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  1. Hello everyone, I am having quite some trouble on my Q6600-based machine which I want to get Windows NT running on. It just won't recognize more than two cores, no matter what I do. To install it I have to limit CPUID, I install SP6, and then remove the limit and it recognizes only "2 processors". I'm completely stumped. Any input is appreciated. I tried NT4 Workstation, Server and Terminal Server edition, to no avail. (Also SP6 slipstreamed versions of these) All the best, Eric
  2. Hi all, did anyone ever figure out how to get Win9x running on the later nforce chipsets? I know NF4 runs 98 very nicely but I can't get it to boot on an NF5 board I have (more specifically, Abit AN52V)... Cheers.
  3. No I mean hardware components. If you do full hardware redetection (like 2nd setup stage does) or single device redetection, some system devices will not be recognized properly. It might be reproduceable by deleting the PS/2 mouse or Floppy disk controller devices from device manager and rebooting. With old SETUPX.DLL those will be reinstalled normally, with the new one there will be yellow exclamation marks all over the place Cheers!
  4. Hello PROBLEMCHYLD SetupX.DLL must be reverted to Win98SE version. Hardware detection fails to properly install system components (yellow exclamation marks, "BIOS did not declare resources properly") with the new one. It turned out that only the updated COMMCTRL.DLL was needed to fix the large driver DB problem, so it's not really a loss.
  5. Your suggestion to disable kex for wmpshell.dll has done the trick so far... If I get the time I'll do it more thoroughly as you suggested. Thanks a ton for your time and engagement!
  6. I'm sorry, my lack of sleep might be playing tricks on me, but what do you mean by "full error text details"? Do you mean this? EXPLORER caused an invalid page fault inmodule UNICOWS.DLL at 016f:7f2daf19.Registers:EAX=ffffffff CS=016f EIP=7f2daf19 EFLGS=00010286EBX=00000000 SS=0177 ESP=01bde438 EBP=01bde438ECX=81e0d404 DS=0177 ESI=01bdeee4 FS=350fEDX=00000000 ES=0177 EDI=000000a7 GS=24b6Bytes at CS:EIP:66 8b 08 40 40 66 85 c9 75 f6 2b 45 08 d1 f8 48 Stack dump:01bdee70 7f2f879b ffffffff 4548532f 4c484c4c 39565f50 616c5020 442f2079 4f617461 63656a62 454e3a74 45504546 41424648 41414141 414f414
  7. I've installed softice in the VM now and this is the location of the crash and the call stack. EDIT: Forgot to configure it properly, gonna post a better shot in a bit EDIT2: I remember this problem from KEX 2015.8. This one is KEX 2015.9 from the installer posted last page. Perhaps this is more helpful? 100% reproducable: Install MPlayer 9.0, SP3 and KEX 2015.9 in any order, double click media file. -> Crash
  8. It again seems to happen only with SP3 and MP9 installed... Some things are a bit odd with this setup, bear with me as I create some reproducable tests
  9. Found another bug. After installing kernelex, you cannot double click any media files anymore.
  10. Ohhhh!!! That's pretty cool. I must have been blind. Alrighty, I'll check that out.
  11. Doesn't work for me. SP3 3.46 + KEX 2015.9 = death.
  12. Did you remember to take the POST-INSTALL commctrl.dll? You can see it via the size difference (~45kb vs. ~160kb) It's in PRECOPY1.CAB as kommctrl.dll (copy & rename)
  13. So far no issues, but it will of course be put through extended testing through my integrated ISO which I unfortunately can only share privately to avoid breaking forum rules / legal issues. On a sidenote I noticed too that the stock COMMCTRL version is 4.10.1998. Maybe they forgot to include the new one when releasing 98SE?
  14. Could not reproduce this on my machine
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