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  1. reading this i feel old like s*** my 1st use was DOS with norton commander
  2. well if youre switching to linux, nvidia cards are poor p*** supported so beware that too
  3. so with FF 69 you get only 3 reds and with FF 95 considered "modern" i get 17 what the hell ...
  4. i seem to have worse results than you guys 17 reds with uBlock origins ON (and OFF) means FF 95 is bad ?
  5. fixed with following code: :root{ --uc-titlebar-padding: 0px; --toolbar-bgcolor: transparent !important; } /* frost glass */ /* by need add #titlebar, window, #toolbar-menubar, #PersonalToolbar, #navigator-toolbox */ /* tho #titlebar doesn't work */ #main-window{ background-image: linear-gradient(rgba(239, 240, 241, 0.5), transparent, rgba(239, 240, 241, 0.5), transparent, rgba(239, 240, 241, 0.3)) !important; background-color: rgba(239, 240, 241, 0.6) !important; } #TabsToolbar{ background-color: rgba(239, 240, 241, 0.1) !important; background-image: linear-gradient(rgba(239, 240, 241, 0.1), transparent, rgba(239, 240, 241, 0.1), transparent, rgba(239, 240, 241, 0.1)) !important; } result: you're welcome
  6. until 3 days ago i switched to Librewolf, and can only thank to Mr.Scienceman2000 from 1st post i'm obliged to say Thank you sir !
  7. they had many products, some never got to see daylight in official waters
  8. well thats problem with people around you then
  9. 1. can someone tell me how can i get ridd of menubar toolbar thru css (userchrome) coz i got giant EMPTY row that serves nothing 2. can someone tell me how to make bookmarkbar and i guess its navigation bar ?, frosty ?? see my problems: usually i wouldnt complain but on dark background it looks terrible (hence why i want frosted/smoke effect) i have this code: root{ --uc-titlebar-padding: 0px; --toolbar-bgcolor: transparent !important; --toolbar-fill: whitesmoke !important; --toolbarbutton-icon-fill: whitesmoke; } but whitesmoke fill is ignored
  10. yes, i use older ver, and it doesn't allow me to block system files like kernel, svchost and such... tho i use win7 so i'm not worried, but we talk about 11 now so ... ... and win firewall control depends on win firewal ... AFAIK only "tiny wall" is independant/stand alone
  11. that thing allows SYSTEM processes and KERNEL to access net without giving you option to block not to mention it works with Windows firewall
  12. what about spyware inherited from 10 ?
  13. does anyone know, does this new iteration of .net, completely replaces .net 4x, as in can i remove 4x and install this v6 thing ? because i read that who ever made apps on previous versions had to recompile, thus does this core thing even have backwards compatibility or not ? and, is it a spyware ? since it is obviously meant for windows 10 and 11, and does it even support win 7 ?
  14. i think that question should go to vmware devs they control what works under what OS
  15. so revert back to one that had ...
  16. vista is golden egg comparing to this
  17. well isnt that most expecting when you open source something ? i always found it funny that ppl who develop program but open source them, expect Humans to be like little good dwarfs :S
  18. dunno what is all that there about but i'll say, i ditched Pale Moon long time ago, and tried Basilisk only once and it was unstable bloated garbage last ~4 years waterfox "classic" fullfills all my needs
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