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  1. apps are not problem hardware drivers are
  2. and best thing, when i used simplix pack few moons ago in VM some things that work on my 2015 OS, dont work on most updated 7 OS
  3. i really don't understand why is everyone so obsessed with these "security updates" ? i use 7 sp1 with patches untill 2015, later when they started integrating telemetry i didn't install a single update and my OS runs perfect ... why all the paranoia ?
  4. you make your own thats what i did to XP and to 7 lol
  5. thats why event viewer exists ... to see possible crash events
  6. yeh... microsoft's only "ace in the sleeve" is directx for gaming os-es themself are junk
  7. question is... can apps be fooled (per app, not global) what OS you use...
  8. dunno about others but i will use Librewolf (97 which is FF 97 based), as long as "web allows it", i have it spoofed to show some gigantic version of crome so in my eyes the only problem might arise from java-script engine later in future, coz html 5 / css 3 aren't doing anything new and if that fails, i will try with Falkon (ex QupZilla) based on QtWebkit and if that fails then i guess Palemoon is last option ?
  9. what about Qt-webkit based browsers ?
  10. thats why i never store anything in user profile folders rather 2nd partition and 2nd hard drive in fact this is why i hate the approach Linux has, everything is "singled out" to user profile folders and disk in file managers
  11. as far as i know this can only be done via Alt+F4 on desktop/taskbar but how to do it via shortcut or CMD ?
  12. meh old story... old paranoia... these small form touch screen devices will never be able to replace desktop pc especially in graphic department and gaming
  13. or you could simply use portable Flash 10 player and download .swf from which ever web contains your game no spyware no need for integrated ax and definitely no need for ***** IE
  14. uhhh you need ie componets for taskbar and desktop/explorer unless they rewrite whole thing for next winßlows...
  15. how is this win10 improvement if it was there for decades ... ?
  16. i thought that too but update itself doesn't give you a specific component, it patches alot of things therefore you get ALOT of reg keys
  17. so recently some browsers and antiviruses started to sniff if user has SHA-2 patch installed but what values and where do they look for this ? is this a specific registry entry or what ?
  18. how so ? its all proven...
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