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  1. I am using Intel 865G chipset MBO because of Windows 98 SE, but there is number of programs for which I need Windows 7 so I am having dual boot. My problem is that I do not have sound on Windows 7 and there is no official drivers Windows 7 drivers for "Cmedia 9761A 5.1 channel audio CODEC". Yes you can say that this is problem for Windows 7 forum, but in my thinking answer is no. With time we all will need to have dual boot with Windows 98 SE and Windows 7,8 (or "9") for full compatibility.
  2. I believe that there is agreement that Intel 865 is best fully supported chipset for Intel processors and Windows 98 SE. For us who must run applications requiring Windows 7, dual-boot is the only real option. Because of that my question is: Has anybody on MSFN solved the problem of how to have sound in Windows 7 ? If answer is yes can you please write how ? ASRock 775i65G and all other MBO with this chipset are using Cmedia 9761A 5.1 channel audio CODEC. For more about MBO you can visit site
  3. What is point in buying nForce2 chipset for AMD processor when you are having nForce3 which fully support Windows 98, Me, XP and Vista (and with Vista drivers 7 and 8 I suspect) with CPU support until Phenom II X4 (3.5 GHz) ? You can buy this refurbished or maybe even if you are really lucky with your quest "new" MBO ? If you want Intel then you will buy new AsRock 775i65G R3.0. In the end if you want to be funny you will buy VIA processor and MBO with CN896 chipset
  4. Rjecina

    Cmedia 9761A

    Intel 865 chipset sound drivers have been created only for Windows 98, ME,2000 and XP. In hardware reality this is only Intel chipset which support all Windows with official drivers and more or less modern computer configuration (4 cores etc), but there is no sound support for Windows Vista/7. Nothing of driverspack. Torrent is not option, rapidshare version is deleted
  5. Rjecina

    Cmedia 9761A

    From time to time I am sure that there is question on this site about Cmedia 9761A audio drivers for Windows 7, but using google or bing it is not possible to search MSFN because of MBO popularity in Windows 98 section so my question is: It is possible using any audio drivers to have sound in Windows 7 with ASRock 775i65G MBO without buying sound card ? Thanks for help
  6. Rjecina

    New MBO

    If there is no problem with GPU you need to make decision what is better for you: 775i65G with 2 GB and Core 2 Quad Q6700(G0) Kentsfield 2.66GHz/ Core 2 Extreme X6800 Conroe XE 2.93GHz/Pentium D 960(D0) Presler 3.60GHz or AM2NF3-VSTA with 16 GB (DDR II) and AM2+ Phenom II X4 HDZ940XCJ4DGI(BE) Deneb 3000MHz/ AM3 Phenom II X4 HDZ970FBK4DGM(BE) Deneb 3500MHz
  7. Rjecina

    New MBO

    Funny thing has happened. ASRock is again starting production of ASRock 775i65G R3.0 for which is possible to download official Windows 98 chipset drivers. I do not understand why they building new socket 775 AGP, DDR I MBO, but Windows 98 community will be happy
  8. I am more interested in your Nvidia 6200 and 6600 problems, but..... Nvidia 7600 and 7800 are having problems with AM2NF3 MBO with Phenom CPU. They have been solved only with update in 2008. You can read more on this page
  9. This is one of must popular question, but answer has not changed in last few years (very sad). Strongest Intel configuration supported by OFFICIAL drivers is: ASROCK ConRoe865PE with Core 2 Quad Q660 (2.4 Ghz), 4 GB RAM (DDR I !?) and Radeon 6800 (pixel shader 3.0) with 256 MB. Other CPU possibility is Pentium D 960 (3.6 Ghz) because it is much faster of Core 2 Quad core and Windows 98 SE can use only 1 core. In Windows 98 SE you will be limited to 1GB or you need to ask our forum friend patch. Strongest AMD configuration supported by OFFICIAL drivers is: ASROCK AM2NF3-VSTA with Phenom II X4 (3.5 Ghz) AM3, 16 GB RAM (DDR II) and Radeon 6800 (pixel shader 3.0) with 256 MB. In Windows 98 SE you will be limited to 1GB or you need to ask our forum friend patch. ps. this is best official configuration for dual bot Win98/XP
  10. I am having "stupid" suggestion..... Try to install audio drivers for Intel 845 chipset. Why ? Because if I do not make mistake thinkpad t 42 is created around that chipset !?
  11. First because you will use IDE and SATA hard disk you must make decision about that: Windows 98 SE will be installed on IDE or SATA (or it is dual bot) ? If it is IDE you can after installation connect SATA and in this way solve all majority of your problems ? There is other option (installation on SATA) and if you want to do that maybe you will need to do something similar to me. I have not worked with this MBO, but I have worked on new Windows 98 SE installation on SATA hard disk (+IDE DVD ROM connected) last year with AsRock 775i65G. First thing for me has been to enter BIOS and change configuration in legacy mode which is supporting Windows 98 SE on SATA hard disk. Maybe you will need to do something similar if you want to install Windows 98 SE on SATA ? In the end it is not important which version you will choose because in my thinking you will need sooner or latter enter to BIOS, or you will be without SATA in Windows 98 SE. Real question is do you need SATA hard drive with Windows 98 SE ?
  12. Sorry, but problem of your computer is not Nvidia. Saying that Nvidia products from 1998-2004 are not compatible with Windows 98 is weird, because Nvidia has become important corporation with this cards....
  13. Sorry but I do not see point in this ? If you buy Nvidia 6x00 card for Windows 98 you will buy AGP card with official 100 % support for Win 98. If you do not have MBO with AGP socket you will buy much stronger video card and then use user made drivers which will work OK (with little luck). My thinking is OK ??
  14. Strongest video card with official support for Windows 98 is Nvidia 6800 AGP with max 256 MB. You can find that type of cards on Amazon. If you want something slower than you can take Nvidia 6200 card like this which is in my thinking too expensive. You are having even PCI version of that card, but I have not been reading on this site about Win 98 users which are using PCI version of Nvidia 6x00 card. I am using Radeon 9600 which is very, very similar to this card. Because of today prices for Nvidia 6x00 and Radeon 9x00 I do not see point in having only 64 MB or 128 MB on video card.
  15. Referring to the Novell WordPerfect Lawsuit?Hardly a reason to "eliminate" files. The same thing happened to Windows NT and all Dos and DOS-based Win3x and below - all gone! Technology moves on (want a free IBM 5150?) NO and I your lack of knowledge it is not good reason to be sarcastic ? I think about Java Lawsuit which is clearly speaking about end support for Win 98/ME. About other related thinks it is best to read next few words: Microsoft support for Windows 3 has lasted 11 years and 7 months Microsoft support for Windows 98 has lasted 8 years and 3 months Microsoft support for Windows XP will last 19 years Microsoft support for Windows 7 will last 11 years My points is that Java Lawsuit has taken 3 years of Microsoft support from Windows 98/ME
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