ 6.0 run-time (atl.dll) installed. "z11" for GdiAlphaBlend can be omitted. The GDIPLUS.DLL and flashplayer.xpt shouldn't be necessary for Flash 11.8.
  5. http://kernelex.sourceforge.net/wiki/Adobe_Flash_Player
  6. Probably the automatic Flash update fails. I seem to remember the error occurs not before an update is available.
  7. Great you found the culprit. The apphelp.dll isn't required to run Opera 11 or 12. The Dependency walker doesn't know KernelEX and hence it doesn't find the userenv.dll in the KernelEX folder. Obviously you have the windows installer 2.0 installed. Look for the msiexec.exe (Properties > version > 2.0.2600.2) in your system folder. The unicows.pdb file is in the original MS unicows package. You don't need it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Program_database
  8. Hello WaltMG, If I understand correct, your Win 2000 SP4 mode isn't accepted. That means you can't set Win 2000 mode. First verify the installation (Startmenu). Did you try to reinstall KernelEX? Do you really have unicows.dll version 1.1.3790.0? Did you install windows installer 2.0 for win 98?
  9. Hello Valvados, I don't know, if there is a Win98 driver for atheros AR9271, ralink 3070 or 2070. You have to search in the web. I don't think that these devices are already discussed here. Sometimes there exist older driver versions for Win98. Ralink driver version have a 2k XP inf (rt2870.inf) 675 KB big. The signature "$Chicago$" is OK, but it must be smaller than 64 KB! Even reducing it to 60 KB by deleting not necessary entries for your device brings only a small chance that it works. The Compaq Presario 1200 is old and 312MB for XP SP3 is much too little. Probably XP SP1 will work well. Of course the full HDD makes it sluggish, too.
  10. The Foxit reader versions 5 and 6 need the GdiPlus.dll, too.
  11. The GDIPLUS.DLL is required for version 1.2 and higher. Yes copying XP's dbghelp.dll to its folder works for 98SE and ME. Also copying the dbghelp.dll of XP into the system folder works.
  12. My system is 98SE with Revolution Pack. It does not have dbghelp.dll OK: 98SE doesn't have the DBGHELP.dll. The ME version works for SumatraPDF 2.3.x! The file must be added to the systemfolder and it must be added in the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager\KnownDLLs. Also there is a problem with versions 2.0 and 2.1. on 98SE plain vanilla. The msvcrt.dll has to be replaced by the ME version. Or we find good stubs for [MSVCRT.DLL] _time64= _wstat64= to run these versions. After adding them to the Kstub.ini Sumatra starts, but crash in order to open a pdf file.
  13. It does not work for me. Is it necessary to copy dbghelp.dll from XP? Hallo slhk, No, a dbghelp.dll from XP isn't required. I just checked it on a ME installation without updates (plain vanilla, KernelEX 4.5.2, Kstub 822). But necessary is a the GDIPLUS.DLL. It is required for the Revolutions Pack, too. z4 may be omitted. Also I'll examine it on 98SE.
  14. I always set the ATA controller in the BIOS to Compatible. Usually I only use two devices and not more (HDD and CD/DVD Drive). I never had the need for 5 or more devices. Fujitsu Siemens D2156 A1: Phoenix BIOS - ATA Controller Config > SATA Mode > Compatible Asus P5 KPL EPU: AMI BIOS - Storage Configuration > ATA/IDE Configuration > Compatible
  15. I moved the Hard Disk with Win ME installed back into the i945G machine. All drivers (windows\inf\machine.inf, machine2.inf and MSHDC.inf) installed properly without problems. The look into the Windows System Information confirmed that. "DMA / I/O / IRQ / Memory" status is OK. "Problem Devices" aren't recognised.
