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  1. wow sometimes i just amaize myself how dumb but easy things i do hahaha so the way to bypass "corrupted component store" error (if you trimmed your SxS folder) 1. copy your current WinSxS folder somewhere.... 2. take ownership of \Windows\WinSxS folder 3. copy BACK from untouched source (iso/wim) WinSxS and Merge with your current one 4. (just to be safe), copy over/merge the backuped one with one in your Windir and voila, you can install updates now with no problem your "comp. store" is now "fixed"
  2. so issue I have is a modified win7 (reduced size, removed components bla bla bla) question is, is there easy way to "over copy" (or install) full-blown // untouched OS from DVD/ISO without going through format and all driver crap detection while leaving Program Files (and apps) intact ?
  3. 1. devs didn't "mess to bring old opera", they just issued a patched version to fix certificate problems 2. you can try hex-edit opera.dll and change user agent string, see if that helps, just make sure there are equal bytes used as in original
  4. not that simple to just jump to newest HW... remember that any device is vaulnerable mobile-phones, atm's, kiosk's, pc's, tablets ... ... not so cheap to get new home PC device and phone (not to mention these new OS-es suck balls)
  5. wow thanks for sharing that
  6. btw can i use downloaded DISM from another folder or I need to copy it over original ?
  7. can anyone upload zip-ed or rar-ed folders: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Dism C:\Windows\System32\Dism and Dism.exe from SysWOW64 from Winblows 10 64bit for me ?
  8. can't winblows 10 with latest ... whatever big upgrade be converted to ISO just to be normal offline install ?
  9. and what happens when drive is full ? nowhere to copy files ? i'm bit too skeptic about all that method... granted its obviously meant for high speed SSD's, otherwise constant duplication would hog OS down
  10. dunno when M$ started with ribbon in explorer but did anyone tried to copy over a win 8 beta (think its build 78xx in question) and hex change the version to 10 ?
  11. bit curious why nobody is commenting on how ReFS is good for drive itself (hardware) self-healing to me just tells me constant backup or some sort of check is in place which translates in constant read-write data, to which disk based drives might have slow performance and high possibility for sector corruption and SSD's as they are dying after XX read/write actions any thoughts ? i kinda doubt FS itself dumps things into RAM to spare drives themself....
  12. I'm so lost hahaha just my 1 cent - its support ended OFFICIALLY in 2014 ----> END - THE END - just because (f*** do i have to repeat myself...) wepos 09 is done on same "codebase", and XP accepts its patches DOES NOT mean that this is extended support for XP, it is a WEPOS support, and as for legality-wise that is how it is presented - the latest "patch" for SMB also doesn't mean extended support, go read why it was released - if anything both MS and DEV's are abandoning (killing) XP support on purpose, s*** even OEM's
  13. what the hell... 1. its for personal use..., any modified OS is... 2. XP's support ENDED in 2014 (and NO, WEPOS doesn't make it extended)
  14. micro XP ISO is 99 MB yet fully functional
  15. tried in control panel advanced settings of it ? they offer manual/new indexing locations, maybe it needs a "push" to start
  16. their naming is ultra retarded a Fall Creators update ? (wasn't there already some stupid creators update ???) a Anniversary ???? whats next, an engagement or wedding ? maybe "Class of 14" ?
  17. I hope mods won't transferr this post to modding section I am aware of various win7 tweaking ... I did it myself ... BUT, my question is, is anyone aware of lets call it such version of win7 that runs fluently on Athlon XP CPU's and its equivalents I know that regarding single core CPU's only Intel with 3 GHz+ was able to run NT 6 without lag but I always wonder what is such thing that causes it... I mean, my Athlon XP unfortunately can run only win xp, but in therms of speed it is 2.6 GHz, yet it lags ... so there you have it, a question above, or is it really hardware limitation ?
  18. nice Noel, at least now I know any interest is gone just like hope in better NT ...
  19. do these ... well i'll call them service packs hahaha even bring something to winblows 10 ? (not trolling)
  20. at least on android you can find and use older versions
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