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  1. It doesn't work, if the name of the flash dll is NPSWF32.dll. The number in the name must match the version number - e.g.: NPSWF32_11_6_602_180.dll. Otherwise try this: Delete registry keys "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Macromedia\FlashPlayerPlugin" and "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Macromedia\FlashPlayerUpdate". And reinstall version 11.6. Versions 11.7/8 require the additional Kstub entry "[Gdi32.dll] GdiAlphaBlend".
  2. posts 1487/1488 Yes, tested with XP SP2 and Flash 11.1.
  3. Hallo TmEE, what browser you use and with which compatibility mode? If your browser runs with comp. mode 2K or XP the Flash dll name is NPSWF32_11_x_xxx_xxx.dll. If the browser runs with comp. mode default (KernelEX is enabled) the Flash dll name must be NPSWF32.dll. You also can paste the Flash dll in the plugin folder of your browser. First the browser looks into this folder. Did you add the winhttp.dll in your system folder? See Wiki. Kext is required to install Flash 11.3 - 11.8 (only msi). Versions 11.7 and 11.8 require the additional Kstub entry "[Gdi32.dll] GdiAlphaBlend".
  4. I got same JavaScript error with 3.7.x. QtWeb can't display Korean, Japanese or Chinese, and it shuts down when I try printing. I can see that the Pluinchecker and the JavaScript Tester confirm that Java Script works with 3.7. Maybe it works somehow delayed. Anyway it is an annoying message. I added QT Web to the Wiki. I will upload the screenshot and icon after maintenance.
  5. I removed the unknown device (PCI BUS) in the device manager and then I was able to install it with xrayer's driver. Afterwards all missing devices install fine using inf files machine2 and MDHDC.
  6. Hello LoneCrusader, the first attempt failed . "The file C:\WININSTO.400\machine2.inf couldn't be opened. The file is missing or corrupted....SU0410". Generally inf files with more than 53 KB don't work on Win ME. But I'm not so familar with Win98SE. My test system: Win98SE, chipset i945 / ICH7. For the second attempt I reduced machine.inf and machine2.inf to 48 KB and 51 KB (removed not necessary entries). Now the setup runs without an error. But the look into the Device Manager reveals that something went wrong. The devices of your machine.inf exist except the PCI BUS (unknown device). Also the manual install fails (errorcode 192). The devices of machine2.inf and MSHDC.inf are missing or aren't installed. Note: 98SE runs on the system, if I proceed conventionally and I manually install xrayer's driver.
  7. I will test it on ICH7, but probably not the next days.
  8. It works, if you disable JavaScript. Also I tried older versions. Versions 3.5 and 3.7 give a message: "The scipt on this page appears to have a problem. Do you want to stop the script?" Version 3.2 seem to work fine. I didn't try every version. Hallo halohalo, What issues you have found? Do you have the JavaScript problem with versions 3.3 up to 3.7, too? Are you able to print?
  9. Two posts about Pale Moon: link 1 link 2 But I haven't tried Pale Moon on a VM. Pale Moon 4 + requires a processor with SSE2 support. PaleMoon 3.x should work with SSE support. Currently there is no workaround to run Pale Moon 12 and higher!
  10. It works, if you disable JavaScript. Also I tried older versions. Versions 3.5 and 3.7 give a message: "The scipt on this page appears to have a problem. Do you want to stop the script?" Version 3.2 seem to work fine. I didn't try every version.
  11. It will be a good option, if it works. Be aware, that this board isn't testet. I havn't found anything related to Win98 in this forum and elsewhere. In any case I look forward to your results. Manual
  12. I've found the manual. The Abit IP35V has four SATA ports and one IDE port. If your HDD is a SATA drive, disable the IDE controller. If it is a IDE drive, disable the SATA controller in the BIOS. Otherwise Win98 will probably not boot or the HDD could run in slow DOS compatibility mode. Or purchase RLoew's SATA patch. There's no driver for onboard sound. For the Marvell Gigabit Lan could be a driver. I don't find the model. But the board has three PCI slots. That should be enough.
  13. I'm inspecting Mozilla Thunderbird versions 3.1.20, 9.0.1 and 10.0.12esr. On two test systems Thunderbird crashes immediately in order to print and when opening the print preview. Apart from that Thunderbird runs fine. On a third machine printing and the preview work. Only the images of the prints are very small. I use the same Kstub.ini on each test machine. Any ideas? I checked a lot of XP files in my system folder. Any missing dll or update? However, I can't figure out whether I can print on one and not on the others. I'll keep looking. The DependencyWalker and the ImportPatcher don't show any errors for the Thunderbird.exe 9.0.1 and 10.0.12 and no dependencies with comdlg32.dll. Only "GetProcessIoCounters" (DW), but this is supported by KernelEX. I added Thunderbird to the Wiki.
