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  1. to me Linux "dropped the ball" the whole community or whatever it can be called had time since Vista to make at least 2 distros that are "dumb user-friendly" and for gaming winblows 8 just added fuel to the fire, but I don't see anything there, except thousands of distros
  2. so ? you just bring back modified one its not like they update that dll often, if at all
  3. log file is important this way you can't know anything
  4. well they both suck (8 and 10) 10 is just evolution of 8 there's nothing apealing in 8 either
  5. err wasn't 8.1 released to "improve" 8.0 ?
  6. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\LanmanServer\Parameters] "SMB1"=dword:00000000 sc.exe config lanmanworkstation depend= bowser/mrxsmb20/nsi sc.exe config mrxsmb10 start= disabled google for powershell, i don't have it so don't use it
  7. neither my win7 had it on list, but it has disable it via registry, cmd and power shell
  8. so don't install it no brainer there
  9. so... i managed to dump all proper files by cheating but i don't get one thing in this case i was installing the KB for this WannaCrypt crapware but hotfix extracts 90% unnecessary things, for what ? just check this out: *_microsoft-windows-mail-comm-dl *_microsoft-windows-msauditevtlog *_microsoft-windows-d..-japanese-migration *_microsoft-windows-directwrite *_microsoft-windows-advapi32.resources *_microsoft.windows.gdiplus *_microsoft-windows-systemrestore-main *_microsoft-windows-help-client *_microsoft-windows-directwrite-fontcache then there is DVD maker Net meeting installer these are just few... what kind of BULL s*** fix is this for SMB ???? ... ---------------- scratch that, for 1st time in history MS did list of what is hotfix patching
  10. err I'd rather say if they left out NT 5x unpatched, that their statement would be how insecure they are but it doesn't fly as obviously every NT up until latest "10" is insecured funny thing is, nobody will take the blame, nor NSA nor MS its disgusting
  11. the exploit only affects SMB 1 if you kill everything related to SMB, you will kill SMB 2 and 3, which should not be disabled
  12. yeh confusing title... so for us people who customized our OS, and naturally reduced size of SxS folder some hotfixes, in my current state - the fix for this wannacrypt crap KB4012212 refuses to install coz sxs store is corrupted... so my question is, how to forcefully install or dump these files correctly as i see within archive some are manifest files but many are blank any solution to this ? (and no sfc /scannow doesn't help)
  13. you're blocking via hardware firewall or ... ?
  14. nothing of this will happen 1. there is no Embedded version anymore (still think its great OS ?) 2. won't happen coz of 1 and 4 3. nope, they need this to again control monopoly 4. won't happen, ever ever, use win 2000 instead there is no "light on resources", if anything win 8 and 10 are worst, as they contain more .net code than any winnt in past your "experience" gets blinded by hardware and correct driver support compare me how XP that runs with no features removed on 64 MB RAM, installs within 5 minutes and takes ~200 MB disk space is heavier than winblows 10 ?
  15. well they have to support desktop apps otherwise theres no need for any winOS use at all
  16. those guys never heard of eye pleasing UI
  17. in another words they will control what you can use (apps), since it is limited to winblows store and normal win32 apps will be ... emulated ? repacked ? - again controled that is disgusting, no thanks ...
  18. I avoided them just in case MDL forum has alot discussion of which ones are they as to what do I mean, on some machines some KB's work well, on others they break system
  19. makes me wonder why annyone would still use this POS at least for home use ...
  20. there are ton of bad KB's even some on "safe list" it just depend how which PC react to them
  21. this design... if you can call it that was already seen but where... ah yes, iOS ... MS blows, end of story, theres nothing inovating in their recycling
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