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  1. VerSetCondidtionMask is already supported by KernelEX (kexbases.dll). You have to choose XPSP2. Or have I misunderstood you?
  2. I can't reproduce the error for Opera 12.02 on my machines (english and german).
  3. It works for me. I'll check again on some more machines.
  4. http://kernelex.sourceforge.net/wiki/Qt_Web_Browser
  5. Thats right. 11.6.602.180 is the last one that works on ME/98SE and KernelEX. The msi installation is possible with Kext and the winhttp.dll. The exe fails. Further required is Kext with the additional entry in the Kstub822.ini "[Gdi32.dll] GdiAlphaBlend" and the DinPut8.dll to install and run higher versions up to the latest Flash 12 and 13 don't run in Opera 10.01./10.1 anymore. 12 and 13 run for example in FF 3.5, 3.6, 4-9, PaleMoon 3.6 and Opera 10.63, 11.64, 12.02.
  6. Thanks, so far I wasn't successful. I'm checking. I commented out FindActCtxSectionString to avoid the "runtime error R6034".
  7. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/157173-kext-diy-kernelex-extensions/?p=1026894
  8. [Advapi32.dll] AddAccessAllowedAceEx=z5e already exists in the original ini file and the two others have no effect to open the J7 panel. K452stub.log: = Kernel32.dll:HeapSetInformation=z4 ;? = = Kernel32.dll:HeapSetInformation=z4 ;? = = Advapi32.dll:OpenSCManagerA=r0xCAFEs3 = Kstub822.log: = Kernel32.dll:InitializeSListHead=f1 = = Kernel32.dll:InitializeSListHead=f1 = I removed older versions and installed version 7. I used the ImportPatcher instead of an hex editor to edit the Java HotSpot Client VM (virtual machine) jvm.dll. I believe there is no need to uninstall older versions. The java 7 plugin works in Opera 10 with Java 6 and 7 installed. I was able to install it, but wasn't able to run applets without your psapx.dll.
  9. Probably Firefox 3.5.19 isn't compatible with version 7 anymore! System requirements of java 7: Windows Windows 8 (Desktop) Windows 7 Windows Vista SP2 Windows XP SP3 (32-bit); Windows XP SP2 (64-bit) Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2012 (64-bit) RAM: 128 MB; 64 MB for Windows XP (32-bit) Disk space: 124 MB Browsers: Internet Explorer 7.0 and above, Firefox 3.6 and above, Chrome Kext with the definition "[Advapi32.dll] AddAccessDeniedAceEx=z5e" http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/157173-kext-diy-kernelex-extensions/?p=1036745 you found last year is needed to run the plugin in Opera 10.1 or 10.01. Kstub822 also supports the required def. "[Kernel32.dll] InterLockedPopEntrySList". Java 7 control panel: I guess my systems need one more definition, a better or more to open it. What definitions you added to your Kstub822?
  10. My first focus was on the browser plugin. Java 7 (classic) works on one machine and only partly on others in Opera 10.1 here. The plugin completely fails in Firefox 3.5.19. The Java 7 control panel doesn't open: Java virtual machine launcher > A Java exception has occured. I currently have little time for long series of tests. Maybe next week I will investigate the (my) problem in more detail.
  11. Maybe the BIOS version is too old or a wrong cpu micro code.
  12. 1GB! Did you edit the system.ini on 98SE? Add [vcache] MaxFileCache=393216 This value is required to install 98SE. You can reduce or increase it up to 524288. If you are using more than 1GB you have to limit the RAM: You also add to [386Enh]: MaxPhysPage=48000 Important "Stickified" [Pinned] 95/98/98 SE/ME Topics => Run 9x/ME with > 1 GB RAM
  13. There is an unofficial driver for ICH 10 chipsets on http://windows98.xf.cz. You also could read here "Slipstreamable" Intel Chipset INF Drivers" (ICH 7/8/9). ICH 8/9/10 motherboards aren' t or are hardly tested on 98/ME! I'm very interested. Currently I am checking a MSI P43 board. I'll post my results. If you buy one, it is to test. Be aware, that probably many of those boards make problems or are unusable on 98/ME. There are no drivers for onboard sound, too. You have to use PCI cards.
  14. WinFAQ is in german: WinFAQ/ There are a lot of translators outthere. babelfish.de gives: Under Windows ME Here you can quite easily turn off the feature. Do this, open the "Start " - > "Run " the program " MSCONFIG.EXE ". Here you can now deactivate under the "Startup" tab, select " * StateMgr " and restart your computer.
  15. What driver version you have installed? The 6200 LE isn't in the inf files of 81.98 and 82.16! Try the mod. 82.69. Or the card may be broken.
  16. Start Opera with KernelEX Compatibility mode Win2000SP4. Now you have the possibility to uncheck file > Show Menu Bar. If you don't have KernelEX go to C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Opera\OPERA\operaprefs.ini. Open the ini file and look for "Show Menu = 1". Change it to "0".
  17. VideoLAN Forums: A solution for Windows 9x/ME users
  18. I already noticed it by the attempt to install nightly builds. I haven't yet a solution or workaround.
  19. Probably yes. Some members reported, that this card work on 98/ME with the modded (extended) driver 82.69. But there is no guarantee. Nvidia supports 98/ME up to Geforce 6800. I have good experience with the Geforce 7800 GT 256MB. Be aware about the shutdown issue. I also recommend to disable all the energy saving features.
  20. Once more the hint on Slipstreamable" Intel Chipset INF Drivers .
  21. CPU: Only one core is working system.ini: required: [386Enh] MaxPhysPage=40000 better 48000 [vcache] MaxFileCache=393216 BIOS: Storage Configuration > ATA/IDE Coniguration > set Compatible There is no 98 driver for the onboard graphics IntelGMA 3100 and probably no for onboard sound and LAN. A driver for ATK 0110 virtual device isn't needed. The board has only two PCI slots. If you use a PCIE graphics card, then there is only space for one sound or LAN card.
  22. Thanks for the reply ;D I have a problem... I can't download it. I'm blocked from this site? The adress had changed: http://windows98.xf.cz/
  23. The printing feature comes with the pro version of Fireshot. It isn't free. But I successfully printed some pages (first only text) with Firefox 3.0.19 and Fireshot 0.76. Printing failed with FF 3.5.19, 3.6.28 and 9.01 here or isn't possible without license key.
  24. Copying and moving is done somehow in batches (packets) or rather intermittently here, too. The machine becomes very slow during the breaks.
  25. There is no driver for ATI Radeon X1200. The driver ATI Catalyst 6.2 works up to X850. The universal VESA/VBE Video Display Driver should work, but it's a very simple one and does not provide any kind of 3D hardware acceleration (DirectX & OpenGL). http://bearwindows.boot-land.net/vbe9x.htm An entry in the System.ini is required to use 1GB RAM: [vcache] MaxFileCache=393216 Also other values work up to 524288.

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