  14. Hallo FlippX, I prefer Opera. I use it 99 percent. Mostly version 10.63. But it happens more and more often that some contents of pages are missing. So that I have to run 11.64 or 12.02 to see the whole contents. Firefox runs stable on my systems up to version 9.0.1, of course without bookmark function and history. The Add-on HyperBK offers both. Some members reported that FF 10 runs stable on their machines with some changed settings (see Wiki / Google search or Wiki "Main Page" => "Special pages" => "Popular pages" => "Mozilla Firefox" / Problem with the page "compatible applications" these days). FF 3.6.28 is the latest with bookmark function and history. To print I often try different browsers Opera, Firefox, K-Meleon 1.54, Internet Explorer 6 for the best results. Diskmon.exe is not meant for Win9x. System Internals Utilities on Win9x link
  15. Hallo nostaglic98, probably you can install Win98SE or ME on this ASUS P5KPL, but there is no warranty. You have the possibility to set the "ATA/IDE Configuration" in the BIOS to Compatible ( 98 and ME support only four devices) and perhaps you have to disable HT to boot. Install this chipset driver. But there are no drivers for onboard sound and AFAIK onboard Lan (Atheros). You need supported PCI cards. And you need a PCI-E graphics card ATI up to X800 or X850 (driver 6.2) or a NVIDIA PCI-E up to NV7900 (driver 82.69 mdgx or ZacMcKracken or 82.16 with your card added to the inf file). Note the shutdown issue, if you use a NVIDIA card. To avoid the issue with a NVIDIA card use a NV6xxx with the older driver 77.72. I already installed ME and for testing 98SE successfully on the P5KPL EPU with a NV7800GT (and 7600GT), a Creative SB PCI 128 card and a Realtek 8169 PCI card. I shutdown via the "first screen" of Express Gate. Maybe 3-4 sec. longer than a normal shutdown. There is no Express Gate for the P5KPL. The Plop boot manager has the possibility to shutdown. Fortunately it never happened to me destroying a board or a graphics card by an BIOS update. Read the instructions accurate and prepare everything carefully. Nevertheless remains a small risk, e.g. power failure.
  16. Hello Jumper, you added some links of recommended updates in the first post. The exe installer of the msxml4 SP2 fix KB973688 doesn't run on my system. I opened it with 7Zip and extracted "msxml.msi" and "sfx manifest". The msi has worked. Thanks.
  17. I don't know if VLC 2.0.6 works on a P2 machine. I can't check this. Maybe it also requires SSE. First try to install the last but one version 2.0.5 (requires KernelEX / no need to rename MSVCR70 or MSVCR71). Otherwise install version 0.8.6i (14.August.2008 / KernelEX not required / disable KernelEX if installed for vlc.exe). Links: Wiki ; FTP archive of VLC ; VideoLan Forum
  18. Now I've successfully installed Foxit Reader 6.0.2 0413 and with an additional entry. [WINSPOOL.DRV] XcvDataW=z8e Also Required: [KERNEL32.dll] ActivateActCtx=o2e0 CreateActCtxW=p1e0 DeactivateActCtx=o2e0 ReleaseActCtx=z1 winhttp.dll msxml4 SP2
  19. Hello Inspiron7000, here in the 9x/ME subforums are a lot of topics about to install the Flash Player 10 and higher (Google search / MSFN Forums search). Your CPU (Pentium2) doesn't support the instructions sets SSE (P3) and SSE2 (P4)! Some links: FineSSE ; Why do some versions of Flash Player 9 work on YouTube while other ver FP versus FP link ; KernelEX Wiki
  20. Sumatra PDF 2.3.1 released: Reverted back to SSE support for old computers. SSE2 support was required and introduced with previous version 2.3 to make Sumatra faster.
  21. Does Java next generation work for you, too? Sumatra PDF 2.3 released: [DBGHELP.dll] SymFromAddr=z4 is required to run it. BTW: I can't access the page "compatible applications" on the Wiki these days, if I'm not logged in. Also the page Popular Pages offers an overview.
  22. I found out, that these problems are related to the ME GDI Q289635 GER (GDI.exe & GDI32.dll update and ME user Q280800 GER (USER.exe & USER32.dll update. Obviously there is a incompatibility. Test system now: ME, KernelEX build Leyok 04.April.13, without RevolutionsPack.
  23. I few month ago I successfully installed 98SE on a 2GB SD Card in a card reader according to these instructions . If I remember correctly the SD Card worked in DOS comp. mode, anyway windows was very slow. Then I tried to install 98SE on a 8GB Stick. The setup slowed down and seemed to hang. Maybe after two or three hours I cancelled it.
  24. I had this error with this board, too. But the graphics card NV 7900 worked. There was a problem with the PCI-E 1x ports. Is there a setting "PCI-E/PCI/Internal" to initialise the PCI-E first.
  25. Maybe your BIOS looks like this: "On-Chip ATA Devices: Press <Enter> to enter the sub-menu and the following screen appears: On-Chip IDE Controller: The chipset contains a PCI IDE interface with support for one IDE channel. This item allows you to enable or disable the IDE controller. On-Chip SATA Controller: Set this option to define the SATA device mode." In this case you have to disable one controller. But not that with your HDD.
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