  16. Sorry I'm not sure what you mean by "comp. mode". If you mean the download completion message that pops up bottom right, as I said it doesn't work at all for me in the "Windows 98SE SP" KernelEx mode. Also a lot of menu entries are missing for me. Some of them are just missing their text, but in some places the menu structure seems to be corrupted too. All this comes good if I revert to Windows 2000 KernelEx mode. I'm sorry but I really don't think Opera is usable like that, especially if you're a power user as I am. I mean my compatibility mode number 11. I believe this mode isn't accepted on your system (doesn't stick) and thus Opera runs with KernelEX default mode.
  17. Thanks for the report! I will make a cleaner edit of the MACHINE2.INF file (and may try to figure out what the exact size limit is in bytes) soon; and I hope to find the time to make Windows ME specific INFs and add to the project at some point. Probably there is very little difference from the 98SE versions though. What is the manufacturer and model of the motherboards you used? Did you experience any problems with ACPI? Your inf files already work on Win ME as good as on Win98SE! I tested with the G31. Used Motherboards: G31 > Asus P5 KPL EPU See topic "Modern motherboards which are working with Windows 98" There are no drivers for onboard sound and the Asus ATK 0110 virtual device (not required). I use PCI SB 128 (Ensoniq 1373). ACPI 2.0 must be disabled in BIOS. i945G > Fujitsu Siemens D2156 A1 There's no driver for onboard sound. I use instead PCI SB 128. HT must be disabled in BIOS. Usually I set power options Monitor / Hard Disk / Standby to never and Hibernate to disabled, because normally the system doesn't reawakened. That has probably more to do with the graphics driver of the card.
  18. I've done some more tests, and I'm afraid the notification at the bottom right of frame for when downloads end is definitely not working for me with that configuration. I assume this applies to all these notifications, e.g. for blocked pop-ups. If I set the KernelEx mode back to Windows 2000 it starts working again. I certainly can't use Opera without access to the settings menus! I tried the comp. mode on five machines and on one the mode doesn't stick. But I haven't found the reason yet. Does it sticks for you?
  19. Your new version works for ICH7. I tested it on two machines i945G and G31. OS Win98SE One Standard Graphics Adapter is too much. This must be deleted. After restart the yellow exclamation mark of the other Standard PCI Graphics Adapter is gone. After installation and the necessary reboots, DMA for the HDD and the CD drive must be enabled in the device manager. The long manual intel chipset driver installation is no longer required. It is a considerable simplification. Works on ME, too. I placed the files in the win9x ( cab files) folder of ME.
  20. After my first attempts I had made a sucessful third attempt for ICH7. I didn't report. I renamed xrayer's ICH7core.inf to machine.inf and used this file instead of yours. Works for ICH7: ICH7.zip
  21. Hallo frogman, to run the Flash Player 11.8 you must paste (alphabetically) [Gdi32.dll] GdiAlphaBlend= into your Kstub.ini. "nppdf32.dll" is the Adobe PDF plugin and has nothing to do with the Flash plugin.
  22. Hallo Dave-H, you are right, not everything works. There still lacks some menu items for me, eg.: View > Full Screen or File > Print Preview, but otherwise it looks pretty good. There remain only a few menu errors. The pop-up at the bottom right of frame when downloads completed appears here on 98SE and ME.
  23. Playing around with the core.ini: For proud ME and 98 enthusiasts / users. The following comp. mode changes the Opera browser header from Win2000 to your operation system. Your browser sends your operation system and not Win2000. A website recognizes your real OS. You run Opera 11 and 12 mostly without the issues you have with mode "Use default compatibility options (KernelEx is enabled)". usage: 1. Open the core.ini in the kernelEX folder 2. Add the item 11 to [ApiConfigurations] 3. Insert the remaining text below [WINMESP]... or [WIN98SESP]... 4. Save 5. Restart 6. Choose new comp. mode for Opera 11. ME user: 98 user:
  24. K452stub.log: [K452stub] = Advapi32.dll:CryptAcquireContextW=z5 ;? =

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