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  1. seriously with that little RAM, you should be running XP not 7 (or vista) considering you need 2 GB to run system smoothly, you are left with even less than 2 (i'd guess 1.5 GB coz youre on 32bit OS) your quick fix might be turn on Page file best one would be add more RAM, but i'd guess your laptop can't have more ... ? also some browsers have in options/settings, to only cache active tab, so others dont chew so much memory, look it up but i'd say you're basically shizzle out of luck... so much tabs with so little memory will always take toll on system (especially on more recent/modern browsers)
  2. yea but they talk only about stub app i really doubt mshtml.dll and its brothers/sisters will be removed from system
  3. hopefully every 10 years in reality every 7 and this is coz of hardware change, not b'coz win7 "broke down" like winßlows 10 does
  4. im waiting day when xfce gets thumbnail preview on toolbar for minimized windows (atleast its deafult compozitor)
  5. any sidebar/toolbar linked menu wouldn't work without ie components icons in "explorer" wouldn't show, and probably even function without it taskbar is still bound to it in some way there are probably tons other crap but ... i dont know personally exe itself as Trip said is just a stub... you can remove it all you want
  6. it became worrying as soon they revealed dual behaviour (starting with windows 8) after 12 years nothing has changed = MS is garbage company with garbage products
  7. no graphical polishing will help this sinking ship
  8. but isn't this clashing with itself ? i mean win10 when can't and/or doesn't use GPU "powered" DWM (D3D), uses CPU "powered" mode, which is GDI no ?
  9. i'd go this way: if OS always returns same crap, why not fool the OS that you have it, but you actually don't. a simple example, on win XP, when SP2 came out, MS inserted a stupid service that appears every time user browsed through (i guess) large amount of files in folder which cripple the system to stall, service itself supposed to be some sort of protective thing ... but whatever, safest thing was to replace the calling service with an app which didn't do anyting, but unload the second it was called for https://www.ghacks.net/2009/06/22/dud-is-a-program-that-does-nothing/
  10. all visual complaints can be easily restored the old show desktop button (among others) are just in hidden toolbar (search of quick launch toolbar on google) the up level button (which is pointless) you can have via classic shell, which among many things can tweak your explorer to look and work so much better than in both 7 and XP alot useless things can be removed and SPED UP via registry
  11. isn't that natural progression ? since everything that "was", was improved upon, not copied and left duplicated... not to mention, since they started componentisation thing with reset of Longhorn, the issue with so many crap inside should have been put to minimum
  12. wasnt this always the case ? not that i support it, but bloating software actually pushes hardware to become better/faster/bigger to some point, we would still be on single core CPU if they didn't push for less GHz and more cores we would still be on ~512 MB RAM if XP didn't become hungrier but is that excuse to CRIPPLE and OS, or make such app (chromium crap) that will paralyse your system ? NO
  13. used it since it was in alpha stage, M3 build 6801 to be exact completely migrated to it when SP1 hit the net still on it, won't upgrade to any newer win-crapware
  14. 1. no 2. no 3. it works as good enough i need it to work (and is not as disgusting as win-ten)
  15. you were right in appdata\roaming\waterfox\profiles.ini [Profile0] Path=Profiles/c5prw4uk.default but dont make nothing... since i dont need nothing more than you already did and it works perfectly !
  16. i use ECHO %myvar% i think firefox classic does this, coz PaleMoon makes same thing, and i use Waterfox based on FF classic (not proton) ALSO --- THANK YOU SO MUCH
  17. i hate to be one of those guys but i just noticed this, if full path is "%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Waterfox\Profiles\random.garbage.folder\cache" but variable returns "%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\random.garbage.folder\cache" (so \appdata\local\waterfox\profiles) is missing :/ maybe i can ease the calculation of ...something., I just need the random.garbage.folder name, not the full path, nor anything after (dunno if that makes it easier for you)
  18. it works nicely, but for some reason it echoes myvar=full path\*.* (its not big thingie, i'm just curious why, and can it be avoided)
  19. mmm i use 1.80 portable tho but it ran on both XP and runs on win7
  20. so heres my problem; in this specific case, but would be nice even for any future problem in any way... waterfox profile folder is this: "%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Waterfox\Profiles" but on every new pc the default user profile folder is garbled mesh and always different generated in my current install it is named c5prw4uk.default (so full path is "%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Waterfox\Profiles\c5prw4uk.default") my question is, how to make within BAT/CMD script, so when you do DIR /A:D (to show only directories) that name of that folder which is displayed gets set in %variable so i can do cleaning of c5prw4uk.default\cache\*.* anyone understood ?
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