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  1. Here the list is not displayed, but you can see how many updates are available. I think that they are Xp updates. The updates that are shown in W2k are current.
  2. I think not. WUv5 is independent of v6. Sometimes it is displayed:
  3. You can also try the wayback machine downloader. You have to delete the default.aspx and take one below and rename it to default.aspx. After that you open WUv5. It will be in a redirect loop. Now rename splash.aspx to splash1.aspx and look for the page=3. rename it to splash.aspx and click on home in WUv5. After that you can search for updates. I just bought it to share the experience. With the paid version, the files are converted to html and more images are downloaded.
  4. No, it's not free. I bought it here: https://www.waybackmachinedownloader.com/en/ To come back to that. The creator even writes that it should work with nginx or apache. But he does not mention IIS.
  5. I have now added resultslist.aspx, but unfortunately the query strings are again the big problem. We have to add these query strings somehow. Without it, it will hardly work. I have also seen that IIS converts the %3df from wayback machine downloader to the correct query strings, but still it doesn't work.
  6. Hello all. Today, with a lot of effort, I managed to get WUv5 to check for updates. Unfortunately, it looks like some files need to be renamed and assigned. This is currently only a test. This time I did not download the files with the wayback machine downloader, but I bought the files from a website. Have a look for yourselves:
  7. I have the following problem. I have downloaded a web page with the wayback machine downloader. This web page contains query strings. The wayback machine downloader does not save this as ?= or id= etc. but as %3f or %3d. This looks like this: When a query string is called up, e.g. splash.asp?page=3, nothing happens. The same page always appears, no matter which query string. I use IIS for hosting. With kind regards
  8. A big problem is the query strings. The wayback machine downloader saves the query strings as % and strange characters. IIS cannot call them.
  9. Have you also set the security settings for "Internet" to high? If so, reset them to standard.
  10. Okay, weird. Try it with another Xp system with the same settings.
  11. Delete the two entries and add only http://update.microsoft.com.

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