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  1. i personally wouldn't touch it, just like chrome itself or Opera... i had hopes for Opera in its early 15 versions, but since they got bought by some china company... f*** that anyhows, since alot "major" browsers are based on Chromium, again personally, i think it's better to get something "clean" and just use external plugins that way you still have this Webkit or is it Blink now ... ? // compatible browser without spyware
  2. at this point i'd say its not worth the effort either upgrade or use components/dll's from upgraded version
  3. since it belongs to MS internals id recon it was crypted with key
  4. for some veird version, even on compat mode to win95 crash dump still reports that program uses NT 6.1 version of com controlls and not lower ill install 7 SP1 / x86 and report back
  5. well as i said, macromedia director fails to open it in any form trid just gives generic "its a riff" and quickbms spews out errors and nothing extracted or given
  6. its not solely a video, but it contains a video too
  7. aaah i missed important stuff in 1st post maybe you are to try with even older control version try winME or NT 4 i see it uses visual cpp 6 version, these have problems when encountering vista and above and were meant for win9x mostly or maybe just stiff in same folder win2k commoncontrols
  8. i have a specific file (size is over 100 MB) but i can't figure out from header what it is since it was dumped as just file w/o extension the first line among alot of gibberish produce this: XFIRÂ'N LPPApami }!" @ pamm¨ ˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙XFIRÂ'N and few liines below it gives these references: C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Director 8\xtras\Net Support\INetURL.x32D C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Director 8\xtras\Net Support\NetFile.x32E C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Director 8\xtras\Net Support\NetLingo.x32 C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Director 8\xtras\Media Support\SWADCmpr.x32 C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Director 8\xtras\Devices\MacroMix.x32 C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Director 8\xtras\Devices\DirectSound.x32 C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Director 8\xtras\Media Support\Sound Control.x32 C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Director 8\xtras\Media Support\Text Asset.x32 C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Director 8\xtras\Media Support\TextXtra.x32 i did try to rename file and add extension of .x32 and .dir then i tried to open these files in Macromedia Director 8.5 , but it doesnt accept it/them and if it's .RIFF file, i dont know how to even open it, because for a fact i know it contains VIDEO file and "internet" only reffers RIFF to be corel image any ideas ?
  9. well IE transformed into Edge (original), Edge was never written from scratch, hence why it has IE 11 "mode" as for Edge in chromium, they still have this "mode" init, but how much is IE integrated init ???
  10. myself, i stopped caring about any win release ever since win 8 betas came out IMO win7 was last "shiny knight", everything after crappozolla
  11. taskbar is a b1tch, youre limited to 2 pixels and the only way you can do it is via "aves windows style builder", which unfortunately is NOT free if you do find another way to edit taskbar metrics pls let me know, i always wanted to put some vista betas and plex skins
  12. i read they changed icons in new update, must be going "better"
  13. seriously with that little RAM, you should be running XP not 7 (or vista) considering you need 2 GB to run system smoothly, you are left with even less than 2 (i'd guess 1.5 GB coz youre on 32bit OS) your quick fix might be turn on Page file best one would be add more RAM, but i'd guess your laptop can't have more ... ? also some browsers have in options/settings, to only cache active tab, so others dont chew so much memory, look it up but i'd say you're basically shizzle out of luck... so much tabs with so little memory will always take toll on system (especially on more recent/modern browsers)
  14. yea but they talk only about stub app i really doubt mshtml.dll and its brothers/sisters will be removed from system
  15. only now ? this s*** show began with windoze 8
  16. hopefully every 10 years in reality every 7 and this is coz of hardware change, not b'coz win7 "broke down" like winßlows 10 does
  17. im waiting day when xfce gets thumbnail preview on toolbar for minimized windows (atleast its deafult compozitor)
  18. any sidebar/toolbar linked menu wouldn't work without ie components icons in "explorer" wouldn't show, and probably even function without it taskbar is still bound to it in some way there are probably tons other crap but ... i dont know personally exe itself as Trip said is just a stub... you can remove it all you want
  19. it became worrying as soon they revealed dual behaviour (starting with windows 8) after 12 years nothing has changed = MS is garbage company with garbage products
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