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  1. AUv4 is alive! Unfortunately it is still difficult, because you have to bypass the old endpoints that only works with a Windows server. ProxhttpsProxy is also needed.
  2. I do not know what to say. Big thanks to @WinFX for the excellent work to get WUv4 working again. Honestly, I would never have believed that WUv4 would ever work again. A dream come true!
  3. There is very good news! @Miles Prower found results.asp in a Win ME preinstalled file! Currently the page is still static, so the wrong updates are displayed. Unfortunately we are still missing the results.asp for the selection of updates i.e. for "Important Updates and Service Packs" and for "Windows x". Here is a short video:
  4. Read my guide for Xp x64 edition and for Server 2003. My guide for Xp x64 and Server 2003 @AstroSkipper does not have in his guide. The problem is that ProxhttpsProxy v1.5 does not run properly on Xp x64 and Server 2003, so v1.3 must be used!
  5. It also works without a proxy. I just opened it so I don't get a certificate warning.
  6. The Windows Update website works again like on the first day. Check out these pages.
  7. Brief Update. So the search for updates in WUv4 works thanks @WinFX again only unfortunately results.asp is missing because it was not archived properly. It redirects to splash.asp?page=3. That means we can't view or install the updates. I think that we will find a solution for this problem. The Update Catalog is the next project. Here some screenshots:
  8. You can use the Windows Update website under Xp to get all updates.
  9. You have entered the Ip address in the proxy settings under HTTP instead of Secure. Enter the Ip and Prot only under Secure.
  10. Hello @AstroSkipper thank you for asking! I am fine. I hope everything is fine with you too. Well, this website is in English but it still searches and finds updates in the respective language, so that works without any problems.
  11. Hello everybody. There is a new way to update Xp or Win 2000 more can be found here: https://legacyupdate.net/ Github: https://github.com/kirb/LegacyUpdate Some screenshots:
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